$200 Visa Gift Cards Now Available At Staples.com; Miles For Under Half A Cent Each

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Update #1: The Visa gift cards are all pouring into my house, my mailman must think I’m nuts 😀
Some notes:
1. I had no problem paying for Visa gift cards with Staples gift cards online. That means if you have a Chase Freedom card you can buy Staples gift cards from Lowe’s and earn 5 or 5.5 points per dollar and then buy Visa gift cards online.  Of course if you have a Chase Ink Visa you can earn 5 points per dollar plus 1% cash back directly from Staples or Staples.com
2. Don’t order more than 10 Visa gift cards per order.
3. EvolveMoney makes these ridiculously easy to cash out online without any fees.
  Just be sure allow at least 10 minutes between paying the same bill for the same amount of money when using Evolve. Otherwise the funds on the gift card will be frozen for about a week.

Originally posted on 04/28:

$200 Visa Gift Card Linky

Total with fees is $206.95 with free shipping.  These have always been available in stores, but they can be hard to find at some stores.  Now you can have them shipped right to your home for free.

-If you have the Visa Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold, or Chase Ink Cash then you can register for 1% cash back at visasavingsedge.com.  You’ll get a $2.07 rebate on your statement, dropping the price to $204.88 per $200 card.  The 1% cash back is valid without limits on all $200+ purchases from Staples stores or Staples.com.

Don’t have an Ink card? It’s one of the best mileage cards you can get. Learn more on how to get one and the benefits of having one in this post.

Only have an Ink Mastercard, not an Ink Visa? This is still a great deal, but you just won’t get the 1% cash back.  If you apply for a new Ink card then it will be an Ink Visa by default and you’ll get the signup bonus for it as well.

-With an Ink card you’ll earn 5 points per dollar, or 1,035 Ultimate Rewards points on each Visa card.  At a cost of $4.88 that’s like buying points at 0.47 cents each.  On the Bold and Plus cards you can earn 5 points on dollar on $50,000 in annual spending (250,000 potential points per card per year), on the Cash card it’s capped at $25,000 of annual spending (125,000 potential points per card per year).

Cashing them out:
The pin on the Visa gift card is the last 4 digits of the card number, no need to set anything.
-You can cash out the Visa cards using EvolveMoney to pay bills like your mortgage, property tax, auto loan, insurance, store charge card (Gap, Macy’s, Target, etc).  There is no fee for this.
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird card at a WalMart ATM machine.
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird card with a WalMart cashier or customer service.  Just say you want to use your debit card, no need to mention that it’s a gift card…
-You can buy a money order with the Visa card at any store that accepts debit cards as payment (except the post office).
-You can pay your credit card bill at WalMart with BillPay at Customer Service.
-You can send the funds from the Visa card to a friend via Amazon Payments.

Or just use the cards for your everyday spending to earn 5 points per dollar everywhere!

Why should you buy points at .47 cents each?
-You can use 25,000 points transferred to Hyatt for a $1,500 villa in the Maldives.  That costs you $117.50 at .47 cents per mile.  With Hyatt points and cash this category 6 redemption is also available for 12.5K points plus $150.  That’s enough for a stay at other incredible hotels like the Grand Hyatt Kauai and the Andaz Maui at Wailea.
-You can use 30,000 points transferred to Korean for a round-trip to Hawaii on Alaska or Hawaiian, for example nonstop from JFK to Honolulu. That costs you $141 at .47 cents per mile
-You can use 9,000 points transferred to BA for a free round-trip short-haul flight like NYC to Montreal or Miami to the Caribbean/Mexico. That costs you $42 at .47 cents per mile
-You can use 15,000 points transferred to BA for a free round-trip medium-haul flight like NYC/Philadelphia to Miami. That costs you $70.50 at .47 cents per mile
-You can use 25,000 points transferred to BA for a free round-trip flight like from the west coast to Hawaii or from Boston to Dublin. That costs you $117.50 at .47 cents per mile
-You can use 30,000 points transferred to Southwest for about $500 worth of paid flights. That costs you $141 at .47 cents per mile
-You can use 85,000 points transferred to United for a round-trip to Israel. That costs you $400 at .47 cents per mile
-You can use 160,000 points transferred to Korean for a round-trip in Kosmo Suites class to Asia. That costs you $752 at at .47 cents per mile. That’s a flight that would normally cost $20,000.  Just be sure to enjoy the open bar with $200 bottles of scotch :D

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Up to how many can you buy at a time?

Will the $2 savings apply?


Can i use these cards for spending on my new chase british air card?


Does anyone know if they will be monitoring the web purchases. Like if I spend 5k at once will they get sucpicious?


Question dan. Since American and United merge can I now use my ba points to make a flight on united? How can I do this I don’t see this option on ba site? Basically I want to go to myrtle beach and the only airline is United and others but want to use my ba points. Please help me Thank you

I don't know

Where can I buy 500 Visa cards?


Amex now has an offer with staples $20 off $100. Will it work with this?


What are some examples of stores, other than Walmarts and Post Office that sell money orders?


Staples stores have the following deal on mastercard gift cards:

Buy $300 of Mastercard Cards, get a $20 Staples Gift Card via Easy Rebate. The stores only have $200 and $100 denominations, and the fee on $100 cards is $5.95, so only $1 savings there vs. $5 in rewards for the extra 100. So it’s more worthwhile to get 2 $200 Mastercard cards. You have to set your own pin on these, but you can do the same options as posted above. The math:

$400 Mastercard + $13.90 fees = $413.90
Get: $20 Staples GC, $20.70 in rewards.


