American Kills Legacy Award Calendar, But There’s Still A Hack To Use It…For Now

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For the past year or so, American has had 2 award search options.

The advanced search page gave access to their easy to use legacy award calendar. The legacy calendar is excellent for finding dates with Saver award space on both partner airlines and American. When you found saver award space on American you could plug those dates into another booking like, like, to know which dates you could use Avios for AA flights. And you could easily find award space on partner airlines that any OneWorld airline could book:


And you also had the option to the home page award search, which gave access to the new award search which has more options for web special dynamic pricing:


Alas, American confirmed today that they killed off their legacy award search calendar:


That’s a shame and it will make finding saver awards so much harder. I wish they had just added premium economy and premium cabin web special pricing to the old calendar, but they stopped developing the old calendar, and now we’re left with the hot mess of a new award calendar.

There is still one hack left though.

You can click on multi city on the advanced search page and it will take you to the glorious legacy calendar!


Enjoy it while it lasts as airlines do seem to take pride in making things as hard as possible on their customers.

Do you prefer using the AA legacy award search or the new AA award search?

HT: KSMH, via DDF, @JTGenter, and Zach Griff

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Thanks for the hack 🙂


I signed up for the barclay aviator personal cards and received the bonus, and was going to pay the annual fee the card for the year and now I really cannot afford the annual fee in my current economic situation, is there a concern if I close my barclay aviator personal that they would close my aadvantage account for shutting my card?i barclays told me I cannot downgrade becuase that department is currently closed due to covid19 thank you in advance if you can tellme what is better to close the card or to downgrade what is less of a risk

Jonathan Nissanoff

If you cancel it you should ask for the pro rata reimbursement of the fee. They will usually don’t his and you continue to keep the miles

Good Vibes

A nice way to get back an important tool.

I think that Doug Parker had it removed: it was too good for AA to have


In the multi city I just enter one way or round trip ?



kenny snyder

For my travel needs, saver award is available for direct flight (5 months away)f or each and every flight of the day for almost each and every day of the month.
But says no AA flight is available for the entire week.

What is the work around. Have tons of BA miles to burn.


Definitely prefer the legacy as I only book saver awards with my miles 🙁


I’ve been using this technique without realizing that this interface was legacy.


I can no longer use this multi city work around. Is there another way to access the legacy award calendar. The new one is very cumbersome.