Business Class Saver Award Space To Israel…


Business class award tickets direct from North America to Israel without stopping in Europe can be hard to come by.

The airlines release them at random times, when they feel the seat would otherwise go unsold.  So you just have to keep checking for space to open up. Of course you can always either fly via Europe or use United Plan B.

DDF member ilherman notices that there is a lot of space from Newark to Tel Aviv nonstop in business class during the first week of February:
02/02, UA84: 7 business saver+9 coach saver.
02/03, UA84: 9 business saver+9 coach saver.
02/03, UA90: 9 business saver+9 coach saver.
02/04, UA84: 9 business saver+9 coach saver.
02/05, UA84: 9 business saver+9 coach saver.

Plus you can pickup one of these spiffy limited edition amenity kits that are being handed out in United BusinessFirst/GlobalFirst flghts from the US through 03/01 or while supplies last (have to figure out how to get my hands on a CLE Friendly kit :D)

Worth pointing out while we’re at it how the expanded saver coach award benefit work if you have a Chase United credit card. On 02/06 if you aren’t logged into your account you won’t see any coach saver award seats. If you have a credit card and login to your United account before searching then you will see 2 coach saver award seats!

The return is tricky. You can return nonstop in coach, return via Europe in business, or use United Plan B.
Or tour the holy land for a month, United has a return business saver flight on 03/04, UA85 has 7 business saver seats (or 8 business saver seats for Platinum/1K/GS elites, something I haven’t seen for a long time).

United currently charges 40K for coach saver or 60K for business saver each way.  That goes up to 42.5K and 70K respectively on 02/01 for United flights only.  Partner flights will also be 42.5K in coach but are going up to 80K in business.  You can book travel now and change the dates later and just pay a date change fee and not pay the higher award rate.

You can also save a bundle by using ANA miles, you would need just 60K for a round-trip coach saver or 90K for a round-trip business saver on United with no fuel surcharges.
A flight from 02/05-03/04 in United business class using ANA miles would be 90K+$46.82.  Membership Rewards and Starpoints transfer to ANA though transfers aren’t instant.

Finally it’s definitely worth pointing out that Air Canada starts flying the first 787 Dreamliner to Israel starting in July and coach saver award space between Toronto and Israel on it looks great.  The business class on those planes looks incredible, but currently they are just releasing a maximum of 1 seat per flight.  Still availability in November and December for 1 seat in Dreamliner business class is very good.

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as silver booked today in business award saver ewr-tlv-ewr – a month latter mia.
promptly cancelled chosen available dates (almost the only ones non stop ) which means I have up to a year to set new dates.
two questions :
are you sure after 2/1 they wont ask for more miles?
if I change routing ( currently non stop ) will that also not require more miles?

FYI agent seemed to think that they may not require more but with language barrier (on her part )not sure but asked her to note that I asked and was told (?) it would not require more.

for non silver and above the change fees and reinstatement fees are insane.

I have a chase united card – how do I register it?


Do membership rewards and starpoints transfer to united ? And what’s the rate ?


hi dan! i got the glitch to tlv thrugh united. any possiblity to upgrade to buisness class that should be better then the united offer of 35000 miles plus $600? Maybe with ANA miles


is there any way to fly air canada to israel without fuel surcharges


If I have the cheap united tickets for the first week of Feb to tlv anyway to upgrade these?


If I lock in a rate now when I change it will I be locked Into a specific airline?


@jo: United is not charging.

J Muller

how do you know that you will be able to make a change after the 2nd of Feb without having to pay the additional miles, and get away with a change fee, united was unable to confirm that to me. I would appreciate a response, J


Oh Dan, I was watching those dates and waiting for my miles to come in so I could book it, now I’m definitely gonna lose it


just curious, u mention being logged into ur chase acct to get better seat choices/options. how is that possible? the chase banking site & the united site-how r they related?? thanks for all of ur advice!!


@dan how long after you have your united chase card and paid the bill (its been two months) will you begin to see award availability open up? and/or miles posted to your acct?


@ruthie: He meant you should be looged in to your “UA” account that haves a UA Chase CC atached.


@jennifer: You get the expended award availability right away.


I have a United card and I see the same availability when I’m logged in as when I’m not.


Dan anyway you can post ANA post on how to secure those United flights to Israel using ANA miles?


I have been reading the posts. If I have United Mileage can I transfer that to ANA and how would I book a one way from Tel Aviv to NY in July. Or what is the smartest way to book tickets for two adults and a two year old one way from TLV to NYC in July.


I’d like to fly from TLV to NWK in Feb. can anyone help me figure out how to get business class? I have miles…..



i called UA and asked them specifically if i book now and cancel and want to change dates they said would cost the additional miles on the new itinerary if done after 2/1


i have a lot of matmid points i would like to use them for business class on elal in June but dont have the exact date yet (am awaiting to hear the birth of a grandchild) does it make sense to book any date i can get with the points and then change when i have the right date?how much would that cost if it is even possible? thank you for your input


judy, ask DIL first if she will appreciate shviger’s visit.


@ARI: Don’t believe them.


Mr herman, How can I find wider availability when I am not a UA club card holder? if a club holder sees availability, can I call and have seat processed by phone? any company who does that?

Here goes all the savings…


Looking forward to your sage advice on above substantive inquiries.