No limit for either.

Why not?

American and United are not merging.

@I don’t know:


I know grocery stores in several states that do.

Those Mastercards are much trickier to unload.



of course you can but why would you?


@Dina: 7-Eleven sells money orders


It’s an easy way to meet a spend threshold.


damn, my Ink cards are MC. Is it worth it to request a visa for this?


Far better to just apply for a new Ink Visa card and get the signup bonus again.


My Ink Bold & Plus are still MasterCards & they waived the annual fee for both for year 2. I don’t want to surrender them for Visa versions without another sign up bonus. Should I just wait till next year to get the Visas or what would you suggest?


If you apply for the Visa you’ll get the signup bonus again.


Is there still a deal with MasterCard going on and will it work fine to send money with AP??


Why are Mastercard gift cards harder?


It says on the link that youll get 5% back on staples rewards.

I thought that doesn’t apply to gift cards.
That written as an error?


Yes, see comment 8. Valid in-store only.
They will work fine for AP.

They’re hard to work at WalMart and I don’t think they work with Evolve (CMIIW).

As far as I know that won’t apply for gift cards.


If I register for the 1% cash back on the ink after I purchase the staples cards, will I still get the rebate?


This is a life changer! I was doing a lot of shlepping!


@Dan, I don’t understand your response to Sasha. Why do you say that they are hard to work at Walmart? Is it so hard to go up to the MoneyCenter machine and load them onto BB?


No idea.

It’s really nice indeed.

Besides for having to call to make a pin I’ve read reports of failures at the ATM.
Plus with cashiers you have to quickly hit cancel and still many can’t get it to work with the Mastercards.

Far simpler with Visa.


@Schlomo – You need to set a pin, and the system sometimes assumes it’s credit, and you have to catch it in time to set it to debit.


For those who don’t have a Ink card you can go to Lowe’s and buy staples gift cards. Then use the staples gift cards to buy the visa gift cards. Then in essence you are buying them at 5ppd. (I tried, they let you buy them with a gift card.)


You got lucky.
Official Staples policy is not to allow GC purchases with a GC though the computers don’t enforce it, so it’s up to the cashier.


@Dan: Online it works!




its only worth for the ink card or for other cards too?


How do you apply for a Chase Ink Bold Visa? I already have the Chase Ink Bold MasterCard, and don’t recall specifying to Chase when I applied that I wanted the Visa or MasterCard. Their application doesn’t seem to give you the choice between Visa and MasterCard


Dan – would this still be worthwhile with a chase freedom or sapphire preferred (visas)?

I don't know

Dan If I load two 500 gift card to envelop bill pay how do I pay a bill thats 1000 using two cards. Can I do that?


where in the nyc can one buy a mo with a debit card(ie-one OV OR VISA GC?


Dan which of the 3 ink cards would you recommend? (assuming getting through the spending threshold is not an issue)

new to "chase trifecta"

I just got the chase ink card and 1)need to spend the $5000 for the sign up bonus 2)would like to transfer the $5000 balance I have on chase freedom to the ink card so that the balance doesn’t effect credit utilization. will it raise a flag if I purchase $5000 worth of visa gift card on my ink card and use them to pay my freedom card balance at walmart using billpay? any potential issues I may run into?


after doing some research this weekand i learned that if you don’t have a Walmart near you it makes it a lot more difficult to do MS. I had to search for a rite aid that would allow me to buy OV with a CC and that was after getting it cleared from one of the managers. he said they do not usually sell with CC to avoid scams.


and buying MO wants you have the gift card is difficult as well. spoke to one local pharmacy that has western union they only take cash.

post office do take debit cards for MO (at least the one i went to) you are sure i cant use OV to buy MO?


@Dan: You’re wrong re Evolve & MC.



Why does it matter if your ink card is Visa or MC?

Ari F


I suggest NOT selecting in-store pickup (even though its an option on their website). Rather, have them shipped to your house. I have selected in-store pickup before.Since they arrive via usps, stores do not enter them into their regular inventory, and then cannot find the cards when you go to pick it up….so juts ship to your house for free


@yyk: Read the post.

Steven R.

@Steven R.: @Ben: Does not apply to GC.


Dan so you mean to say that if I have the INK BOLD and PLUS in the MC version I can apply now again without closing them and will receive the VISA versions?


what about $6.95 activation fee per card + Free Shipping


What I ment is United is part of American point affiliate so can I book my ba through united??


It’s worth it for any card where you’re trying to meet a spend threshold but it’s always worth it with Ink.

By default all Ink cards are issued as Visas now.

You can buy Staples GCs from Lowes and then use them on Staples.com to buy Visas.

@I don’t know:
Why not?

They’re all great.
The Bold and Plus have bigger signup bonuses with the fee waived for 1 year while the Cash has no fee.

@new to “chase trifecta”:
Should be fine.

Walmart isn’t the only way to unload, read the post.

Thanks for the correction!

For the bonus 1%.

You may have to agree to close them to get approved. Though you may not have to. YMMV.
You can also have multiple Ink cards for different businesses.

Read the post?

Ah, no, they are not.


They are limited to $2K per order so they have to file a CTR according to the phone call I just got from Staples.


How many did you order?


Dan – when you say : “At a cost of $4.88 that’s like buying points at 0.47 cents each.” Do you mean that the mileage will be at a cost of .0047 which is under half a cent per mile? If this is so – then it seems like an incredible mileage deal.


Yes, .47 cents means less than half a cent per mile.

.0047 cents would be something entirely different.


