American Killing 10% Award Redemption Rebate For All Barclays And Citibank Cards

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One of the most useful benefits on AA’s Barclays and Citibank credit cards is the 10% rebate on award redemptions. Cardholders are able to get up to 10K miles back per year when they use their AA miles.

Unfortunately American is in cutcutcut mode and the next thing they found to devalue is this benefit.

I confirmed with American Corporate Communications that the final day to redeem miles and get a 10% rebate will be 4/30/19 as this benefit will go away on 5/1.

There will be some new benefits come on 5/1. Citi AA Platinum cardholders will get a $125 flight credit if they spend $20,000 annually on the card. Barclays Aviator Red cardholders will get a $99 companion certificate if they spend $20,000 annually on the card and they’ll get a $25 annual WiFi credit.

Those benefits don’t come close to replacing the 10% rebate benefit, and nor are they enough to shift everyday spending onto an AA card.

The card is still useful for the signup bonus and for the free checked bag and priority boarding benefits if you fly on AA and don’t have elite status, but the loss of the award rebate stings.

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The $99 companion certificate is for one time use only? Also only for economy class?


As far as I know the 10% rebate was only for up to a hundred thousand miles spending

Dan\'s the Man

How much did that actually cost them? Seems to be a dumb way to make their customers less happy.


How much does it actually cost you?


Nothing. But he’s going to take his spending elsewhere so citi and/or AA are being penny wise pound foolish.


Agreed, Reb Yid. I have this AA Citi platinum card and every year before the annual fee charge, I say I should cancel it because they seemingly keep devaluing everything. Very not consumer friendly- Airline or credit card… 🙁


Any idea if the 10k anniversary miles for the old US Airways cards is also going away?


I have read elsewhere that is going away. Definite huge negative since we both have this card so we are losing 40k annually. End of barclays in our house.


I’m looking to fly international for the first time and I can’t find a decent redemption of any of my points for a flight. Where on ddf can I find information on how to get to England cheap? I have chase, amex, citi thank you and marriot points. Any help would be appreciated.



You will find on great deals to fly to England Economy class.

You will find on life miles great deals to fly to England business class.

Li La

First find out which airlines fly the route you need. Than find out their partners. Finally use a website like to see what your cheapest option will be. Whichever one is the cheapest see how you can transfer your points to them. Though keep in mind that leaving England you can pay high fees/fuel surcharges.


The Citibank AA card is not great to begin with, and this further decreases it’s value. I’ll be cancelling mine when the annual fee posts.


Wish I could join you, but mine just posted. Cancel BEFORE the fee posts. Save $95….


Actually now it’s $99. Arggghhh


If it just posted, you should be able to cancel and get those $99 back.


The 10K anniversary miles on the old US Airways card is going away too. Time to cancel that sucker


Glad I just got rid of the useless Aviator Red card last month when annual fee came due after years of not finding much AA award seat availability that worked for us (schedule, direct flights, 1/2 off standard miles required, etc.).


I heard there is going to be a $25 DAILY in-flight food and booze credit on the Silver Aviator? That could pay for the annual fee pretty quickly.

Sandy Beach

Hard to believe, but American is WORSE than the old US Air they merged with. Until they bring back PHL-TLV non stop, I have no reason to accumulate miles on AA domestically. I drive the extra 30 minutes north from the Philadelphia suburbs to fly out of EWR.


AA started having some great deals lately. You can fly from PHL to LAX with a “shviger” stopover (4 hrs in STL), for only 6k points! I checked April 16 – Tuesday before pesach


Logic would say they need to honor this benefit through the end of the year for everyone who currently has a card. It would be wrong not to, and would think it could also be illegal.


Try using your reward miles and you find flights listed with 6 to 12 hour layovers!



Booked tlv amm to Doha to bcn
I didn’t receive the 10% rebate. Anyone k ow why? Booked over the phone but rep said I don’t deserve even though not bookable on website


Cardholders are able to get up to 10K miles back per year, check if you had this year any Transactions with rebates


Hi i am a gold member by star alliance through turkish airline. If i check in my friend to his flight with my frequent flyer membership number, or i just add my frequent flyer number to his flight, will he get the benefits of my star alliance gold status (extra luggage, lounge access)?


Give us tlv – nyc without Amman or Heathrow
What’s left ?


My wife called Barclays last night to downgrade her Aviator Red to the no fee aviator and they told her she could not product change without having an offer to product change.

I asked the rep “are you saying Barclays would rather us close our account and lose us as customers than do a product change” and she said, she understood my position and frustration but yes, that’s correct.

Has anyone else experienced this recently with Barclays? I project changed from Aviator Red to no-fee aviator last year without any issues whatsoever.