[Updated With Official Terms] Chase British Airways Visa Card Adds Annual Fuel Surcharge Rebate Benefit! Plus Earn Up To 100K Avios!

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Update: The offer terms are now published here.

In short:

  • The rebate is valid for new and existing cardholders.
  • The rebate is valid on one-way or round-trip flights departing from the US on British Airways. It will still be worth booking one-way travel is most cases as surcharges are typically lower than on round-trip travel.
  • The rebate will be automatic on the first 3 qualifying reservations that you make per calendar year.
  • The flight may include a partner airline as long as British Airways operates the transatlantic portion of the flight.
  • The credit is per reservation, so you’ll want to book passengers on separate reservations to maximize the benefit.
  • If the award is cancelled, Chase reserves the right to claw back the credit.
  • The statement credit will post within 45 days of the booking.

You can currently earn up to 100K Avios with the Chase British Airways Card. You’ll earn 50K bonus British Airways Avios for opening and spending $3,000 in 3 months. You’ll earn another 50K bonus Avios for spending an additional $17,000 in 12 months.

The card has a wonderful new benefit. You can get 3 rebates per year on taxes and fees on BA awards.

The rebate will be capped at $200 in business or first class or $100 in economy or premium economy.

The full terms of the rebate are not yet published, but it appears that the rebate will work on one-way or round-trip tickets. You should always book one-way tickets for lower fuel surcharges and more flexibility if you need to cancel or make a change.

The rebate will mean that you won’t pay any taxes or fees for a one-way economy award from NYC to London. Here is what current taxes+fees looks like for NYC to London and London to NYC:

JFK to London one-way on 1/20:
Economy: 13K miles + $93.70.
Premium Economy: 26K miles + $273.70.
Business: 50K miles + $628.70.
First: 68K miles + $828.70.

London to JFK one-way on 1/28:
Economy: 13K miles + $254.94.
Premium Economy: 26K miles + $432.81.
Business: 50K miles + $557.56.
First: 68K miles + $557.56.

JFK to Tel Aviv one-way on 1/20:
Economy: 23K miles + $155.15.
Premium Economy: 46K miles + $283.15.
Business: 81,250 miles + $658.15.
First: 99,250 miles + $858.15.

Tel Aviv to JFK one-way on 1/29:
Economy: 23K miles + $189.56.
Premium Economy: 46K miles + $189.56.
Business: 81,250 miles + $260.66.
First: 99,250 miles + $260.66.

It’s not yet known if you can select which of your flights get the rebate and if the rebate is only valid for travel on BA or if it’s valid on partner awards. I’ll update this post when more details are released.

British Airways serves the best kosher meals in the sky from London and their first class kosher offerings look incredible:

I had a first class award on British Airways some 9 years ago before they added obscene fuel surcharges, but they cancelled the flight and I never wanted to spend the money on the fuel surcharges afterward. Yes, I have zero luck trying to actually get to London.

This fuel surcharge rebate also adds value to the companion pass that you can earn for spending $30K on the card. That pass works for a free companion when you redeem for an award on BA in any class.

BA has excellent award availability, so this is a welcome development.

The card will also now earn 2 Avios per dollar on hotel bookings, but there are better cards for hotel bookings, such as Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve.

You can read all about the BA card and other card benefits in this card review post.

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Adding fuel surcharge when oil price has been low for years is simply unjustified. I avoid BA and London when flying to Europe.


Dan, BA hasn’t called this a fuel surcharge for several years. You need to fix your headline.

elchonon hellinger

Was about to close the card and get the af refunded. Was offered $50 credit to keep. I don’t fly really to UK but with this perk I may use it to Israel. But Is it worth keeping the card ?

Dan\'s the Man

Finally BA is starting to cut back on their crazy high fuel surcharges!

Dan this is subject to 5/24, right?


What’s the terms for the sign up bonus if I already had this card


Big deal. Only idiots pay surcharges on “free” tickets.


No. Only idiots post stupid comments that make no sense.


If I’m not panning on flying within the next year internationally, is it worth it to apply for this now. As in, do these points expire year to year?


is this part of the cards terms? or part of the signup bonus? i.e. if i can get them to give me a product switch would i get the rebates?


Hi Dan.
How can I verify when my 5/24 expire so that I could get approved?


Hi Dan
Do you think British Airways will cancel their Sep 26 flight to TLV because of the pilots strike? They wouldn’t tell me.
Thank you


Dan, is this only on new card applications, or is this applied retroactively to already-active cards? Also, is this only for the $95 AF card, or all the no-fee card (which I downgraded to). I currently have the Companion pass and it expires in October. Had no intention of using it because of the high fuel surcharges, but this change actually allow me to use the certification.


The rebates apply to both new and existing card accounts. Here are the full Terms & Conditions, so folks can stop the idle speculation:


Oh Ya first ht!!


Too bad they don’t offer a rebate on the insane UK APD which for Longhaul premium cabins: 172GBP ($210)

No wonder it’s so easy to find Award space on BA .


will the BA2272 flight from JFK – LGW be eligible for the rebate? its a BA flight temporarily operated by a leased airline