Dan: evolvemoney involves registering the card, entering your address, info. anyway around this? its tedious to unload 2000 and registering 10 cards. tks


Dan – I love your deals – just for the lay people like me, If the cash register says to give .47 cents in change to the customer, I’m going to get 4 dimes and 7 pennies. I try to follow you and need things clearer!


Thanks as always, Dan.

Two quick questions.

Will you ever be questioned about the details of your “business” with a business card such as Ink bold if I follow your instructions of registering as a sole proprietorship ?

Do visa gift cards expire?


Use a browser with autofill?

This is 2nd grade math.
The cash register says $0.47, i.e .47 dollars, or 47% of one dollar, which is why you get back 47 cents.

I’m talking about .47 cents, or 47% of one cent, or just under half a cent.
Writing .0047 cents would be dead wrong.

Sure, so start selling things on ebay!

They expire in 8 years.


@zeidy: don’t believe they have to be registered for evolve


did u try? i needed to

just making sure

So just to confirm .47 of a cent us .0047 of a dollar ? Wich is very very good?


The cost of buying points is .0047. Not .47
.47 is actually 47 cents. You mean .47% of a cent which is .0047.
Very confusing when you have it wrong.


Are you guys kidding me?
.47 cents is NOT “actually 47 cents.”
47 cents or .47 dollars or $0.47 is “actually 47 cents.”

.47 cents or .0047 dollars is 47% of 1 cent. Or just under half a cent.

Does nobody here know how to convert a decimal into a percentage? Just slide it over 2 spots.


LOL this is so funny!


You should also explain to what you meant by it would cost $400 to fly to Israel on United…


I’m with Yael!


Who knew the highlight of my day would be reading through these comments regarding a 2nd-grade decimal math lesson, as it applies to the cost of mileage? Haha I love this, for most of you people, maybe this game isn’t really right for you…


Stop. You’re ruining your kids’ shidduch prospects.


Dan, i just got my ink card, i applied as “sole proprietorship” do i have to sell on ebay under this name ?will i have problems if i don’t ?



No problem at all.


This is amazing, I was just hoping for this a couple of days ago, and wondering if it would ever happen.


do the GC have to be “unloaded” ? or can i just use them for normal daily things ?


Yup, it’s a big time saver.

From the post, “Or just use the cards for your everyday spending to earn 5 points per dollar everywhere!”


Hey dan can u post a link how to unload gc with amazon payments?? Thanks!
Also if I am unloading them with Ap I dont need a pin for the card is that correct? ?


How to get around this for someone who lives in Hawaii?
Other than mailing it to a friend.
“Please note: Staples.com® does not ship to P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO, Alaska (AK), Hawaii (HI), Puerto Rico (PR), or international addresses.”


Seems like all links to Chase cards are down


I’m always limited to under $2000 at my Staples store in Florida…..it is company policy….so it is 9 cards every trip. But this will be good when I am overseas and want to fulfill a spend while abroad.


Dan: isnt registering so many cards a red flag? you need to give your info to register.


When you first posted this dan, i ran with my freedom to lowes to get 1500 worth of staples cards. Like the other guy said it did work thank G-D. I didnt realize that COULD have been an issue. But it was the biggest pain because staples.com only lets you enter 5 staples gift cards per order and lowes only had 50 dollar staples cards.
So i had to order one 200 dollar visa card per order to get rid of all the staples cards. All-in-all it was worth it for the 7,500 Chase UR points so thank you for this. Right in time for the 1st of the month 🙂


@benny: it’s not to hard… Just put the card in ur amazon account as a credit card on file and send some1 money using tht credit card. U never uses amazon payments b4?


Wen is this staples deal going til?


On the site it says:
FREE SHIPPING, plus 5% back for Rewards Members
What is this 5% back?
Do you get back $10.35 when purchasing one of these Visa cards? (if so then the miles would not end up costing anything.)


could I buy it with s staples giftcard ?


folks they r all gone on line I am on hold talking to the 800# to see if I can get som


@Sasha: No rewards on gift cards, AFAIK.


Another Staples deal BTW – 5-ream of paper for $26.99, easyrebate for $22, coupon for 25% rewards (instead of 5%) that I got by email link. Rewards are before rebate – that means that they pay you almost $7 to take paper off their hands (if you use the rewards).


@savta: Not sure what Website your looking at. Just ordered 10 cards.


@Dan: $2,800


Staples didn’t allow me more than $2000 of gift cards in one purchase online or in store. Said I had to break it up in 2 purchases.



What is the maximum number of gift cards you suggest we buy. I just opened 2 Chase Business Ink Bolds. If I put 5,000 worth of gift cards on EACH – would that be crazy suspicious and trigger financial review?

What if I add some everyday expenses to it? I want to maximize this opportunity – thanks!


@sun365: signing up as a Rew Mem is easy. My q is if purch of gcs are qualified. 5% rewards come as Staples certificate end of mo.


@moe thank you I went back to look (there was something else that I had tried to order) tu this worked it seems u can order as many as u want I just ordered 10 tu once again


ordered 10 cards yesterday. just got an automated security call from staples to verify identity. delivery will be on may 13th or later.


It says here online that it qualifies. But since it’s a Staples GC I am limited in using this, as I don’t buy at Staples….


I don’t live near a Walmart so I’m just going to purchase a few $200 Visa GC’s and load them unto my Bluebird online then cash myself out by sending to a friend and having him send back to me through a check. This can be done without needing to go the Walmart route, right Dan? Thanks!


