LaGuardia Link Q70 Bus Is Free Through Labor Day

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LaGuardia is looking up these days. I had to do a double take when I arrived last month at the new Terminal B Eastern Concourse. It brings the aging airport into the 21st century with high ceilings, clean bathrooms (with paper towels!), and modern airline lounges. The delays may be inevitable, but at least the gate areas are more tolerable.

The LaGuardia Link Q70 bus connects Terminal B, C, and D with two Queens subway stations, Jackson Heights and Woodside. That allows for connections to the LIRR and the E, F, M, R, and 7 subway lines.

Service on the line will be free through September 2nd:


Have you taken the Q70 to or from LGA?

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Sam Finkelstein

Doesn’t help most of us, we still would have to pay for the subway.

Yankel Chatzkel

It is HUGE for me because I take a bus then a subway and then another bus.


Your get a free transfer on your card automatically


Not true, I used to take 3 connections. That means I have to pay twice. Now I only need to pay once


Yes – I take it often. With the E/F transfer, it’s a very easy and quick and inexpensive way to mid-manhattan. Not to be picky, but the bus fare comes with a free subway transfer, so if you’re making that transfer, I’m not sure of the benefit other than saving time, since you will still have to pay for the subway.


This is a nice benefit for the many travelers living in a 3-fare zone outside of NYC, who take the bus to the subway to the Q70.


Have used the bus many times. I don’t really see the deal here, as you have to pay for the metrocard to go to there or from there. Free connection to / from the bus.


I took it once a few years ago. It was an easy connection from the 7 train. I was expecting a slow ride through the streets and was pleasantly surprised that it got on the highway and went to the airport. Coming from NJ (at an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning, it was a very quick trip and cost me less $ to get there than it does to EWR by NJT.

Dan\'s the Man

Where in NJ? It still must have taken a very long time from anywhere in NJ to LGA by public transportation.


Passaic. 20 or 25 minutes to the city via jitney, 7 train and bus. I had no choice, the fare to dfw was considerably more expensive, 98 percent of the time I fly to Newark.


A travesty that with all the money spent on the lga rebuild they have not connected it to any subway or rail.
Transportation to NY area airports is just a disaster compared to any European city or Israel.


Running Subway/rail lines in NYC is fraught with red tape, endless delays, and copious cost overruns


Isn’t there a plan for a JFK-like Airtrain?


Can you please explain how ceilings has helped your travel experience? Please enlighten me!

I care a lot more about paper towels than high ceilings

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Walk through the old LGA concourse. It’s suffocating.

Mountain Man

I was surprised how nice the terminal was. They had flowers in the restrooms.
But then you go down to baggage claim and same old…

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

It’s mostly marketing as the vast majority of travellers would be connecting to the subway anyway. It only helps people who then take another bus afterwards.the Q70 is quick. I recommend connecting to it at the 2nd stop as opposed to the first as from the second stop it’s non stop on the highway to Terminal B.

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Shame that as soon as the Air Canada lounge is good, it’s no longer on PP.


how do you know subway station lines arent you from cleveland?


Park your car near LGA and take the Q70 for free to your terminal.


I can usually find street parking close enough that I can simply walk to the terminal.


I thought “At DDF we don’t take buses” 🙂


NYC public transportation to the airports is abysmal. There should be train stops by all the major airports.


Here at Dansdeals we don’t do busses!