JetBlue Now Refusing Refunds On Flights Changed By 24 Hours!

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JetBlue and United have been 2 of the worst actors in their coronavirus refund policies for cancelled flights.

United has been all over the place, initially changing their refund policy from a 2 hour schedule change to refusing refunds for changes up to 25 hours of your original flight. Their lawyers told them that policy wouldn’t stand up in court, so they changed the policy to 6 hours, but said that they won’t give refunds on international flights until you wait a year.

JetBlue has been cancelling lots of their flights and they’re now refusing refunds if they can accommodate you on another flight less than 24 hours and 1 minute from your original flight.

That’s absurd and illegal.

I booked several JetBlue awards for later this year and they cancelled my flight, but they’re refusing to refund the 9/11 security fees. Those fees are supposed to be refundable even if you don’t fly, but JetBlue is playing hardball despite cancelling my flights. I’ve filed a DoT complaint against them and plan on disputing the charges as well. It’s the principle more than the money for me.

Remember that if you are being refused a refund:

  • You can dispute the charge with your credit card. Just note that if you used a personal travel agent you’ll be taking the money out of their pocket rather than the airline’s pocket.
  • You can file a complaint with the US DoT or with the relevant local complaint board.
  • If those options fail, you can take the airline to small claims court.

JetBlue and United are playing a risky game here. The DoT can force them to give refunds and passengers will remember how they weren’t there for them during hard times.

How have you fared in getting a refund for cancelled flights?

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A refund from jet blue just posted to my Amex this morning. It was for a return flight to NY where the outgoing flight was already used. ‍♀️‍♀️


Got a full cash refund with Delta for my flight to the Bahamas.

Just need to call customer service and remind them that it’s illegal not to give you a cash refund if flights aren’t nationally halted.


It’s not right for them to keep your money but honestly they’re just trying to stay alive ie. like any human being would do


so by your rationale its ok for a person to lie cheat and steal to stay alive?

Marissa Siegel

Thank g-d I have mosaic. Refund to my travel bank, no problem.


That is not a refund. A refund by definition reverses what happened, ie cc>vendor. If you paid from your travel bank, sure it is a refund. Otherwise you accepted a credit.

Mark my words

Yes, but they’re not extending status through 2021.


Way too early for them to make any decisions about status extensions.


This exact thing happened to me earlier this week, flight canceled and they rebooked me on a flight the next day and gave me the “24 hour” policy nonsense – will file a DOT complaint and I’m sure lawyers are lining up for a class action for all these.


I requested a refund from Jet Blue 2 days ago for a flight that was outgoing to Savannah, GA from NY. They cancelled and re-booked my flight repeatedly & then put me on an alternate that was for 2 days after the original fly date. They offered e-credit in the beginning but I asked nicely for a refund to my cc as they were the ones that cancelled and they obliged after a few minutes. Not sure when it will post to my cc but I’m thankful they honored my request.


hope you have better luck than I do, I have been waitint since May 9th for a refund on a family vacation that they canceled on May 9th!!


@dan Is there any risk disputing a charge from the airline/OTA in the sense that they won’t allow future travel/booking with them for the cardholder to passenger?


I booked tickets to Jetblue earlier in March. Perhaps I misread the post but I thought if I book on miles I would get a refund and the taxes/fees refunded to JetBlue travel bank (good to use for 1 year). Is this not the case?


JetBlue is refunding me for the extras but not the fare or taxes. That’s going into a travel bank. Probably because I bought blue basic and then added even more space as an extra?


I have a Jetblue flight for May that I am trying to cancel but since I bought it on Orbitz I expect I won’t ever get anything. Orbitz says I can only cancel within 3 days of the flight.


I have JB flights booked for next week & chol hamoed. What’s the best move? Cancel now or wait to see if they cancel? Thanks.


United changed our flight from 1115pm to 915am. I didn’t know I was entitled to a refund so I had them switch it to 330pm. Is it too late to demand a refund since they misled me about my right to a refund?


Yup. Airlines are doing everything they can to avoid giving refunds, some worse than others. But once you accept a new flight, forget it and move on.


Airlines can play hardball as much as they want and not care about threats unless their bottom line is impacted. They know that 90% of consumers will always just go with the lowest price for a flight anyway (all other things being equal) so there’s not much reason to build brand loyalty.


Not necessarily. I’d fly United or Jetblue over Spirit if the price difference was $20 or $30. I also factor that Jetblue will allow a free carry on, vs. Spirit which will charge up to $50 for it. I have a “cheap uncle” who would take Spirit/Frontier to save $0.50. But other than that, you are correct— brand loyalty is worthless to me (especially since I don’t participate in their Credit Cards and I don’t fly often enough)


united over spirit?? whats the diff at least spirit advertises themselves as a low cost airline.


Absolutely! If price was about the same, no doubt I’d pick United over Spirit. Seat comfort and legroom matter to me. However, I’d choose Spirit Big Front Seat over United or Jetblue if price were around the same figure.


Thats why I said all other things being equal – Spirit and United are definitely not equal 🙂


I’m afraid to tell you that i feel that JetBlue isn’t too big to lose. The legacy carrier of United will be bailed out


It feels good to have bought $40 RT tickets from EWR to FLL for mid June on JB. (JB is making about $11 from that flight, as the remainder is taxes). Perhaps it’s a gamble, but won’t financially break me if I skip out.