IF these cards are purchased online, don’t they have to be activated online? Or are the gift cards mailed already activated?


@sun365: I’ll gladly use it 😊

David R

@Juan: You can load online from a real debit card linked to your own account. If you try what you are describing, your Bluebird account could be shut down.


which of the three cards will give me my most money’s worth?


Dan, I was able to load Mc gc to evolve with no problem


staples has a 25% back in rewards in store only. Can this be used on Visa Gift cards?


Coming back from staples now .
Got 4 X 5 ream paper item number 990176 for $26.99 – $2.99 coupon code 71442 plus 1 ream paper item code 513099 for $7.99 – $3.99 coupon code 15874 plus tax total $108.11
– $20 amex staples offer
– $22 X 4 =$88 easy rebate
-$4 easy rebate
– $20
Plus %25 rewards so I got paid about $30 just to go to staples and they threw in 21 reams of paper


how long does these gift cards take to arrive in the mail



Dan: not a new problem with people not knowing basic math 😉
Read this one, it’s hilarious:

Joel Brody

I have been unable to load the Visa Gift Card at Walmart onto Bluebird. It rejects at the last step. Fails the same way at the ATM and with the Cashier. Bluebird indicates that the limits on debit cards is $100 per day and $1000 per month, and that the debit card has to be linked to the Bluebird account. Any suggestions to get this to work?


Was successful uploading Visa Gift Cards by:
1. Registering the cards on Gowallet.com
2. Link a card in Bluebird (Limit of one debit card)
3. Uploading at Walmart one $200 card
4. Deleting the card link on Bluebird and adding another card

In this scenario the Bluebird limits are $1,000 per day and $5,000 per month

Anybody have an easier way?


if i have an ink master card already willi gert the signup bonus if i apply now for a card for tjhe same business?


You will.


For most of us, money orders and bluebird are long dead.

Chaim Moshe

@Dan. Does EvolveMoney collect ones social number? How does one load the visa onto EvolveMoney? I schlep to Walmart a few times a month so would love to stop these trips 🙂


Dan, do you pay your chase cc bill directly from Evolvemoney?

I don't know

So if I have $3000 bill I pay 200 at a time every ten min? Also you are not afrade these gift cards can get list in the mail? Things did by me sometimes.


does evolve money replace BB?


@Chaim Moshe:
You do not need a social (or even a name) for Evolve.

I wrote in the post what I use Evolve for.


And you also said no more Walmart! Evolve doesn’t do what I need from bluebird. No?

i dont know

so if i have 3000 bill i pay 200 every 10min via evolve? also are you not afrade these gift cards can get lost.? thinks got lost in my mail.


can i reload them?


Dan is there still away to pay Gap my bill is due tomorrow and I cant seem to figure it out?

(I’m asking here as I see you did not edit the post)


Dan, if you have the Chase Freedom and you get a $200 gc, is it still worthwhile to cashout the points for that small amount, given the 6.95 fee?

Chaim Moshe

@Dan: since you don’t mention any cc bills in your post that get paid from EvolveMoney, I am assuming it’s just the bills you mentioned?


Dan, staples.com I will only get 1 point per dollar by ordering $200 visa? Do I have to have Chase Freedom to buy Staples gift Cards. I have the Chase business ink and bold can I also get the Staples gift cards at lowes for 5points?


Who said no more WalMart?
Walmart works just fine.

@i dont know:
You can do $1,000 per day per Evolve account with no fees.
Your spouse/kids can also have an account, no SSN is needed.

You pay by credit card, so that covers you completely if anything gets lost.


No, it takes a couple days.

It’s worth buying the GC at Lowe’s as you’ll get 5 or 5.5 points per dollar, worth well more than the fee.

@Chaim Moshe:
Actually I did mention cc bills in the post.

You’ll get 5 points per dollar from Staples or Staples.com with Ink.

You earn 5 or 5.5 points per dollar from Lowe’s with Freedom, where they sell Staples gift cards.


I can’t find an option on evolve to pay a chase credit card bill. What shud I search for? I only see chase mortgage. Can some1 help me? Thnx


I wrote in the post types of bills you can pay with Evolve.

If you need to pay a Chase credit card you’ll have to use Bluebird or buy a money order, not Evolve.


Dan how did you buy 10 Visa GC in the same purchase using your Staples GCs I tried but they only allow 5 GCs per transaction and not all of my Staples GCs are $50. Is there any way around this?


I didn’t say that I bought 10 with Staples GCs. I said 10 is the limit with any card.

I did have larger Staples GCs that I got from this promo that I burned: http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/25499

Dans the man

Dan – can you put out an article about Evolve? it sounds great. we dont understand much about it though


Can I buy 10 of these VISA’S with a Cahse BA card to hit the @K threshold and upload them to a Bluebird once I get them?


@Dan: Thnx Alot Dan for ur quick and clew at reply. Greatly appreciated!



Dan just spent a long time trying to pay a Gap CC dont see an option (for a # that starts with 4)

Esty Gold

@joes: No, they are NOT re-loadable. One time use and discard.


@Dans the man:
Not really much to it, just pay any bill in their system for free.


Mine starts with a 6.



Just tried paying a Gap CC (not a card that starts with 6)
dont see an option


But it says on Bluebirds site ” You may only link a debit card that is in the Bluebird Account holder’s name” Is that an Issue with loading a GC Visa? Also is there any way around the $69.50 they charge for the 10 GC?

