9,503 Spirit Miles For Free=Free Magazine And Newspaper Subscriptions!


You might have to pay me to fly Spirit, but I’ll still collect their miles.  They have an atrocious 3 month expiration policy, but they’re perfect for free magazine subscriptions.

Click here to redeem your Spirit miles for magazine and newspaper subscriptions 😀

Here’s how to get 9,503 Spirit miles for free.

You’ll need to have your Spirit number handy. You can signup for a new account here.

1. Get 501 miles via the voucher you’ll get by clicking on this link.

Just paste your Spirit number and you’ll get a certificate number.  Copy the certificate number (be careful not to copy any trailing spaces!) and click “redeem now.”  Paste your certificate number, select “Other,” and click submit.

You’ll now have 501 miles in your account.

2. Get 501 miles via the voucher you’ll get by clicking on this link.

Just copy the bottom certificate number and repeat the same process as above to get another 501 miles.

3. Get 501 miles via the voucher you’ll get by clicking on this link.

Just copy the bottom certificate number and repeat the same process as above to get another 501 miles.

That will give you a total of 1,503 miles instantly.

Then you can get another 8,000 miles here by letting Spirit know which airline annoys you the most and why.

Those miles currently take about 1 month to post and it won’t work if you’ve done it in the past unless you open a new account.

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And my subscriptions from last time are expiring this month.


3 month expiration policy??


So if you’ve complained in the past you cannot do it again?


Why not the full quizzes? 😉


If you know someone who has a Spirit credit card you can book Spirit flights to Florida (& elsewhere) off peak for 2500 miles each way. Several weeks during the winter are off peak.


The website is extremely slow


Good timing.


Open a new account?

Because I may be called a lot of things, but stupid ain’t one of them 🙂

You can’t transfer points.
Plus that works for just a couple days a year and if you don’t book more than 180 days in advance there’s a close-in fee.

Book for 7.5K BA Avios with no fees and get a carry-on bag, checked bag, free water, free seat assignments, miles that expire in 3 years instead of 3 months…

Was working fine before I posted 😀


@Dan, do you know if we can wait to redeem the certificates until the other miles post?


You can use your miles to buy tickets for others, I do it all the time.


Are Spirit miles transferable within a household?


Good question. Probably can wait a bit, question is how long.




@Dan: @Dan: You don’t need to transfer points all you need is a Spirit credit card on anyone’s name. Been there done that. It is more more than 180 days to the 3 weeks of winter off peak.you can dance the Avios for other trips.


What’s your point?
How are you getting your points to that person’s account?
And just because there are 3 whole weeks of off-peak doesn’t mean it’s all open for 2.5K flights for cc holders.

If you know of a way to get these 9,500 points to their account, then that would be neat.


@Dan: Bottom line you use someone else’s card in your own account.


Now you’re talking, why didn’t you say that in the first place 😀


why not advertise free flights to florida for life?
you can just open up 100 accounts books tickets that way?


You sure hold a grudge for a long time. Can’t be too healthy.

Many people already have 100 AUs open from SBS and other offers. And if they don’t it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


how am I holding a grudge?
I meant it in a good way.
people enjoy free flights.
but as you said, ba is better 🙂


Its saying only one per account? If I “hated” on an airline last time around (a year ago), it wont work now?


Sorry just saw that now…


I have a Spirit Airline CC (Bank of America) and charge $5 a month for a auto-donation to a local charity. It’s sufficient to keep points from expiring. We use our miles to fly to Florida every winter for a long weekend. Cardholders get access to low point prices. Our FL flights are 2500 each way from Atlanta.

It’s a game…


I did it, but…I’ll probably let these miles expire anyway.

Deal Guy

Keep up the hating. It makes it much easier for my parents to get lga-fll tickets in November/January/May. And it only needs to be booked 21 days in advance. And with 4 flights a day, it kicks frontier.

high end hobo

@dan, why do you say that 7.5k avios will get you a free checked bag?
you need a AA cc, or status for that


Thanks Dan!!ill take free miles anytime!


Can you call up and have all your accounts combined, like other programs?


I want two 4,800 miles publications – the WSJ and the Economist. That leaves me 97 miles short. Any trick to get the needed 97?


Let me see. A subscription to some magazine I can usually get for free from Rewards Gold, etc. or a one way flight from KC to Vegas. Hmmmm let me think. Maybe that Dallas to Cancun would be better. Maybe I should get the Mastercard and do several of those flights instead.

chana k

@SZ: Sometimes the amount of points listed can be ignored. Put both in you cart and try to check out.


Can I name Spirit as the airline I hate the most?


@kachnik I did.


Will earning these 1,503 points extend the life of all my previous points for another 3 months?


Thanks for this! Any way to utilize these 9,503 miles if you’re not a CC holder, but are part of the $9 Fare Club?


Its not 30 days for the 8,000 points.
“We’ll email you when the FREE SPIRIT miles have been deposited in your account (within 10 days). Take that time to think of an awesome place to fly with us!”


I did it in May and it took a month.


very cool!
does the 8,000 miles for complaining link still work? when i click on it all it shows is a video and no further options.


@ikey: Does this still work? I don’t seem to be able to work it out.