Dr. Eli

Just got off the phone with JetBlue. They originally merged 2 flights so they didn’t consider a cancellation. While they were explaining that to me, I received and email that the merged flight was canceled. Once they verified, they issued a refund. So as Dan has advised.. Wait.


drug smugglers go to jail thieves go to jail muggers go to jail but when a corporation steals all you can do is dispute it. Way to go on the bailout


I was waiting for my flight to be cancelled. They kept changing my flights. My outgoing pesach flight was supposed to be 7pm, first they moved it to 4pm and then to 11am the same day. My return was supposed to be at 10am (on friday) they moved to 4pm, causing me to land close to Shabbos. I complained on the phone that this was ridiculous, and demanded my money back. I was able to get all my money back for the legs I paid in cash. (This was via phone call on Tuesday)

I also had two reward legs booked, that I had canceled earlier. They credited me back with the mileage, but gave me the $5.60 fee as travel bank credit.


How about if i booked with chase points on chase website and flight is with jet blue
who do you dispute a claim with chase or jetblue?


I had a flight scheduled on 4/11 to UVF (st. Lucia). On JetBlue’s website they note that service has been suspended to UVF. I’m going to wait to try and cancel for a full refund… but was curious does suspension of service count as cancellation on their part? thanks for all you do.


Maybe they will instead fly you to Rochester or Buffalo and claim that if you are blind-folded you won’t be able to tell the difference between St. Lucia and Upstate NY.


Meanwhile just got an email from DELTA saying that they are extending travel credit for up to 2 years..

As per my email:

We are extending your flight credits even further

We’ve listened, and we know that in these times of rapid change, you want the value of your ticket to be secure and redeemable for a longer period. As a result, we are now extending your eCredit for up to two years.

All applicable eCredits will be automatically extended for travel to be completed through May 31, 2022, so there’s no action needed on your part. Delta is working on a solution to display the new expiration dates on, so even if your eCredit for canceled travel has not yet been processed or extended, rest assured that your flight value is secure. If you are ready to book your new trip now and don’t yet see your eCredit or have an issue booking via, please have your old ticket number ready when you call our Reservations team.

Your eCredit can be applied toward a new flight, and in some instances a fare difference will apply. If the new fare is lower, you’ll retain the balance on your eCredit. If the new fare is higher, the difference will be collected.


Delta just extended e-vouchers out two+ years to May 31, 2022. In my mind, that’s generous…as long as they are still in business when the dust settles.


Q1: What’s the legal amount of time for flight changes that needs to be legally refunded?

Q2: How about if they cancel your original flight but put you on another flight on the same day? Are they legally required to refund?


How soon before the flight (I have one on JB 4/6) should I cancel? Do I need to do it like 48 hours before or something?


What happens if “I” just cancel, because I’m not happy with their changed flight time, do I get a travel bank credit?


This is a reply from DOT that I just received about failing to refund within 24 hours.

“Per my original email, we have no authority to require the airline to compensate you. If we deem that the airline have violated the 24 hour rule we may impose civic penalties against the airline which can include fines, etc.

Unfortunately, because the airline industry is deregulated we cannot make them give you your money back.”

So DOT can not force to give refunds, only impose penalties that will go to back to the Government, which is questionable as government is giving them money for bailout.


I have a United e-certificate expiring this month (but travel dates can be up to 1 year after expiration date). Everything is up in the air so I don’t have anything firm to use it for yet. Is United extending these? Or should I just book any ticket and use the free change fee waiver?

Wolf Sender

Delta canceled my 4/1 flight from jfk to fll I called them at first I was told that I was rebooked as follows jfk-Boston-Bos-atl-Fll for the same day after I stopped laughing and said I want a refund I was told “sorry your ticket is a non refundable and we will give u credit I insisted I know federal dot regs She kept on telling me that these r extraordinary times and that rule doesn’t work I insisted I want to speak to a supervisor after a 3 minute hold she came back and told me that a supervisor authorized her to refund me. This is how they take advantage of people who don’t know. How disgusting!!!!

Frank Smith

You can’t sue in small claims court while relying on a theory that’s federal in nature like the DoT refund rule. You have to sue in federal court for that. And under these emergency circumstances, good luck with the DoT complaint. It’s better to not buy any tickets with cold hard cash or equivalent credit card funds.


Not sure where best to put this experience so just putting it in the latest airline post. Bought refundable main cabin tickets in feb for delta flight in april through Chase UR travel portal. Decided to cancel mid march and submitted cancellation request over online form. Couple weeks later i got an email from chase/expedia that they were able to get Delta to give me flight credit good through 2020. I immediately emailed back saying i had a refundable ticket. No response. So once i got within 72 hours of flight, i started calling. First UR. They told me credit was the best they could do. Delta was not giving them anything else. So i called Delta. They agreed that i had a refundable ticket and so refunded the ticket. Very simple. Except they refunded to a Mastercard. Not my card. Got a delta refund confirmation via email. So i called UR back. They confirmed it was a corporate card which would then get redirected appropriately. After i provided the ticket information, they went into the system and came back to me saying it was done. A day (i didn’t check immediately), the points have been reinstated. Phew. Each call lasted on average 20 minutes including wait time. Delta had a call back option which i utilized.
I don’t know if that last call to UR was necessary but i wasn’t about to let all that money end up in limbo.

Anyway, hopefully this helps others that might be in the same situation.

pinny d

Yeah. go to small claims court. LOL There is not a court open this entire country. Anywhere. and no plans to open them. Better yet, try to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent. you r r stuck with’em till the courts open in a few months and they process the backlog.


Actually there is a federal court in Brooklyn which is open. Their IT help desk is running from my dining room. People keep calling with questions about “docketing.”


american has been excellent refunds i changed a few flights in past 10 days and fares went down they issued e vouchers each time amazingly they have been gr8