Esty Gold

@Joel Brody: Go to the customer service counter right when you walk in and say you want to reload your Bluebird for $200.
Give them your Bluebird card only. (They will then scan it in in the register).
If they ask you how do you want to reload, just say you have a debit card. Do NOT show it to them. Keep in your pocket.
Once they scan your Bluebird, confirm the $200 dollar amount on the touchscreen and then swipe your Visa card. The PIN (as Dan has said over & over) is the last 4 digits of the Visa card. Walla. Works every time!


@Dan: So is there any advantage to buy staple gift cards first other than already having them from a different promo?

bowtie lover

Dan please post a picture of yourself with a bowtie next to your wife whose holding some visa gc’s in staples so we know exactly which visa gcs we need to get. Be sure to add some circles and arrows because we won’t get it if you dont.

Dan's the man

Any ideas on how to use Evolve Money besides for mortgage and store credit cards? Any other tricks/tips/suggestions?


blue bird – without going to Walmart! register for a blue bird card online and your card will be shipped free of charge and you can link your checking account and your debit card (gift card)all online!!


Hey Dan,
You mentioned that you can pay a credit card bill directly at Walmart. Is there a limit to how much you can pay in one shot at Walmart with these cards? Can I buy 10K of these cards and then pay off the 10K at Billpay for example?


can you just use a credit card to pay with eveolve?


Evolve doesn’t really care about the value of the bill, right? Just enter the full value of each GC until you get close and then put in the final fractional amount?

Will they send a ton of tiny checks, or will they combine the check into the total bill?


My WM now refuses to accept $200 gcs because so many idiots showed with fistfuls and thought it would be smart to take 15 minutes to load multiple BB cards while a long line formed. Now those idiots have to drive an hour to find another WM that already hasn’t banned gift cards. Serves em right.


@Dan: Would I still be able to use the Mastercards through EvolveMoney?


This is the response i got is there anyway to push my request thru?

We’ll let you know of our decision through U.S. mail within the next 30 days. Please don’t resubmit
this application while waiting for our decision.

If we approve your application, we’ll send your card and other important information to you by U.S
mail. Once you receive your card, call the number on the sticker right away so you can take
advantage of everything your card has to offer.


Upload at Walmart.

If you have Freedom and not Ink.

@bowtie lover:
Should I also add captions like “Dan in a bowtie with a Visa GC” and “Mimi modeling with a Visa GC”?

@Dan’s the man:
Medical bills, car loans, utilities, taxes, etc.

You’ll get your Bluebird shutdown for doing it online from a GC.


No difference.



@jerry: In the same shoes. Waiting for an Ink & Sapphire.


I have been successful uploading up to $1,000 per day at Walmart Customer Service Counter, but have had to do the following:

1. Registering the cards on Gowallet.com
2. Link a card in Bluebird (Limit of one debit card)
3. Uploading at Walmart one $200 card
4. Deleting the card link on Bluebird and adding another card

Is there a way to avoid all this?

You are absolutely right about not showing the card. Some Walmarts will not do the upload if they see it is a gift card.


@Dan: how would they be able to tell the difference from a visa gc and from a regular visa debit card (both with pins)?


Will multiple browsers avoid duplicate payments on evolve?….can save a lot of time this way


hey dan, for which dates are the tickets to israel for 85,000 points? i searched summer dates and it was 85000 each way.


No need to register or link.

Who says they can?




@Dan: sorry, thought you wrote that if you tried using a GC for blue bird online that they will shut you down??

Esty Gold

@Paul: Many Walmarts have caught on. You need to be discreet and NOT flaunt your Yiddishkeit, as this raises eyebrows among the employees, who then notify management, and hence the ban.

Esty Gold

@Joel: Again, keep the GC’s in your pocket. Do *NOT* tell the customer service agent that you have a gift card. Just hand them your Bluebird ONLY. Say: “Hi. I would like to reload my Bluebird for $200 please”. Then, they will swipe your (Bluebird) card in the register. Wait. Then they will tell to you to swipe your “debit card” in the terminal. Pull it out of your pocket discretely and just wipe and enter the PIN when prompted (the last 4 digits of the card). Then put the GC back in your pocket and wait. In a few seconds, your Bluebird will be reloaded and presto. Do not be obvious. Do not do too many reloads at one time at the same register.
There is always another day. Don’t raise any ‘red flags’.

Esty Gold

@Esty Gold: Agreed. Wear a baseball cap and be very low key. They are NOT stupid. Management has advised the CS reps at the Customer Service desk to be “on the lookout”.

Esty Gold

@Anonymous: Because the GC’s that you get from Staples look like cheap plastic gift cards (with a Via logo) and have a activation sticker on the top of the card. They card # is printed –not imprinted– on the card and it looks very cheap. It’s a dead giveaway.
At all costs, do NOT show/flaunt the cards to the Walmart CS agent. Keep it in your pocket until it’s time to swipe your “debit card” nd then enter the PIN (last 4 digits). Common sense, that’s all.

going for two

dan – what are the chances that i can get approved for both ink cards using your links? i havent opened any credit cards in about 2 years and think i’m ready for this stuff now. i think i have a good credit score. if i go for three, which would you suggest?


easiest cash out of these out is evolve. I use 5 in a row and do the first for 200…then…199.99….199.98 etc so i lose five cents and save an hour 🙂


I went to walmart and they asked to see the debit card. They said they couldn’t accept it because my name is not embossed on it. Any ideas?


is it worth it to buy only whats needed from lowes to meet my spending threshold on my freedom and then buy the rest of the gc from staples for my saphire?

yitzy pitzy

hello Dan. i have a ink cash card & id like to open a ink bold now with the 60k offer, is there a way of doing it right from my existing business or i should open a new business in order to get this card, i prefer signing up from my existing business cuse it’s linked to my chase checking & profile etc…


@Ethana: Emboss your name on it.


