Check To See If You’re Targeted For Bonus Miles For Flying United

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Click here and enter your United MileagePlus number to see if you’re targeted for bonus miles for flying United.

Personally I’m not targeted for this promotion, but several DDF members were targeted. Their offers have varied, but a few reported targeted offers on DDF have been:

  • Book a $150+ United ticket and get 6K bonus miles
  • Book a $200+ United ticket and get 5.7K bonus miles
  • Book a $275+ United ticket and get 5.5K bonus miles
  • Book a $300+ United ticket and get 2.5K bonus miles
  • Book a $300+ United ticket and get 11K bonus miles
  • Upgrade to United Economy Plus and get 2K bonus miles
  • Book 3 $250+ United tickets and get Silver status

You can earn United miles, get a free carry-on bag, checked bag, and priority boarding even on basic economy fares, and access expanses award availability with the Chase United Consumer card or a Chase United Business card.

Were you targeted for one of these offers or another offer? Hit the comments!

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Book 1 trip $200 get 8,000 miles!!


Book and take a trip in a premium seat on United or United Express® by August 4, 2019, spending at least $1,000 per trip for 14000 miles

Yechiel Z

Book and take a flight to or from EWR 2 times to get 2,500 bonus award miles.

I’m a medallion Delta and take United 5-10 times a year. Guess I’m not that important to them.


1 trip of minimum $300 and get 4000 bonus miles

Cheese Man

Your bullet points are contradicting


I received a 2,500 mile bonus offer for spending $225 on a trip. While I did not see a maximum number of times listed to use the offer, based on this line “Each Trip must have a fare (as defined below) equal to or greater than $225.,” I suspect this offer is for multiple trip by the deadline of August 4th.


can you confirm if this is true?


Book 1 trip in business class over $2,000 get 80,000 points.


Got targeted for 20,000 miles for spending $500+


2.5k for a $400+ ticket


Each trip Booked $200+ get 6.2k miles bonus.


I clicked on the link. It says: Book and take a trip 1 time to get 8,900 bonus award miles.
How much are 8,900 miles worth?


2 trips over $175 and get 4400 miles. It doesn’t have to be round trips so maybe I can figure something out.


book and take 1 ticket to/from ewr and get 3,900


1K, didn’t get any promo offered


Valid for basic economy fares too?


Book 1 trip for $250 and receive 7800 miles


thanks- got 7,100 bonus for spending $225


2500 miles for 1 $150 trip :[


Purchase and fly in Economy Plus to get 1,600 miles. No thanks!


my husband was targeted for 8,000 bonus miles with $200 spend


I got $175+ get 7,000 miles.


I got “Book a $150+ United ticket and get 6K bonus miles”


2 trips of min $200 each earns bonus 2500 miles


Book a trip out of EWR and get an extra 11K miles


Book 5 trips by August $200 or greater for 11k miles . 1k


Book one $450 flight get 17,000 miles 🙂

The mel

Fly 5x in economy plus in next 52 days and get 2500 miles. Kind of lame.

Joel Schwartz

Book and take a trip 1 time to get 2,500 bonus award miles.


purchase and fly in economy plus and 1 time and get 1700 bonus miles


Book 1 trip and get 2800 miles


10k for $350

Azis Papa

“Book and take a trip 1 time to get 7,800 bonus award miles.”
Ends August 4, 2019
*Each purchased fare must be a minimum of $300 to qualify

Chacham B\'yoser

Strange: “Purchase and fly in Economy Plus 3 times to get 3,400 bonus award miles.” A promotion for specifically Economy Plus AND three times and then just 3400 miles??? Sheesh.


Book a ticket of over $250 3x and get bonus 2500 miles?! ?! Not too generous!


Wow, so much variation, these really are targeted. I got nothing, but my wife has “Book a $150+ United ticket and get 2.5K bonus miles” so not that great, but it’s also a low spend so if it works for the one trip we still have to book for this summer great, but if United isn’t w/in $25 of the cheapest/best itinerary then I’ll skip it.


can you trigger this with taxes or close in booking fees on And a award ticket and not paid cash revenue ticket?


do codeshare flight or other flights credited to my united mielage account trigger this promotion like if i spend the eligible amount on lufthansa paid flight and credit it to my untied account


$200 flight within 52 days 2.5k miles


Book a business class flight by August and get 35k!!!


4400 miles from 2 trips out of ewr


Got this:

Book and take a trip 1 time to get 7,400 bonus miles.

Book and take a trip on United or United Express® by August 4, 2019, spending at least $225 per trip.

52 Days remaining


I see you need to book by Aug 5, do you need to travel by that date as well?
I have an existing economy plus ticket one way for TLV to FLL, in July. Will they give me the extra miles? If I upgrade to business, how many miles will I get?


“The “fare” is the base fare of the ticket plus carrier-imposed surcharges, excluding any government-imposed taxes and surcharges…. Please note that the price displayed when purchasing a ticket on includes up to a 7.5% U.S. Federal Transportation Tax on the base amount of the fare on itineraries…”


me – 3.4k for $225
wife – 9.9k for $300