Click To Extend Your Qantas Points Expiration Date!

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Qantas points don’t expire as long as you earn or redeem 1 point every 18 months.

Considering that the airline shut down their international operations due to COVID-19, I was surprised that they didn’t pause mileage expiration. Sure, you can just transfer in some points from AMEX, Barclays, Capital One, Citi, or Marriott, but that shouldn’t be necessary during these times.

Sure enough, Qantas sent me an email saying that because I live outside of Australia, I could have a 6 month extension on my points by clicking “Activate your extension”

The email subject is “Important information: extend your Qantas Points expiry date.” Don’t forget to click that button!

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My extension is only for 3 months: Your Qantas Points are due to expire on 31 Mar 2021. You can extend your expiry date until 30 June 2021 simply by clicking on the button below before 17 Feb 2021.


I accidentally deleted the email. Any idea how to extend it if I log onto there website?


You’re able to recover deleted emails from Gmail


You can also book an award and cancel for free till 1/31 to get them extended for 18 months!


Did not work for me. I canceled awards in April and the points were redeposited in May and my points expiration were not reset to expire 18 months from then. They’re still expiring 3/2021 which is only 11 months thereafter.


How can you tell when your points are due to expire? I didn’t receive an email.


How do you see when your points will expire?


Same question. Can’t find that information on my account


WOW! Good to know. I made a booking with the intention of canceling in January for my points expiring in December. Would they retroactively expire the points after I cancel the award flight?


Alaska points don’t seem to have any extension?


My qantas miles are set to expire next month I didn’t get such an email.


Dont think I got the email eiter

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

I have an account and got an email. My daughter has one and didn’t.
I was thinking of buying a cheap item on their online store in order to have activity.
That should extend the points


I got the email but my extension was only for a month as they were due to expire May 31,2020. What a Joke!
seems like everyone is just getting extended till June 30,2020. I expect them to do this again in a few months.


You can also donate a minimum of 3K points to one of their charities (on their website) and that will extend your points for another 18 months.


do family transfers extend expiration?




Never got the email. Anyone know why I didn’t receive it?


Did not get email, anyway to just do it on their site?


Thanks was due to expire in december the email extended it to June


Just got a similar activation email from ANA to extend my miles