Hi is it worth it to use a Chase Sapphire card to rack up points with this?


giftcard.com ships visa gc with your name printed on card. fee for card and standard shipping is $6.94


Can i add the gift cards to my amazon account and then just withdraw them to my bank account?


@jir: no


wit@db23: with amazon payments you can load a gift card and then you could send money to another person (to pay them for goods or services)

Billy Bob

Can you get 5:1 points with a Sapphire?


Not unless you’re going for the signup bonus.

You don’t get 5x points+1% cash back that way.

@Billy Bob:
No, only on Ink.


you will be paying 2.7 cents per mile. (for the math challenged guys out there it will be $.027 or C 2.7 (why is there no symbol for cents???)

anyways, not a good deal AT ALL.

at staples you will be the same for only 200.00 cards but you will receive 1035 miles


i guess that depends on what CC you are buying the GC with.


How much would you say miles are worth? (compared to the 47 cent valuation that we are buying these at)


For anyone needing to meet a spending threshold on other CC: if you have a Giant Eagle nearby you can buy Staple’s GC and use them to buy Visa GCs at Staples.com. Giant Eagle is giving 20 cents/gallon off for every $50 in gc purchase–no, ththat is not .0020 cents; it’s .20 dollars ;-). This means $$200 in staple’s gc = $24 in gas (30 gal. Max). This more than covers the activation fee for the Visa gc.


@abe: if you are trying to meet threshold on citi aa cards or lets say even us airways card how is that going to help me by buying $200 visa card at staples?


Hey dan i have several small businesses so i ordered 10 ink cards, 5 bold and 5 cash. the problem is that im 18 with assumedly no credit score.
so basically i have 5 questions for you:
1. was i unwise to start off applying for many cards and will i probably be denied?
2. even if i’m accepted will my spending limit be very low (too low to qualify for the bonuses) since i put my annual income at $5,000
3. if the answer is “yes” to either of the first 2 questions, is there anything i can do about that like call them up and tell them my budget icreased now that i realized my income will be more (which is the truth)?
4. is the bonus only for your first card or will it be for every card?
5. can i pay my chase credit card bill directly with the gift cards through bill pay at walmart?



No, that 4 dimes and 7 pennies would be .47 DOLLARS.

Notices the decimal.


.50 is = to 1/2 or one divided by 2.

that is 1 HALF.

.47 cents is almost half a cent.

David R

@abe: Of course there is a symbol. 2.7¢


I had no problem paying for Visa gift cards with Staples gift cards online. That means if you have a Chase Freedom card you can buy Staples gift cards from Lowe’s and earn 5 or 5.5 points per dollar and then buy Visa gift cards online

y do u need to buy at lowe’s gift cards for staples they not sailing vise gift cards ?????????????


More than 3 times that.

Lowe’s doesn’t sell Visa cards.

It's me

I just used your links to apply for ink bold and plus. I got approved for bold with a 22k flex limit. The other was denied because of multiple apps and they can’t move over credit to plus because threres no account number yet. Rep said call back in 2 days. What would u suggest? And should I huca now or wait 2 days?


OK, i understand that if you have a chase card its wise to try to buy the GC at certain stores like staples but if you are trying to meet thresholds on different cards like citi AA or us airways isn’t it more simple to just buy the cards on a website like giftcards.com where they emboss your name on it and it doesn’t say the words gift card? because i personally have been having difficulty’s purchasing them at stores in the tri state are. the fact id stores do not want to sell GC or OV with a credit card. (2 examples- i called a walgreens and they they take CC for GC and when i got there i was denied because they said there policy is to only accept debit or cash. another is i called a rite aid and they said know, called another and had to speak to a manager to give me approval, he said they don’t usually allow because they are worried about scams.not so simple)


I’m not understanding the big thing with purchasing staples gc at lowes via freedom and then visa gc at staples.com. The most ull get outta this is 7500 points. Freedom has a $1500 cap per quarter.


Are the staples gc free at lowes or is there a fee for them like visa gc have.


@shady: no fee for retail gc


I have a question: I received my order of $200 Visa gift cards that I ordered via Staples.com, but have not yet received the separate letter with the activation codes. How long after the first package of gift cards should the letter arrive?


i’m new to the game & don’t have the easiest time figuring out value of points/miles & what’s a good deal.
Would this be worth it with the Chase United Club with 1.5x on purchases?


Hey Dan,

Thanks for the info. A bit confused though on why I need to buy Staples gift cards from Loews to buy these Visa gift cards. Doesn’t Chase Ink cards give you 5 point per dollar at office supply stores?


Ahhh, Im stooopid. That is chase Freedom 🙂


Can someone please explain what I am missing? If this is such a great deal that why can’t you just max out your CC buying the GCs and then use the GCs to just pay off the CC bill using evolve? TIA.


@brezch: that’s an option!

Dan Torah

Great thread guys. @Dan keep up the good work. You are a genius in your ways. I have a Chase Ink question. I currently have Ink plus cards for different businesses. I just got hit with the annual fee on one of them. Can I just close that down,or will it hit my credit report? What are my options in moving the credit line over to another card from it before I do? Thx for your help!


How can we get Staples or Office Depot to start carrying the Visa and MasterCard gift cards that are $20-$500? That would be a dream! Save me so much time with the disgruntled cashiers at Walmart!


