$20 Off $300 Of Visa Gift Cards From Office Depot And Office Max

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Office Depot and Office Max are offering $20 off instantly on $300 worth of Visa gift cards. This is valid in-store only through 05/16.

Office Depot sells $100 and $200 Vanilla Visa cards that you can pay with a credit card.  The variable Vanilla cards are cash only, but the ones with a fixed amount are payable with a credit card.

Office Max sells $100 and $200 Metabank Visa gift cards that you can pay with a credit card.

The $100 gift cards normally cost $105.95 and the $200 gift cards normally cost $206.95

Officially there is a limit of 2 $20 off offers per person, though not all cashiers will enforce that.

Use your Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card to get 5 points per dollar spent.

2 of the $200 cards will cost $413.90-$20=$393.90. Plus you’ll earn 1,970 points.

3 of the $100 cards will cost $317.85-$20=$297.85. Plus you’ll earn 1,490 points.

1 of the $100 cards and 1 of the $200 cards will cost $312.90-$20=$292.90. Plus you’ll earn 1,465 points.

You can then use those gift cards on everyday purchases to earn 5 points per dollar everywhere.

Or you can liquidate the cards by loading them onto REDcard or by buying money orders to cash them out.  You can upload a MetaBank Visa to Serve or Bluebird at a Walmart ATM (or a willing cashier) without limits but when uploading Vanilla Visa cards to Serve or Bluebird at a WalMart ATM machine you may need to limit it to $49.99 per transaction.

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Can you load a metabank visa card to serve through family dollar as well? or is that only for the vanilla cards


Are these vanilla cards or visa card a?

Please Answer

@Dan Can I load these onto my Target Red card online as a “Debit Card” or no?


Can the balances of the Visa Vanilla gift card or Metabank Visa gift card be withdrawn at an ATM? If so, are there ATMs that will not charge a fee?


I went to 2 office depots and both said its not 2 $20 limit, but 2 cards per person, making it only 1*$20 off


What would be the pin for the MetaBank visa’s?


Has anyone in Brooklyn had success getting this? Last time (April) the Brooklyn store knew nothing about this promotion. And it’s not on their weekly ad.


Bought $800 yesterday and added it to the Reddy.


@Please Answer:
NO.it may be possible but you will be shut down.


@Ma: Unless the Brooklyn store has a different ad from the Long Island stores, it’s at the bottom of the back page. That said, some of the stores are already out of the $100 and $200 cards, and it says “while supplies last, no rainchecks.”



I use last 4 digits

Jason Smith


It is on page 8 of the weekly ad on the bottom…you can print it out from their website before you go.


@Chad: when u say reddy, u talking about redpad? been using the VGCs for daily spending. other than going to Walmart or something like that, would redpad be good to clear these out?


The brooklyn store is usually out of them the minute it goes up on the dansdeals site


OM manager came out today to tell me new policy is no more CC purchase of GC only cash. Let me buy my last $600 with CC. Anyone else hear this??


Deal offered is only cash purchase. No credit cards can be used for purchase. That negates the ink bonus points.


Go to another store, only the variable cards are cash only.
Fixed amount cards are fine.


Dan. Thanks for the reply. Clerk is saying, and POS signage as well, one vanilla, Amex or visa fixed or variable only cash. New policy after jan 1 bc of merger. Cannot use cc.


Go to another store


Bingo! Went to an office max. No Restrictions for cash only purchases.


@Coach: On Monday & Tuesday, I purchased multiple cards at both Max and Depot, using a credit card, no problem.


Went to a 2nd Office Depot. No cc for any cards. They have a policy from corporate. Office max seems to b part of it even tho companies merged. This is in Vegas.


Meant to write office max seems NOT to be part of that policy.


3 x $200 = 620.85 -$40 = 580.85 + 2904 pts =’s nice


Hi Dan. I bought 2 prepaid $300 visa gift cards in cash, but when I went to 2 different Walmarts and 2 Jewel-Oscos, no one can place a money order with Vanilla visa debit gift cards! I do not have a SS # because I am not a US citizen yet, so I can not sign up for Serve or Red Card. Any suggestion for how I can dump these now besides those written on the post? Thank you!!


Ok Dan, according to you, the mailperson is filling your mailbox full of Visa Gift Cards from Staples. So when would Chase shut you down???


called an office max…will not accept CC payment for $100 or $200 visa cards. said company wide policy now.


called another Las Vegas Office max. said corp policy to no longer accept cc payment for $100/$200 cards. 1st office max i tried who denied.


Can I use a $500 metabank visa GC to load redcard?


Hi Dan. I’m by a office max store now they only have master cards in Stock. Is that also good for red card reload? Or it must be Visa card only?


Should work just fine.


Dan can I purchas a master card gift card to reload redcard or only Visa card


How do we load the gift cards onto the Redcard?


does anyone know if the lawrence office max allows purchase of visa gift cards using a credit card?



You’re in Las Vegas too? I’m in LV too! Did you try to call all of them in Las Vegas? Did they all say no??!?


In Baltimore they have only the vanilla cards. You have to pay cash.


Calling the store is a bad idea. Just show up at the store and give them your credit card.


So by using. Visa gift card Is that allowed to load onto a red card or serve !? And what abt online with serve is it allowed to be loaded a visa debit gift card or redcard target !??


Just did it 4 x at a Office Depot (in Miami).


A few minutes ago, I used a CC to buy six $100 Visa gift cards at my local OM. Don’t ask, just buy.


can u please post pics of which cards you can buy at office max and office depot that will load at target? thx!


@Dan- OD called my credit card to “Authorize” a gift card purchase. They claimed it was because of “fraud”. I am worried that they will consider the purchase a cash advance or s/t like that and not give the 5x points. Has anyone had a similar experience?


Do you make more buying in multiples of 2×200 or /1×100+1×200? Sorry anybody ? I’m just really bad in math I plan to cash out at target red card