Combine Hyatt Points To Avoid Losing Them If You Haven’t Had Account Activity Over COVID

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Hyatt was an early mover in creating COVID friendly policies in 2020, but of late the chain continues their attempt to bring things back to the old normal.

While HiltonMarriott, and IHG won’t expire points until at least 1/1/23, Hyatt plans on expiring points on 1/1/22 for accounts that haven’t had activity in the past 24 months. That means if someone didn’t earn or redeem points in 2020 or 2021, they will lose their points later this week.

Luckily, Hyatt is very generous in what is considered qualifying activity to extend points.

“If a Member’s account is inactive for twenty-four (24) consecutive months, all points in that Member’s account will be forfeited at that time, but the Member’s account will remain open (with the ability to earn new points thereafter) unless the Member’s account is otherwise terminated in accordance with these Terms. Under no circumstances will forfeited points be reinstated. Active Members can remain active in the Program by (i) receiving points via authorized means, (ii) receiving credits with a partner in the Program for a stay at a Hyatt hotel or resort, (iii) redeeming points (and, if applicable, completing any reservation for which such points were redeemed), (iv) gifting a Program award (in accordance with these Terms), (v) converting points to Partner Loyalty Points (as defined in Appendix B), (vi) purchasing or combining points, or (vii) having a valid Hyatt co-branded credit card, including the World of Hyatt Credit Card and/or World of Hyatt Business Credit Card (collectively, “Hyatt-branded Credit Card”) associated with the Member’s Program account. If a Member redeems points for an Award Reservation and either cancels that reservation or does not actually check-in on the appointed date (i.e., no-shows), that reservation will not count as a redemption of points pursuant to subsection (iii) of the preceding sentence and will not toll the measurement of that Member’s Program inactivity.”

So if you have a Chase World of Hyatt card or World Of Hyatt Business Card or if you stayed in a Hyatt in 2020 or 2021 for example, your points won’t expire this week.

Otherwise you can send over 1,000 points from a Chase card to Hyatt. Hyatt points are quite valuable, so that’s not a painful transfer at all.

But perhaps the least costly way to keep points active is to just send over a few points to another member via the Hyatt points combination form. Just have both members fill out the form and email it to to transfer points between any Hyatt accounts for free. Be sure that all of the information on the form matches the information on or else the transfer will be rejected.

Transferring points will count as qualifying activity to keep both accounts points alive for another 24 months!

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Is there a way to see when my points will expire? I’ve had some activity in the past 24 months (transferred to AA then transferred back) but don’t know if it qualifies…


Login to your account and see when the last activity was.


My question was based on the fact that I see the transfer in the activity history but I’m not sure if that activity qualifies to extend the expiration.


Is it the date you submit the form or the date they process it? I always send to my rep since they are taking longer now.


It says somewhere that it goes by date it was submitted.


Dan I filled out the form a few days ago. It takes a while for the transfer. I’m still waiti…


I sent my request on Dec 8 and got the transfer confirmation on the 20th.


I think you can also book an award night using points and this will keep your points alive. And you can cancel that reservation later.


Assume day of gratitude points in 2020 also resulted in extension? Thanks Dan!


Does a credit card statement have to “close” in December to receive 2 night credits for spending $5k to be credited for the 2021 year, or as long as the spending was done in 2021 and the statement closes in 2022 you’ll still get the night credits for the 2021 year?


I have 14 nights for 2021, if I stay one more night I’ll get explorist. I don’t stay often. The question is if it’s worth it for me to stay one night this week to earn explorist.. I can stay in a cat one for 5k points? Anyone have thought?