[Miles Posted!] American AAdvantage Turns 40: Play For Instant Win Prizes And Sweepstakes

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Update, 6/25: The miles have posted to my account, backdated to May 3rd. That will extend mileage validity through 11/2/22. How many miles did you get?

Update, 5/3: Today is the last day to play!

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Originally posted on 4/5:

American launched the world’s first frequent flyer program on 5/1/81, forever changing the loyalty landscape. Within 1 year the program had 144,000 members, today it has over 115 million.

To celebrate, they’re launching a 40th birthday giveaway and sweepstakes.

The game didn’t work for me in Chrome, but it worked for me in Firefox.

You can login daily through 5/3 to win instant win prizes and be entered to be one of 40 people who will win the grand prize of 1 million AAdvantage miles. The program is open to US residents who are 18 and older.

Scroll down to the bottom, accept cookies, and click play to enter daily. You can also click links on the page to gain more spins.


My wife and I each did 6 spins and won 40-400 miles per spin. JJ won a main cabin extra upgrade and 5 of the 40 mile awards. The awards will post in 8-10 weeks.

Another bonus is that earning miles will extend the expiration date on all of your miles by 18 months.

Beware that if you do win the million miles, you will get a 1099 for $22,400 of income. Depending on your marginal tax rate of if that amount will make you ineligible for stimulus payments, that can be a very raw deal. However you can potentially adjust that valuation or refuse that prize, so that’s something to discuss with an accountant.

Instant prizes include:

  • 500,000 awards of 40 miles
  • 230,000 awards of 400 miles
  • 50,000 awards of 20% off select Hyatt hotels
  • 45,500 awards of a preferred seat upgrade
  • 35,000 awards of 4,000 miles
  • 22,500 awards of a main cabin extra seat upgrade
  • 7,500 awards of an Admirals Club Day Pass
  • 1,300 awards of a $20 Mastercard gift card
  • 200 awards of a 1 year Admirals Club membership
  • 40 awards of 2 free nights at Park MGM Las Vegas

The Admirals Club membership comes with a 1099 for $650. All other instant win prizes fall below the 1099 threshold.

Post which prizes you win!

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Vancouver Boy

Got a $20.00 Mastercard and A seat Upgrade. Thanks Dan!


Seems like they’re giving a lot of prizes. I won 3*400 AA miles and 2*Main Cabin Extra upgrades.


$20 mastercard! Thanks Dan


i won 3x 400 miles, 1x 40 miles, and a main cabin extra seat upgrade


I also had 4 spins. Got 400, 400, cabin upgrade, 40
Thanks Dan


I won a few 40 miles… my wife won 1x 400 miles and 1x mce upgrade


main cabin upgrade x2
400 miles x4


got 400 on my first spin




Won on 2 accounts
2 x American Airlines Main Cabin Extra Seat Upgrade*!
9 x 400 AAdvantage® Miles*!


A) it’s silly to have 2 accounts (unless it’s different people)

B) max amount per day is 5 spins…you said 11 wins…


Thanks. Won 400 per spin


5, 400 AA miles


Got total 840 miles and main cabin extra upgrades


5×400 miles

EXP Flyer

4 spins and got 400 per spin


6 spins and got 400 miles each time. Not bad. I’ll have the wife do it later, as well.


I did it but tried for my wife but the line takes me back to my account and no log off option to log in with my wife’s account . Strange! One play one account per phone ?


Use incognito browser


I spun 5 times for 2 accounts. one account got 400 miles per spin. the other account got 3 preferred seat upgrades, 1 car class upgrade plus 500 miles for car rental with avis, and 20% off from FTD


What is ftd


Federal Tax Deposit


Dead or website down, multiple browser, using desktop and mobile.


Still works for me. Do you have a filter? (Corporate filter?


Never mind, got in.


So they value each AAdvantage point at 2.24 cents. Seems pretty high




I got

Complimentary One-Car Class Upgrade + minimum of 500 AAdvantage® Miles with Avis

15% Off + a free SimpliCam Camera + 1 Free Month of Professional Monitoring with SimpliSafe

3 Months of Free Service with LifeLock

Anything to do with these?


Protect your house???


one day entry to the admiral club, 40, yes 40 miles, and a 30% off rental car coupon.


Got 2 x 4000 miles on spouse’s account, 1 admirals lounge pass on my account!


Got 4,000 miles in one spin


Hmm, I got some coupons for rental car discounts and then the 20% off Hyatt discount. I hadn’t read the comments so I thought it was these sort of prizes but I see lots of people are getting small amounts of miles. Would sort of prefer that as I don’t know when I’ll travel again so the discounts will probably go unused.


FTD, Hyatt 20%, Avis, and 2x no prizes but grand sweepstakes entries


Won 4k AA


Got 2x 4,000 miles and just a bunch of other offers/discounts… TY!


Only valid for U.S. residents?

