Buy $300 In Visa Gift Cards From Staples And Get A Bonus $20 Visa Gift Card Via Easy Rebate


If you buy $300+ in Visa gift cards from Staples between 10/19 and 10/25 you can send in an Easy Rebate online to get a bonus $20 Visa gift card.

This is valid in-store only.  Officially there is a limit of 1 rebate per household…

If you were fast and registered your cards for savings at Staples when I posted it last week, then that’s definitely the way to go.

Otherwise if you buy 2 of the $200 gift cards in store you’ll pay $13.90 in card fees. Use your Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card and get 5 points per dollar spent. That’s 2,070 points for a $413.90 purchase. In addition if you’re registered at you’ll also get 1% cash back.

$413.90 (Outlay)
-$4.14 (1% cash rebate)
=$409.76 out of pocket for $400 face value
-As usual with Ink you’ll get 2,070 points (worth $33.12 at a 1.6 cents per point value).
-This week you’ll also get a $20 Bonus Visa gift card via easy rebate just to sweeten the deal even more. That makes your $409.76 cash outlay get $420 worth of gift cards, so the 2,070 points cost you negative $10.24 :D

The pin on the Visa gift card is the last 4 digits of the card number, no need to set anything.
-You can cash out the Visa cards using EvolveMoney to pay bills like your mortgage, property tax, auto loan, health insurance, store charge card (Gap, Macy’s, Target, etc).  There is no fee for this but you can only make 1 payment per biller per month month.
-You can load Visa cards to your Serve card with a Family Dollar cashier for no fee.
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird or Serve card at a WalMart ATM machine for no fee.
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird or Serve card with a WalMart cashier or customer service for no fee.  Just say you want to use your debit card, no need to mention that it’s a gift card.
-You can buy a money order with the Visa card at any store that accepts debit cards as payment (except the post office).  Such stores exist even in manufactured spend deserts like NYC.
-You can pay your credit card bill at WalMart with BillPay at Customer Service.
-You can swipe the card on an Amazon card reader for a 1.75% fee.
-You can gift a Visa gift card as a wedding gift instead of giving a check.
-You can just use the cards for your everyday spending to earn 5 points per dollar+1% cash back everywhere!
-You can… ;)

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You can no longer load bluebird at Walmart. They stopped allowing debit cards to Load bluebird…


What do you mean by “officially” one per household? Will they prices more than one?


Is the visa savings edge discount applied right away?


You could just walk up to a cashier at family dollar and load up serve? Anyone have success with this?


Not true. Though YWMMV
(Your WM may vary 😉 )

There are workarounds. Been talked about at some seminars…

It’s a rebate on your credit card statement.


Thanks Dan. I’ve been out of the scene for a bit, but I recall last time I bought Visa Gift cards with a PIN, from my favorite 3 letter store, I wasn’t able to load them to bluebird at Walmart using the cashier. Unfortunately there is no Kiosk in my Walmart. Is that still a problem for some?


(I tried in a older post, but its semi relivant so maybe you can answer here)
Did you know you cant buy $200 Visa GC at staples with Staples GC anymore? I bought 1500 worth stpales GC on amazon with freedom and now i cant unload them? Any ideas? Thanks so much.


Workarounds?? To load to bluebird at Walmart?


Vanilla GCs from CVS have been tough at WalMart, but these Metabank issued Visa cards still work fine.

They killed that ability online unfortunately.
Some stores may allow it, but YMMV.

No, to get more than 1/household.

You can load BB at WM from these cards.


Thanks! ill try a few stores.


@EAN: I’ll buy from u at a discount … Text me at 530-435-5695


Hey Dan, would you be able to explain those “work arounds” or point me where I could read about it? Thanks so much!


Realizing of course that YMMV and everybody’s spend patterns are different, what would you say is a ‘safe’ number of visa/amex/mc gift cards to buy at an office supply store each month as a percentage of your credit limit?


@Dan: Can Serve be loaded at Walmart from these cards? Thank you.


That’s a great list of uses for the Visa gc’s. Would all these methods work for the Mastercard gc’s from last week’s Staples promotion? Thank you.


I have five $20 gift cards, other than sell them, which gift cards can I try to purchase at stapels with them?


On a related matter, Stop & Shop is offering 3x points for Visa gc (also water bottles for $.40 points toward gas). Maybe it’s worth a post…


Does every Staples store carry the GC?


Can mastercard prepaid cards be loaded to serve @ family dollar ?


What’s the workaround to get more then 1/ household?


Chase Ink Bold works fir 5x points too, correct?


With the visa gc’s can I use them to pay back my cc statement?


ditto… what Shlomo asked


I want to buy Buzz a DansDeals T shirt

Sam Gucci

It’s not clear, is the $20 rebate off $300 gc’s for in store purchases only? Or online as well?


I’ve been curious about the “more than 1 household trick” but nobody’s adequately explained it “in public” to my knowledge. Obviously, if you have access to more than one address, that would work. I’m not certain how you get more than 1 rebate per address. The blog post summarizes what I know.



Exclusively MP territory for now…

@Sam Gucci:
Did you read the post?

Things that are explained with arrows don’t tend to stick around too long…

Sam Gucci

It says in store only, but I’m
Asking will they possibly honor online purchases?


What’s MP Territory? Was that a response to my question?


Your question was answered in the post.


I’m so confused. So where can I read about the One per household workarounds?


Hey Dan,

Have you successfully loaded the $20 card at a Kate? Last time around Kate kept running it as credit so we just spent it as normal instead.


Dan, I saw you commented that he post office doesn’t accept gift cards for
Money orders . What other options are there to get money orders?


Hi Dan, my local WM has no ATM and the CSR says their policy as of a month ago is to no longer load Staples Visa gift cards onto Bluebird. We have no Family Dollar stores in the area, and the Target pre-paid card is not yet available in California. Can you recommend some alternate strategies for quickly cashing out and paying off the $5K Ink Bold threshold I picked in Staples VGCs?

Smarter Than A 5th Grader

I use VISA gift cards to purchase money orders from Chase Bank. Additionally, due to my banking status, the money orders are fee-free! It’s a beautiful thing! 🙂


@Smarter Than A 5th Grader:

Do you live in the 5 towns area?
Which Chase Bank does this?

Anybody: Has anybody tried loading a Serve card at 7-11 or CVS with a gift card?


Can I sign up for discover Q4 bonus and buy 200 dollars visa gift card on
am I eligible to get the 5% cashback from discover?
Then if I show my staples rewards card, can I get another 5% from staples?


I tried purchasing a money order with the gift cards at my local chase branch, in the five towns. They would NOT accept the gift cards.

I tried loading the gift card at CVS on my new Serve Card.
It wouldn’t work. I first tried $1,000, then $400, then $200.
All rejected.

I went to my local Walmart in Valley Stream, NY. They stopped allowing using gift cards to purchase money orders.

I am running out of ideas


just thought to share. speaking from experience 1 per household would mean that address and name must be different.



and email! (speaking from experience)


1- does chase ink plus still give 5x on staples $200 visa gc’s?
2- i registered at but have not received any email conf from them. do i have to wait for an email to order?