50% Off British Airways Award Flights!!!


50% Off British Airways Award Flights Linky

All BA awards in coach or premium economy are 50% off if booked by 08/12/11!
Travel is valid anytime.

You can also travel in business class on intra-Europe flights for 50% off.

Travel is only valid when you fly on BA, not on partner flights, so you will get hit with heavy fuel surcharges.

Sample deals:
JFK-Tel Aviv from 11/08-11/17 for 32,500 miles (normally 65K) round-trip, plus $539 in fees/surcharges.
JFK-London from 10/04-10/11 for 25,000 miles (normally 50K) round-trip, plus $529 in fees/surcharges.

Find any other great deal? Post a comment!

Points can be transferred to BA from American Express (1K:1K, the 50% bonus that was running the past few months is now dead), Sapphire Preferred Ultimate Rewards (1K:1K), or from Starwood (20K:25K).

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can one use AA miles to book a BA flight with this deal?


can I get miles refunded for earlier booked tickets?



Any way to avoid fuel surcharges?


Can you book a ticket now and change dates later?
Are there different change rules if booked using this promo?


Any idea if the 2:4:1 works with this?


No. Just because they are partners and allow you to book flights on each other doesn’t mean the promotions of one airline will apply to the other airline.

You would have to cancel the previous ticket (for a fee of $50-$75 depending on if you cancel online or by phone) and then rebook the ticket.
Beware that just because you cancel doesn’t necessarily mean the flights will be available for awards again.

You can avoid surcharges by not flying on BA. As this promo is only for flying on BA, the answer is no.

The terms do not specify what will happen if you want to change dates. Call them and let us know what they say!

I’m not sure, but the best use of the 2 for 1 is in business or first class.


I thoght you can book with low taxes sometimes? Can i do that to go to london from jfk… or to LA from jfk??


Where do teyfly in america? any way to get a list?


@Anon: you cant use this deal for LA to jfk


You can book with low taxes by traveling on partners. This deal is only good for travel on BA.

(Login required)


The link you just provided doesn’t allow travel within the US. Do you have another link that will allow me to get onto AA flights?


I think the scariest thing about this ‘offer’ is how awful a deal the regular redemption rates are when flying in coach. Double the miles in addition to those fees!


Please re-read the post.

Indeed, using BA miles for BA flights, especially in coach, just ain’t pretty.

Using them on AA or LAN for non transatlantic flights is much better due to no surcharges.


can i book for a ticket in a few months? also did u find out if you can change the dates later on


Will this work to get to Israel for Sukkos?


Don’t some destinations in Europe have lower fuel surcharges?

What about non-European BA destinations?


the fees on BA are astronomical…it doesnt pay to use the mileage save it for use on AA


Their website for booking a flight is virtually unusable.
Everytime I tried booking an award flight to Israel it gave me an error message and told me to try again latter.


BA miles stink


I don’t know if this would benefit anyone on here, but there is a BA route between Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo that is normally just 20k miles round-trip…and doesn’t have the high fees like a transatlantic flight. This would make it only 10k miles rt, which is a great deal.

Chany Mo

can you book one ways?



Call them and book it over the phone, they are very helpful.


I tried to price out a 2 roundtrip tickets, but doesn’t show the 50% discount. Is this a refund after purchase? I read the disclosures, but doesn’t clarify. Am I missing it? Anyone know how the 50% shows up when booking??


Question for Dan
I had a connection on an AA flight to LAX in Chicago which was scheduled to be for 45 min. The flight was canceled due to maintenance issues and they re booked me on a flight 8 hours later. I had to rent a car to go into town to get some kosher food. Then I arrived at LAX at 10:40pm instead of 2:00pm. Till they found my luggage took another hour. Then i had a 4 hour drive through the night.
Is there any way i could get reimbursed the expenses in Chicago?
And is there any way i can get compensation for this whole hassle?


to #23,c&c
did u register for the deal through the linky.also do u have enough mileage in your account for these trips.
login on their website b4 u search


I know how busy u r reading every1’s posts. But figured maybe u’ll catch mine.
Had a Q about the AMAZON $1,000 a month transfer. I’m able 2 set up many accounts with many Email addresses. Q#1. Can I make many Charges with the same Credit Card to many diff accounts, if all the accounts r connected 2 the same bank? & if ya, will I get in trouble for doing it?


found for around pesach 2012 for 32.5k mileas and $433
good luck


@Shalom: Write them a coherent polite letter quoting your FF number setting out all your expenses, attaching receipts, and see what happens. I have had hassles with AA in the past and always got some compensation, money or miles.


As usual the BA “deals” are nothing of the sort. Try this! Sample deal: Tel Aviv-London from 9/12-9/20 for 15,000 miles (normally 30K) round-trip, plus $632.30 in fees/surcharges.
A revenue trip on the same flights would cost $653.53. BA thus value their 15,000 miles at $20.33. The fuel surcharge for the revenue flight is $50. For the award flight it is $354. Contrast this with the fuel surcharge for a TLV-NYC flight (same revenue and award) which is $296.38. The distance TLV-NYC is over two and half times the distance TLV-LON but the fuel surcharge TLV-LON is 20% more than TLV-NYC.


Dan, which option is cheaper to fly to Israel from the US? This deal or using Starpoints? Thank you


How much would it be to fly from israel to europe?


hey quick question, does anyone know if the amex platinum $200 airline fee credit work towads these type of fees?


dan love your forum theres a website called cardilly incredible deals on gift cards is it another my harvest america


How badly would i be hit with surcharges if i fly with my wife from La to Israel? would it be worth it to use the 50% discount now?


Or better yet put, what would be my best option having to use the BA miles now, with the 50% off, to book a flight from LAX to Israel?


IS it worth it to transfer aeroplan miles to startwood to ba points for this offer?
I would like to fly business to europe next august (6 tickets) ….will that work?
Can I change the dates to more then a year after booking?

TY 🙂


bkk to sydney works for 25k and 428 or sin to sydney for 25k and 388 or there abouts. might not be so bad.


Can I transfer my amex points to ba and make a reward ticket using aa(on the ba site) for half the points if its in the u.s.


how would i use my ba miles to book an award flight on aa. ( is that possible ?)