Berry Stahl

4,000 AA miles


20% off FTD & one class upgrade with AVIS – other 3 spins were off the chart and received nothing 🙁


20% of FTD.com purchases. Lol


An error has occurred. Click the button below to get back on track.”

any tips to get it to work?


I got that in Samsung Internet browser, but when used Chrome it worked. In either case, you still get the prize. If it’s anything worthwhile (not a coupon) you’ll get an email within a few minutes about it.


Did you get emails confirming your wins?


Got 3 off the chart spins and 2 error spins


Spun 6 times, one FTD 20% off coupon, and nothing else. Sad.


4x 400 miles


Sppined 6 times and got NOTHING . Am I a shlimazol?


me too maybe theyre out of prizes


No ur not alone me 2


Yeah, I just logged in for my wife and did 6 spins for her and bupkis. Earlier, when I did my three spins I got some sort of coupon each time so I assumed you always “won” something even if it seemed worthless.


How can I log out once I’m on the page I wana log in into my wife’s account but don’t see where I can log off?


Anyone can advice how to log out on the promotion page ?

Lost in Pakistan

Got an extension on my car warranty.


I could tell you’re lost. The warranty guys are from India.


Does this help extend AA miles expiration?


This is yet another Dan’s Fake Deal: My wife and I each spun six times, and every spin won nothin – zip, zero, nada. This site should be shut down, as the so-called “deals” almost never work as advertised; and the comments appear to be bogus.

Vancouver Boy

So the Site should be shut down because it didn’t work for you?

Nevermind that 70% of people here got something. Seems the first people got the better prizes.

Smh…The entitlement of some people. Its a Public random giveaway, Not a Contest for “IVY and WIFE” to for sure win.

Are you any poorer than you where yesterday now that Dan posted this?


This is too funny.


Seriously, Ben. LOL


Interestingly enough I found it I clicked the option to see what I won without spinning the wheel I always won something

John Public

It does seem there are a lot of bogus comments on here about winning. Whereas the rest of us got pretty much nothing. Pretty weak to have fake posters.


HelloWorld who is administering the prizes confirmed that there was a programming issue in the game this morning that basically gave every spin a prize – it didn’t matter where you clicked to stop the globe, it would assign a city and prize. They have since updated the game itself so that now there are a lot of no hits and there no prizes except another entry. Congrats to all the early players, and thanks Dan for another great deal.


Makes sense – seemed really off to me that in like 10 spins I won 2 x 4000 miles and an Admirals Lounge pass, plus every other spin gave one of those coupons. (Although the coupons seem relatively worthless.



I’ll be glad to take the lounge passes off your hands 😉


Yup, yet another fake deal that’s only available to the insiders.


Stop the hate!!!!!!


Makes sense, I was shocked that I got a $20 gift card on first spin (Thanks Dan for lunch). Now logged in with wifes account, got 40 points, 20% discount and the rest were all nothing.


Wow, thanks Dan for the quick post then!

Josh, where did you see this posted?


Just a single 40miles for me. Bummer


Beginning tomorrow, how many spins will be allow every day?


wasnt there a post discussing how their are no taxes for points that couple that won the case against the irs


I thought AA miles changed their policy to never expire?


looks like they are only allowing 1 spin per day now per acct (based on the 2 accounts i tried)


I just tried it – 6 spins, only 1 of them won 400 miles. Better than nothing, and the fact that it will extend my miles is sweet. Thank you, Dan!!


Same here. 5/6 charted off course. One x 400. 🙂


4 spins and nothing every time


yesterday, won 400 miles on all 3 spins. today, won nothing on 3 spins. hmm


Do you have to have an AA CC to participate?


Did you receive email confirmations of what you’ve won? I haven’t ((


Did you receive email confirmation after you’ve won?
I haven’t. ((


I got the emails for the free miles yesterday but I didn’t get the emails for the seat upgrades (I checked spam too). Anyone else have this happen? Or does it just show up in yo account? Also would the seat upgrades work when booking with points and if so what about for WebSaver specials?


I won 30% off hotel booking. I clicked off but never got the email about it. Any way to get the prize?


I got 20% FTD it’s not listed above any more info on this?

David R

I have two spins available for today, but can’t spin because the site is giving errors. When I click to spin, it takes me to https://www.aadvantage40th.com/#/error


Thanks Dan. I got the 2 free nights in Las Vegas + 2 x 40miles




won 4000 miles


I won 20% off sitewide discount with FTD, 4000 miles, 10% off the base rate on weekly and weekend rentals and 2X Miles with Thrifty Car Rental. All three of these wind were not mentioned by dan.


That’s the unfortunate draw


Except the 4,000 – that was a good win


Anywinings it looks like they r out of prizes trying last 2 days not winning anything


After not winning anything the first day or two, since then I’ve been winning prizes, the highest being 4.000 AAdvantage miles. Thank you, DansDeals, for making us aware of this simple and fun daily opportunity!


1st few days I won few prizes but nothing major and haven’t been winning anything the last week


@dan how do you play 6 times a day when for me it’s only giving 2 times a day ???