@DAN The manager at the new Walmart just stopped me from loading them on. The ATM is broken. NOW WHAT?


anyone knows what is the closest walmart to NYC that has the good ATM Machines??


Of course they wont honor your order now that you posted it on the main site


Is this limited to one per household? One per card?


do these gift cards work like regular debit cards ?


Link for the 15% coupon is not loading. HELP!


Good job Dan, you just crashed Staples Website 🙂


The Code is the same for everyone

15% code is 8784700629065525

Jesse Ventura

@Abe: same here!

Jesse Ventura

@moishe: Yes, see thread above!


Lol, it’s actually been up and down all day today.


Entire Staples site appears to be down. Coincidence?


It responds that coupon has already been used.

not working

This is all you get with the code. Put in the numbers or click on the discount, you get this:

Sorry, but an error has been made.

Please check the following field(s):

*Coupon code
Coupon Already Redeemed: Our records show that the coupon has already been used.


@Dan: Why doesn’t the code work for me ?


staples said coupon is only good for one time use


“Coupon Already Redeemed: Our records show that the coupon has already been used”

good sam

Not working for me:

Coupon Already Redeemed: Our records show that the coupon has already been used.

Jesse Ventura

They woke up: Coupon Already Redeemed: Our records show that the coupon has already been used.


“Coupon Already Redeemed: Our records show that the coupon has already been used.” ???




Don’t use a coupon for GC’s. They may let thorough an order here and there, but your account will always be scrutinized from there on.


“Coupon Already Redeemed: Our records show that the coupon has already been used.”
This is not a link up/down issue, it looks like a 1-time use coupon.


In fact,
“Both transaction and product coupons are not valid on desktop or laptop computers; tablets; netbooks; Apple® products; Bose® products; Amazon Kindle®; NOOK®; HP ink and toner; Epson® ink and toner; gift cards; mobile phones and mobile phone services; Staples® EasyTechSM professional-grade and on-site services; business service provider or custom-printing service provider Web sites; daily deals; phone cards; and postage stamps”
GIFT CARDS not allowed


It looks like the party’s over on this one!


“coupon already redeemed” ???


I actually used a $25 coupon that they sent me in the mail and it also worked!


go incog, just did it more than once


coupon code no longer working


I didn’t read all the comments, so this may have been mentioned. Be aware that using a coupon on a GC may very well result in being blacklisted from Staples.

the j

is this still working?


IVe mdone this last week with different coupon codes
and they end up anceling them………………………………


staples policy is that only one coupon code per acct.
they consider different codes with same begining codes to be the same…. basically one promo per acct….
of course you can try creating multiple accts…
but they will probably cancel orders anyway


Coupon expired 04/19/2014


The staples.com link that you have that is supposed to get us to the $200 Visa Gift card is NOT working.

Thanks Dan!


dan- why are u not posting my comment- staples will cancel theses orders- im speaking from experience


Coupon Already Redeemed: Our records show that the coupon has already been used. I called Customer Service to say that I had NOT already used the coupon and she told me that that pop-up response was just another way of their telling me that the coupon cannot be used on gift cards.


For am update go to the forums this is a ling to the message with the update http://goo.gl/GUxOwY

rosanne skopp

I don’t understand how people r getting Evolve to accept debit cards. There’s no option on their screen for a gift card. Can someone explain please?


@brezch: u can’t pay ur CC with GC even through EvolveMoney.. Read the post


@CodeQuestion: what what the heck u talking about?! Activation?!?! The last 4 digits of the card is the pin… That’s all u need


I got a question that no1 even bothered to touch upon… With the Ink card and the visa savings edge. Will you receive 5x points even on the 1% u get back from Visa savings edge. Because on the statement it shows up as an “Adjustment” which means a return, so there shudnt b any points for tht… I was just wondering this… Any1 know?!


@rosanne dont be a big noob. there is no gift option fool, there is a debit option your gift card is a debit card. if it doesnt say debit on the gift card, then you cant use it for evolve money (anticipating your next question of how come you cant use your amazon gc for it).


@Ed: actually @codequestion is correct. He means the 4 digit code that u need to get in the mail for the card to be activated.


Coupon is Dead


And Staples is no longer going to pay out for using portals to purchase their gift cards. DD hastens the end of a good thing by pigging out as usual. Keep up the great work DD & lackeys!


@dead you didn’t look through the comments there is an update on the forums http://goo.gl/GUxOwY


Could i pay my credit card from evolve


Is the card on staples sold out ?


@joe: Not a visa/mastercard/amex card. You can pay store credit cards like Macy’s, Target, etc


Dan, why have you not responded to even one reply here ?


That’s so rude. Dan helps you out and shows a good deal and then you badger him for responses? There are over 20,000 people who follow Dan. What makes you so special?


Why do you expect Dan to “online” all the time?
Yes, it’s a digital world, but people should still be allowed to have reasonable a work/life balance. Many questions have already been answered. There is a forum (and a nice link in post #229). And many participants are available to help.


i just received a call from staples cancelling 30 of my 41 orders of gift cards.
did anyone receive similar phone calls?
They say that the terms and conditions of the coupon code says that it doesn’t apply to gift card purchases.

lucky mendy

If you can keep the other 11 card orders


I just got a call canceling one of the three orders I placed while on a flight last night. 🙂 They said you can’t use gift cards to purchase gift cards, and if it worked in the past then it was a “system glitch”.


And the cancellation calls start pouring in!


staples site now says you cannot check out as a guest because of one of the items in your cart.


