Buy $300 In Mastercard Gift Cards From Staples This Week And Get A Free $20 Staples Gift Card Via Easy Rebate


If you buy $300+ in Mastercard gift cards from Staples between 3/19 and 3/25 you can send in an Easy Rebate online to get a bonus $20 Staples gift card.

This is valid in-store only. Officially there is a limit of 1 rebate per household.

If you buy 2 $200 Mastercard gift card in store you’ll pay $13.90 in card fees. (A $200 gift card and a $100 gift card would have $12.90 in fees).

Use your Chase Ink Cash, Ink Plus or Ink Bold card and get 5 points per dollar spent. You can view credit card offers by clicking on the “Credit Card Offers” tab on top of the DansDeals banner to view links for card offers. You can click on the link that says “View all card offers by issuing bank” and scroll down to view all card offers from the bank of your choice. Here’s How To View Credit Card Offers On This Site.

That’s 2,070 points for a $413.90 purchase. Plus you’ll get the $20 Staples card via Easy Rebate.

These Mastercards should have the PIN number in the package. They’re a bit trickier to use at WalMart, you need to hit cancel on the keypad after swiping it in order to change it to a debit payment before using it to load Bluebird, buying money orders, or using bill pay.

You can also buy money orders at various grocery stores and gas stations.

Or you can donate the gift card to charity and get a receipt for the full $200 face value.

Or you can give away a gift card as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah gift.

Or you can always use it for everyday spending.

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At my Staples this morning, the clerk told me the rebate was actually for blue-package Visa cards rather than MasterCards. He rang two of the $200s up and the rebate receipt came out of the register.

The clerk can look on his screen for an asterisk, that will tell her/him if a rebate receipt will print.

I submitted the Easy Rebate online, and hope it is accepted.


If I took advantage of this similar rebatelast week will Staples allow so again? Is this considered a totally new rebate?

chana k

Be sure to spend these Mastercards VERY SOON after you buy them! There have been many reports of the card numbers being hacked and the funds stolen!


I bought the visa gift cards from staples last week. I have already been to three Walmart and three grocery stores. None of them will allow me to use the gift cards to but a money order.
What am I missing?


i think you have to hit cancel on the screen not on the keypad am i right? another point.. they say that these cards could be hacked very easily so watch out.


@chana k: I believe it’s the $20 rebate cards you receive in the mail from Staples that are hacked, not the Visa/MC gift cards you buy in store.


Spend these right away. I have had three of these U.S. Bank Mastercards bought at Staples hacked and most of the money drained in fraudulent transactions. These cards are not protected like credit cards and U.S. Bank does not guarantee your money even if there’s fraud. The claims process took months and I had to appeal to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to get my money back.


How long did you wait to use? Anyone have issues with the visas?


Does anyone know if there are any stores (not necessarily staples) where I can buy a $400 or $500 Visa MasterCard or Amex gift card? (I need one card. Two $200 won’t suffice).


@Danv: I had a similar issue with fraud with just 10 days between my purchase and when I went to use them. Here is what I did:
1) contact store manager and tell them. Be sure to get their name.
2) contest it with the credit card issuer that you used. (probably Chase 😉 )
3) Wait. Staples will not be able to prove that the gift cards they issued were used by you so you will “win” your case with Chase.

No need to use CFPB. I’m not entirely sure that the way I handled it is the best way but maybe Dan or others will chime in on the recommended procedure….

chana k

@Mendy: variable load Visa and MC is available to be loaded up to $500 at CVS, some supermarkets, and other pharmacies.

mc churner

i used to buy tremendous amounts of mc gc’s …. until they started getting hacked at rediculous speed and frequency. does anyone know if visa’s or amex gc’s are better for any reason than mc gc’s?


@schlomo: Thanks!


just to confirm it is still possible to get rebate one per household even if I bough ablue visa gc last week right and plan on getting the one per household rebate ther? thanks


It seems like Walmart is cracking down… I was denied at two stores recently but two other ones allowed it today… It seems like they are updating their terms and now asking to see your name on the card… Also @Dan as another member asked does the 1 per household include last weeks deal?


@Sola: Wrong. It’s the MC gift cards, not the Staples GCs (hackers obviously prefer $200 GCs that can be used almost anywhere to $20 GCs that can only be used at one store). I haven’t had (or heard of) problems with the Visa GCs, just the MC ones.

This is a different rebate than last week’s, so last week’s Visa purchase/rebate doesn’t effect this week’s MC purchase/rebate. I still haven’t liquidated last week’s but I made sure to liquidate these MCs within a few hours.


@yy many of the Staples Visa rebate cards, as well as MC prepaid cards have been hacked,been discussed ad-nauseam on other deal forums. Visa and AMEX prepaid GC seem safe for thetime being.