The 6 times daily is only on Mondays. Otherwise it’s 2 spins per day. 1 automatically and 1 for the fact of the day.


Thank you for clarifying, Sam! Much appreciated.


Did anybody else get today’s usual allotment for the week? I’m only seeing the usual two for the day, not the four extras. Today of course is the last day.

thank you dan for reminding

Complimentary One-Car Class Upgrade + Min 500 Base AAdvantage Miles with Avis Car Rental*!


How do I redeem this prize?

Complimentary One-Car Class Upgrade + minimum of 500 AAdvantage® Miles with Avis


Follow the instructions you got in your email confirming your prize


Avis upgrade
5x off course


Its 6 for beginning of week but 2x daily


first spin

Looks like your journey just got more rewarding. You’re officially a winner in the AAdvantage 40th Anniversary Celebration! You’ve qualified for a one-car class upgrade and a minimum 500 base AAdvantage Miles with Avis Car Rental*. Congratulations!


Waste of time. All I got, after playing for a few days, is a stinken 40 AA Advantage points. A totally worthless prize. It’s like giving a meshulach who comes to you for a nidava and you pull out a nickel. A terrible bizayon.


6 spins and nothing to show for it


I’m 0/32 on spins. Junk.


a/o figure out how to land on s/t?


-Complimentary One-Car Class Upgrade + minimum of 500 AAdvantage® Miles with Avis
-Two losses
For some reason wouldn’t let me spin again despite having spins left


How many times are we allowed to spin a day? I am only seeing two. I thought it was 6


i think only once a week you have 6 all other days its only 2


When you share on Tweeter or Instagram you get 1 extra spin per entire game.


it is only letting me do it 2 times daily!?!?!?!?


43 spins on my account, won 20% off flowers, a hertz upgrade and 400 miles

43 spins on my son’s account won 2x 40 miles, a seat upgrade, simplisafe 15% discount, hertz upgrade, and 20% off flowers




You’ve won a complimentary upgrade (compact thru full size) and 3X miles at Hertz
Plus also won 400 Miles..

Mister bee

Just earned 1year of admirals club membership!


Logged in today and got 9 spins right off the bat for doing nothing.

Vancouver Boy

So Did I. They all won nothing though. No wins in like a week for me


Same. Been a bunch of misses until today and I got 4,000 miles on my last spin.


I should have done it at the beginning..

I tried at the beginning and got nothing and then just tried now like 13 spins, got 400 miles and a hertz upgrade


There were 4 of us playing…each of us got many 40 and 400 mile awards, 1 or 2 4,000 mile awards and we each got a Main Cabin Extra upgrade. And of course, many of the worthless promos, like Hyatt, Simplilife, etc.


when will they announce the million mile winner?


On on around today, May 4th per their FAQs and terms. Winner list will be posted here https://bit.ly/3aP4t3a


Isn’t this overdue now


Their celebration continues for card holders
Today’s deal
Day 1: Terms and Conditions for AAVacations offer
Save an additional 10% off with promo code VACATION40

*Minimum stay: 3 NIGHTS
Booking dates:  May 4-31, 2021
Travel dates:  May 6, 2021 – December 30, 2021
Blackout dates:  5/31/2021, 7/4/2021, 9/6/2021, 11/25/2021, 12/25/2021


Can you post the other deals as well please?

And has anyone on this distribution list seen a mail from American Airlines as a winner for the grand prizes


i got 40 points it says will post bet 8-10 weeks but my points say they are expiring on june 6 2021 will it still help to extend my points??
thnx in advance


Did anyone hear back on this promotion, is this still going on?


There has been no update on this, looks like the promotion results have been delayed


Has anyone had their winning miles post to their account?


It’s been 7 weeks. Looks like they are holding true to their words of 8 to 10 weeks, and not before 😉

Berry Stahl

I got 4880.


Got 5400 miles


240 bonus miles


Got 5000k miles and many preferred upgrades

Darrell Martinsen

10,320 miles. Would this basically make a RT flight from Ohio to Las Vegas half price?


Got 540 miles. Ok .


I received 4,480 miles and the validity extension. Thanks!!


Where or when can we see other offers like seat upgrades, etc?

Deal Guy


Where can I see these upgrades applied?


Who on here won the 1M miles? 🙂


Me: 5040
Wife: 7000


This promotion has already departed


Got 5320 miles.
Thanks Dan!

Phillip Sims

Sweet. My measley 520 Anniversary points posted as well. Super happy though for the points extension factor. As always Thanks Dan!


didnt get any points posted ??


where do u see seat upgrades?

Mister bee

I got a email 2 days ago confirming that my 1 year admirals club membership was issued and is valid through 06/30/22


I just got my seat coupon deposited.
Go to your AAdvantage profile, click wallet, there will be an option if you already got it.
If you got it, you can choose a preferred seat, click to select, and instead of using miles or dollars, you will have the option to apply the seat coupon.