@gavdanfan: I was not even referring to answering ME. I was referring to everyone else’s calls for clarification to his coupon update which in this case was definitely lacking. I find the most useful information in the back and forth comments, but here there was no back and forth going on up until my post. Sorry that you misinterpreted it for being rude. That’s just not my style. Not here anyway.


I was able to purchase 2 last night using a combo of different e-mails/browsers. Same shipping address on both. The second one I gave them my Staples Rewards #. Hope they don’t get cancelled!

$191.95 each with the coupon!


I just tried loading the gift cards to Bluebird using the ATM at Walmart. It asked me for the Debit Card pin which I entered, using the last four numbers. Then it asked for another pin, which looked like it had 9 or 10 numbers. Any ideas?


Interested to know about the Bluebird transfer as well. Mark- what did you end up doing?


I just left and used Evolve. But it’s a pain because I used it to pay my mortgage and I have to enter a separate payment for each card.


Staples emailed me and said two weeks to process my debit cards. Why???


I tried to use evolve to pay my mortgage with about 15 $200 gift cards. The problem is that my mortgagee requires that I make my monthly payment of about $3,000 in one shot, so it did not accept the payments. Anyone else have this problem and know how to get around it?


@Dan, I saw on ur site some instructions for adding these gift cards into Amazon payments. Something about they hold $1. Couldn’t Find it again, could you post a link here please.

Also, if this isn’t discussed in the link, do you send $200 5 times for the $1000. Should we be concerned that it will raise a red flag sending 5 times to the same person?



I was able to order 5 $200 gift cards but I had to keep downloading new browsers. Even after I cleared browser cache and went in incognito mode they still wouldn’t take it unless I did the transactions in the new browsers and they worked but I had to do a google search for coupon. I already received 2 of the gift cards and loaded them to my BlueBird at Walmart today.

point guy

IS it possible to get these gift card cards somewhere else. And still get 5 points on the dollar. Cause staples is currently out of stock

point guy

If anyone know plz respond tnx


I saw some $200 Visa gift cards at Safeway. Is it possible to bring some over to Staples/Officemax to purchase?

Joe P

Dan – I can confirm that Walmart in MA and NH (and I tried them both on 5/29) would not load pin-enabled Visa GCs onto Bluebird. There is a register hard stop, and both stores cited a new policy due to alleged “money laundering”, with people loading GCs to BB only to use BB to extract cash. I had previously loaded my BB card this way several times at the MA Walmart to pay bills, so this method of loading BB is CONFIRMED DEAD. Any suggestions?


@Joe P, I successfully loaded to BB at a Walmart this morning. This method cannot be “confirmed dead.” More like YMMV. It depends on the store.

Audrey fisch

I had all my orders cancelled due to “no Visa cards can be bought with gift cards”. I now have $700 worth of staples cards which I don’t really need – very glad I couldn’t find more to buy. I only wish I had read to the end of the comments. New to this site but perhaps an update to this post might be in order? Just a respectful suggestion.


AAA: Visa gift card problem BB

I purchased a $500 + 4.95 fee AAA Visa gift card today in Virginia, had it activated in store, then went to Walmart down the street, went to a cashier and tried to load onto my BB, but no luck. I didn’t realize I had to call to set a PIN, so I went outside, called, set a PIN, and tried 5 minutes later at cashier…no luck…

What happened? Not enough enough time after setting the PIN?


In staples.com, now paying with Staples gift card is disabled when you buy any gift card or visa gift cards.Looks like the end of this route.



Does anyone know if you can still use staples gift cards to buy Visa gift cards in the stores??

David R

@Kayoss: The terms of the gift card don’t allow it. You can try and see what happens. You might have a better chance if you are also paying for items other than Visa gift cards and your Staples gift cards happen to exceed the cost of those items and cover some of the Visa gift cards.

David R

@Josh: Your comment is off topic. This happened to me with a card from AAA. The first time they ran it, it somehow went through as credit instead of debit. They got the authorization but the register cancelled the reload because they don’t accept credit for that. It subsequently took a few days for the authorization to fall off and the funds to be available again. It could be that on your second attempt, there were no funds available on the card for this reason. Log in to check the transaction history and available balance to see if this may be what happened.


Just tried loading Visa GC on Bluebird at Walmart. Rejected by ATM, customer service had no luck either. GC Mall confirms cards are activated, but says they cannot be used to load onto Bluebird. Anyone else have this issue?


This product is a true life changer. Coupled with some ink it can provide incredible wealth and new opportunities that I never thought possible. I’ve fed more birds than I can count with this this guy and the rewards ultimately just keep on coming. I will never go back to boring old gift cards again once I can get these guys on the edge of great savings. Thanks so much VISA for helping make my dreams come true. I should specifically mention that I am a lawyer, otherwise known as an eSQ and I like suites…


@theberk: didn’t work for me


@staplesfanny … I know there is code in there… I’ve done my best but coming up empty lol


hey dan, got my ink for the 70k about a month ago. needa buy up so GCs to get the 5k spend. looked through a bunch and saw someone elude to this question: if i have a, say $5000, bill to pay, would I have to pay it in parts through Evolve? Would serve or vanilla be better options? new here and trying to get things setup in the best way to pay some large bills like this for the future


@yakov: Evolve is dead—200 max load once a month from your Staples GC to pay bill. Got a bluebird loaded at Walmart. Some terminals charge 3.00 fee, some don’t.


I’m buying $200 Visa gift cards at Staples using my Ink card–then buying money orders from Walmart and depositing these into my checking account. How many of these transactions should I do per month without raising eyebrows from Chase? Thanks very much for you help.