Buy $300 In Visa Gift Cards From Staples And Get A Free $20 Visa Gift Card Via Easy Rebate

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If you buy $300+ in Visa gift cards from Staples between 01/04 and 01/10 you can send in an Easy Rebate online to get a bonus $20 Visa gift card.

This is valid in-store only.  Officially there is a limit of 1 rebate per household.

If you buy 2 $200 Visa gift card in store you’ll pay $13.90 in card fees. Use your Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card and get 5 points per dollar spent. That’s 2,070 points for a $413.90 purchase.  Plus you’ll get the $20 Visa card via Easy Rebate to bring your cost basis down to $393.90 without accounting for the points.

Even without the Staples gift card the argument can be made to buy gift cards from Staples for your everyday spending.

Say you spend $2,000 on everyday spend.  On a typical card earning points or cash back worth 2% you would save $40.

If you bought $2,000 in Visa gift cards for $2,069.50 you’ll earn 10,348 points that are worth $181.09 at a 1.75 cents per point value.  After backing out the $69.50 it cost to buy those gift cards you’ll still left with a $111.59 profit, or about triple the rewards you would earn from other cards.  It’s an effective rebate of 5.58% everywhere you shop.

Even if you only value the points at 1.6 cents each that would value the 10,348 points at $165.57, leaving a profit of $96.07 or an effective rebate of 4.8% everywhere.

Want to just cash out the Visa gift card instead of using it for everyday purchases?

The pin on the Visa gift card is the last 4 digits of the card number, no need to set anything.
-You can load up to $5,000 per month onto a Target AMEX REDCard for free.
-You can cash out the Visa cards using EvolveMoney to pay bills like your mortgage, property tax, auto loan, health insurance, store charge card (Gap, Macy’s, Target, etc).  There is no fee for this but you can only make 1 payment per biller per month month.
-You can load Visa cards to your Serve card with a Family Dollar cashier for no fee (though some stores won’t do this)
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird or Serve card at a WalMart ATM machine for no fee.
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird or Serve card with a WalMart cashier or customer service for no fee.  Just say you want to use your debit card, no need to mention that it’s a gift card.
-You can buy a money order with the Visa card at any store that accepts debit cards as payment (except the post office).  Such stores exist even in manufactured spend deserts like NYC.
-You can pay your credit card bill at WalMart with BillPay at Customer Service.
-You can swipe the card on an Amazon card reader for a 1.75% fee.
-You can gift a Visa gift card as a wedding gift instead of giving a check.
-You can… ;)

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Will be visiting often

Happy Thanksgiving

Dan, when you say “officially” you mean 1 per address & you just submit multiple rebates on dif addresses or you submit multiple rebates for the same address?


am i able to withdraw cash at an atm with this pin?


Quick question about unloading these with redcard.

What would be the best way to ask a cashier to let you load $2400 at a time without him saying “No Way”?


Shouldnt you update the Amazon swipe to 2.75%



I just used a similar promo back in December ($15 off $100+ GC) can I still apply for this even though its 1 per household?


Sorry i stand corrected no need to post. I missed that its through 1/2016. I better get started swiping 😉


isn’t it more worth it to get $300 (at a cost of $292.90 coming out to $97.63 per $100) rather than $400 (at a cost of $393.90 coming out to $98.48 per $100)?


@Happy Thanksgiving:
No comment 😉


They’ve never said no to anything for me, what do you mean?

1.75 for those who listened to me and got grandfathered.


No, you need to factor in the difference in points as well.


“Officially” one per household – have your experiences shown that you can submit more than one?


Why did you mention Family Dollar? They make money disappear! I’ve lost hundreds of dollars at FD! This has been covered on previous posts, and you said that you omit it for this reason. Did something change? Or was it an oversight? Thank you.


For those like myself that do not own a ink card or ONLY want to meet a spend threshold and are not looking to get points on the cheap won’t if be more valuable to get $300 worth (at a cost of $292.90 coming out to $97.63 per $100


I am talking about here in Brooklyn.
Please explain the process that you ask them to swipe for you including how many times they swipe the redcard


can you pay off a chase cc with a money order? Can you also do this at a chase branch even if you don’t have a chase checking or savings acc?


I was in Walmart in Brick NJ last week trying to load my Bluebird account with these gift cards.
The customer service rep said, “We are not allowed to load gift cards, it’s considered money laundering.” She offered to call over a Customer Service Manager to explain to me why it is considered money laundering. I said no, thank you and left the store.
Dan, did you ever hear anything like that???


@Chaya: She is wrong, next time call the manager. If it says debit on the card then you can totally use it to load a BB. It must have been a new employee because everyone who works the cash at my Walmart’s know’s the drill.


Fyi: target at Atlantic Mall doesn’t have any in stock 🙁


I haven’t found anyplace in Brooklyn that will sell me money orders using the Visa gift cards


Then you’re not looking hard enough.


@Chaya: That’s because in Lakewood too many people are trying to reload bluebird so they don’t want to do it anymore.


“-You can… ;)” care to explain?!?!


I need to spend $2000 for my British Airways bonus – will buying these count towards that?



Staples at 4th avenue in Brooklyn still has some in stock and doesn’t make any problems at the counter.


@Yonatan: Sure.

No Comprende...

You write “-You can load up to $5,000 per month onto a Target AMEX REDCard for free”. Technically speaking its not “free” because you are giving up the spend for other miles. For example to load 5k on your Redcard (assuming points are valued at 1.5) it will “cost” you $75 to unload your VGCs.

Am I wrong in this calculation?

BP Guy

@joe: Joe, RedBirds are only sold in certain states. You can buy them pre-activated on ebay instead of traveling hours away, for $29

Jerry Mandel

For man. spending, why not buy $500 gift cards?


If I have someone buy me a Redcard in a state that sells them can I use the Red card in a state that doesn’t carry them?


I’m confused. Do I have to have a printed rebate form from a cashier?
How to submit a rebate on-line? Thanks


I’m confused. Can SERVE be loaded online with this because their site says so (didn’t try it) but not mentioned in the post (which I read. I didn’t ask why I can’t order this online 🙂


@M: Yes you can. Ebay guy sends you the temporary card numbers, you then register temporary card in your name and amex sends you a new card with your name on it. Once you have card in hand you can load at any Target location.


why don’t you guys do some of your homework and read up on MS before you post every question that has been answered many times before on this and other forums. At WM managers will often tell you that they don’t load visa gift cards only bank issued debit cards. If you call the manager and make a scene it makes things worse for everyone else so Chaya you were correct to walk away. Try again another time.


@bob: agree!!!


@LA: the rebate will print automatically when you buy the qualifying product (eg. 2x$200 Visa Gift Cards). You fill the rebate online using the site and the number at the bottom of the receipt under the UPC code.


Does anyone know if the Visa gift cards can be used for general spending in Israel without any extra fees?


Remind me again.. can I use a visa gift card in my google wallet? and how can I put the funds into a checking account?


Every Rav that I spoke to holds that manufactured spending is prohibited. Dan you always have a way to get around things. HOW DID YOU GET AROUND THIS ONE?

Buck Smith

@M: The answer is yes, they can be loaded at any Target, even one in a state where the prepaid card is not yet being offered.


I live in Israel. Can these gift cards be purchased online and can I cash them out online?

moshe w

where in Brooklyn can you buy a money order with a gift card ?