Last Chance To Book Awards Under The Current Award Chart! British Airways Avios Announces A Devaluation; If You Have To Ask How Much You Can’t Afford It?

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Update: Today is the final day to book awards before the new pricing goes into effect. New pricing may begin as soon at 7pm EDT tonight.

Rumors have awards going up by 5%-30%, but the official award chart won’t be released until tomorrow.

Originally posted on 4/29:

I’m flying to Amsterdam today on the epic Delta One Suites 98K deal. You can follow my trip on Instagram here. Currently I’m sitting at the Airspace lounge in Cleveland, enjoying a free drink and getting some work done before my flight. I wrote about whether it’s worth keeping your Business Platinum card open last week and lounge access is one of the reason I keep my AMEX Business Platinum card open. The free GoGo WiFi passes for use onboard doesn’t hurt either.

Alas while sitting here, I just got an email from British Airways that they will be changing award pricing on partner airlines effective 5/30.

Award pricing to fly on IAG airlines British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, and Vueling will remain unchanged. However those are typically hit hard with fuel surcharges, making partner airlines the better redemption.

I looked through the page, but there’s zero information on what the new pricing will be. One has to assume it’s a devaluation as airlines are always certain to post details about good news.

Is this a case of if you have to ask you can’t afford it?

I guess time will tell if BA even keeps an award chart system or if they move to dynamically priced awards. But in the meantime you may want to burn through your Avios by 5/29.

You can read more about how to use Avios and view the current BA Avios award chart in this post.

There’s no word on changes with the Iberia program either. If they don’t devalue, you can transfer points there to take advantage of their often lower rates.

It’s yet more proof that you should focus on earning flexible “hybrid” bank points that allow you to transfer to airlines on demand, instead of having points stuck as airline miles waiting for a devaluation.

Will you burn through your Avios over the next month?

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No. Makes no sense to do so without knowing what the devaluation will actually be. In the past few months I have had great value from [BA] Avios on a BA flight, an Aer Lingus flight, an Avis car rental, and a one-night hotel booking. I think Avios are a great flexible currency. No, I don’t work for Avios or BA!


How do I book an Avis car rental with Avios? I can’t seem to create/login to an account at…is there something via the BA website?


imho, 98k is only 22k less then what united charges for business and aegean and ana are for sure cheaper like 88k rt to London on ana in j cmiw please enjoy your vacation


the 1030 pm Thursday night flight from lhr to tlv on erev shavous is closed up for ba avios bookings , but would you be able to get onto the flight if you book with a traveler companion pass if it still sells as a revenue ticket?




At the end its still an American crew with American foods. Not a big deal.


Actually Delta One food (not Kosher) is probably the best of the US carriers. In my experience, Delta’s crews blow AA and United out of the water even in coach. I wonder if they will have this special again in the fall….


I try to keep very little in BA. Transfer in as needed. I hold most of my stuff in Chase UR Amex MR, and Bonvoy (AKA SPG). IT’s all about flexibility.


What are the best Avios flight options for jumping around Europe?

Cubs Fan

Ive never been able to use Avios domestically. I only use them for travel via Aer lingus, Iberia or other partners.


I just got the email, too. As you said, no clear info on site. I recently booked a flight at the end of July, so at least that will be at the presumably lower rates. I was able to take advantage of the +30% transfer of Chase UR to Avios at the time. I don’t otherwise have any Avios on hand. Such a bummer to (probably) be losing out on those cheap short hauls.

nsx at FlyerTalk

I’ve been trying to burn all my Avios and avoided earning any more since they became Avios. If I end up getting even 1 cent per point in value I’ll be surprised.


If I do not have any potential travel plans as of now, are there any options to transfer the points to a partner bank or airline that will allow me to avoid getting hit by the devaluation? I have over 100k avios….


Same situation here. I have 150k.


Was Chase in on the de-valuation, and hence their first ever (last?) transfer bonus?


Dan, when you got time, PLEASE post an updated award chart for Hawaii. Last time you did it was 2015… lots has changed since. Thanks so much

Jack out of the Box

I doubt I’ll be burning anything. There is rarely any non-BA availability on the routes I care for.


I used up my avois to travel domestically from westchester ny to chicago it was 7500 one way & partnered with American Airlines



I have 93,000 Avios and no upcoming trips planned. Any advice on what to do with my Avios?

A different Dan

Make plans 🙂


BA just came out now with an offer back of 50% bonus when you purchase Avios between the 2 May 2019 and 21 May 2019. I guess skip this offer based on your article?


There is nothing to LA from NY all summer.

Marvin Pollack

Thanks. I just booked my summer vacation.


Why do ba release more of their own seats to partners than to their own elite members?


to both mark and noach you should call ba to see more availability dan always says to do that?


dan would you recommend crediting future a basic economy ba cash flight to american aadvantage over british airways because of the devaluation ? and if you credit to aadvantage you cant get compensation because you didnt credit to ba please cmiww?


is the new devaluation going to affect for hotels and car bookings as well?


are car rentals and hotels getting affected by the deval? if i got iber ia to award me with 500 courtesy points would that be considered that i ‘activate” my account making me eligible to transfer to ba back and forth?


From Dan’s link:
“The Avios prices for our other services are also unaffected, so you can continue to benefit from spending your Avios on our wide range of hotels, car hire and experiences.”


So how many Avios nyc -it’s on Avios ?
I think Change date same route was $55 so basically lost all, was NOT Lower of tax or …


dan just checked its 9k instead of 7.5 for nyc to ord does the ur bonus 30% cushion the blow?