Air France: Houston-Tel Aviv For 12.5K Miles Each Way, Boston-Tel Aviv For 18,750 Miles Each Way


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Flying Blue is the joint program of SkyTeam member Air France and KLM.
They consider Tel Aviv to be part of Europe which can make for some decent deals.

They do charge fuel surcharges on their own flights but not on Delta flights. However availability is much better on their own flights than on Delta flights. They normally charge 50,000 miles round-trip in coach to Israel but they run rotating promo awards valid for select cities. Currently for North America that includes Boston and Houston. You need to book the current promo awards by 06/30 and travel between 08/01 and 09/30.

In some cases it may make sense to use BA Avios to get to Boston or Houston.

You can see the miles and fees for one-way tickets in the images below:

Houston-Tel Aviv:
















Tel Aviv-Houston:














Boston-Tel Aviv:
















Tel Aviv-Boston:
















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What are the rates from NYC?


NYC isn’t on sale, so 50K round-trip.

dave M

chicago ?


can i use delta skymiles for this


@dave M:
If other North American cities were on sale I’d have included them.



At typical valuation of points, and figuring in the fuel surcharges, how do these “prices” compare to what you would pay buying tickets directly? Is this really such a great deal?


Any business or first class availability on this promo?


The really great deal is if you need a one-way ticket, which is very pricey when paying cash.

Even on a round-trip, if you live in Houston you’re looking at 20K Starwood or 25K AMEX plus $260. If a paid ticket is $800 that’s a $540 savings or a value of 2.16 cents per AMEX MR and 2.7 cents per Starpoint which is a great deal.



Trying to book through Air France. Getting a message error occured. I need help!


Can we use or transfer Delta sky miles for this?
How about Chase Ultimate Reward Points?

Thanks as always Dan!


Is there any way to transfer UR points to flying blue or only Starwoods?


Any way to transfer from UR, or MILESAAVER to flying blue?


can i just buy a round trip flight with this deal? i have 50k miles with delta and i really really need to be in israel but i don’t have the money what can i do please help bro


If there were more options I’d have said them folks 😉

Of course you can book a round-trip. The point is you can even book a one-way.
But Delta miles will not help you for this.


am i gonna be saving a lot if i just pay cash for a round trip flight with this deal? cuz i have a round trip on hold for 1400 from la to israel from july 15 till sep 29 with a stop in ny but i want a cheaper flight I’m broke man

ord calc with avios

trying to book nyc-ord on avios.
not sure if end up taking flight.
whats better, pay $55 for redeposit/ cancel, or allow avios to get lost and now show?


If you value each ‘mile’ at about $.02, then 12,500 miles is worth about $250 + the $131 surcharge = $380 each way. This is not a bad deal if you live in Houston or Boston (flying to one of these cities would, I think, not be worth the $ or hassle). However there are usually $800 round trip tickets available on other airlines around this time of year.


If you use the full 50k non promotional amount there are still fuel surcharges correct? (Excluding the delta travel which I can’t ever seem to find!)


Dan – you mentioned that no fuel surcharges on Delta flights. How can we see if there is availability on Delta flights under the Flying Blue promo? Thanks a lot..



try booking with KLM less chance of error in my experience


I still have some miles from the Delta mishaps in the beginning of the year. Would I be able to transfer those to Flying Blue via KLM?


Is only coach on sale?


how do you book delta flying blue?

mia flyer

Guys i got this deal when it was flying from Boston – its a great deal – grab it while its available


@ord calc with avios:

I think the calculation in comment 8 is a better method.


Search for saver award space (hard to find as Delta availability stinks!)

Please read previous comments.

Please read previous comments.

Search for saver award space.


Found a Delta coach award flight fro JFK-TLV for ya’ll to see, July 27th for 25K miles one-way.

Note that the Air France award calendar doesn’t show it, you need to click through to see it.

Let’s see how long until someone grabs it, currently 2 seats available 😀


$282 in fees for a RT… ouch



What do you that we need to click through to see the Delta availability?
How do you see it?


am I able to book the ticket from my amex starwood account?

Dan's the Man

Dan, If KLM/Air France considers Israel as Europe. Do they charge decent mileage from European cities to/from Israel? I know this isn’t related to the deal but it’s good to know the best way from European cities to Israel using points in case you ever get a deal or will be using other mileage.


In other words if you buy the miles it would cost 989.76 which is not bad from houston

ord calc with avios

1. hope lower of the 2 still correct
2. will know if able to go 12 hrs before trip. any way to get avios back?
3. was under the impression it was 4500 each, I see its 7500 each.


can i take advantage of this in any way shape? if i have AA miles?

thanls Dan

ORD w avios

aa saver shows availability, BA does not.
would take bet one to two hours reaching ba by phone.
any way to book a later date w avios on AA, show up at airport for a stand by? would aa allow it?
Thanks Dan


what is the cancellation policy

Dr Moose

IINM there’s some sort of promo from IAD in biz for around 30k OW


@Dan’s the Man: I have an idea for, go to their website and check! 🙂


@judy: no, u have to transfer ur spg points to flying Blue, then book thru flying Blue.


@Dan: “you need to click through to see” can u Pls explain what u mean?


dan, can i transfer miles from Chase UR to Korean Airlines. And, since from there it is a oneworld codeshare member, can i use that to book these tickets with this deal?


, I wanna open a new Amex card, do they move credit around like chase?


I MUST be in Israel between the 16th and 21st. Very flexible about the time I can stay there. Any deals? I wish there were an Alert to sign up for from this site.


August, that is.


Any idea how long SPG takes to post to Flying Blue? I booked 3 tickets from Boston to TLV (making aliya from Boston so this was perfect) but waiting for points to post for the 4th ticket. It has been 7 days. Dan you rock!


@dan is there ever a season where i could get 12.5 jfk to tlv on delta non stop?