[Update: Aviation Won’t Be Locked Down] Will A 2nd Israel Lockdown Close Down Aviation And For How Long?

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Update: Israel will go into full lockdown for 3 weeks starting on Friday, but Chaim V’Chessed reports that aviation will not be affected by the lockdown. Flights will operate normally and passengers will be able to travel to/from the airport.

Originally posted on 9/11:

Israel first went into a nationwide lockdown in April when it was dealing with less than 1,000 daily coronavirus cases. With daily cases exploding to 4,000, the country’s coronavirus cabinet has voted to go back into lockdown.

A lockdown is expected to begin next week and will last for at least 2-3 weeks. Israel’s first lockdown initially looked like an incredible success, but things quickly reopened and cases spiked shortly thereafter.

While most airlines stopped flying to Israel, aviation never shut down and United never stopped their service. This time around there is talk that the government will halt all aviation, inbound and outbound, for an indeterminate amount of time.

Travel is seen as one of the reasons that lockdown efforts failed. Countries that have had success in controlling coronavirus outbreaks, like Australia and New Zealand, have heavily restricted aviation.

After a 2nd lockdown, Israel will likely move far more cautiously and slowly as they reopen.

If you do need to fly to or from Israel, you’ll want to do that ASAP in case aviation is shut down.

The proposed lockdown may also postpone a visit by a UAE delegation to Israel that was planned for September 22nd.

Will you try to catch a flight in or out of Israel before aviation may be halted?

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I don’t understand… It was also very restrictive travel back in April and May, no?
Like only Israelis with family etc were able to go no?

Bibi The Failed Messiah

Bibi has got to go. Lockdowns do not work, never have. Should have let the disease run amok amongst the healthy instead of mandatory draconian lockdowns. Lockdowns delay the inevitable. A country without lockdowns doesn’t crash their economy, doesn’t suffer from mental illness and a million other ramifications. Deaths will be the same regardless. So what’s the point?


Well said




Your point about the lockdown is right on on! I am still a Bibi fan, however, and do not hold this against him.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

I do.
I voted for him 3 times in the last year, but now he’s lost the plot.
Completely foolish move. Besides all the reasons already stated, this is based on faulty testing which identifies even non-infectious levels of virus as being positive.

Terrible move!



Do you really think you know better? Do you have a degree in medicine or in public health? Bibi has neither but gets briefings that you are not privy to. There are concerns of the medical system collapsing because they do not have enough Doctors to handle the situation. There are also concerns that this could cripple the military.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

Yes, and so did Cuomo

Dr Moose

They’re concerned of the Succos travelers. Once Succos is over the numbers will start dropping again.


I disagree – you can’t get into the country now without an entry permit. I know someone whose sister had a baby and they would not give her a permit to enter in August. And I know someone else from my shul who spent weeks before he got a permit to visit his son and daughter in law who are expecting this month.

orrin d

So sorry….but let’s politely disagree.

Unlike the USA, the Israeli hospital system is underfunded, currently overwhelmed and can collapse. Thousands of healthcare personnel are ill and unavailable to work. In addition, a severe outbreak could weaken the army and become an existential threat.

Let’s put politics aside for the moment, and pray for the well being of our brothers and sisters……we are all responsible for each other.

Israel must do what it must do. Derision is the last thing that the nation needs right now.

We’re in Elul…..

Bibi The Failed Messiah

This is the excuse used for all lockdowns. Same excuse was used in the USA. “Let’s just flatten the curve”. It’s complete nonsense. So the average African nation is better equipped than the modern Israel with the latest tech? Nothing political about common sense.

Joe Ker

talking about common sense, the “average African nation” were all getting hydroxychloroquine because of malaria, hence Covid did not effect them


I’m guessing this is a joke… maybe they were all drinking disinfectant?


Unlike the USA?!? I guess people do have short memory span. When the dead were picked up with their own clothes still on in NYC what was it if not an overwhelmed medical system?


The hospitals are not over-flooded or on the verge of collapse. Many doctors have publicly spoken up about this. My sil is a nurse in a hospital – she was told she wasn’t needed – not enough shifts for everyone to work. Meanwhile they spread the “news” that people are unavailable to work. There’s a lot of fear mongering going on here.


We have Oct 6 flights for my BIL’s wedding. If the shutdown is for only 2 weeks, we will make it. I see mixed reporting and wishful thinking it will be only 2 weeks.


Don’t forget that you’ll have to stay in quarantine for a min. of 2 weeks if coming from the US (“Red” country) and wont be allowed to go anywhere during those 2 weeks.


At this point there is enough corona in EY that keeping other people out isn’t going to help much


R Gershon Edelshtein Shlit”a explained this last time around. The RSh”O is sending a message to us. Not to anyone who can’t even comprehend that there is a message being sent to us. And that is why the chilonim weren’t hit as hard, because they won’t get anything from it. So there is no point in comparing us to others, not Africa, or the neighborhood next door. This is a gezairah to send us a message.


Just came back from two weeks in Israel. The problem is that people simply do whatever they want. Huge weddings, parties, no masks. No social distancing. With an attitude like that, it is no wonder what the results are. Let us hope and pray that things get better there sooner rather than later but it will take the effort of each and every person to make it happen.


No true at all Israelis are much more careful than Americans. Here everything is business as usual In Israel everyone is wearing masks and weddings are outside with limited amount of people.


I beg to differ. Many people say they are wearing masks but they cover their chins, not the nose and mouth. So it’s useless. There are many weddings that are not socially distant and no masks. I have seen it with my own eyes. I can’t speak to what is going on in the USA, I live in Canada. Israel was vastly different from Canada


I live in Israel. Many people’s masks only cover their chins, but small weddings have become the norm. Not sure where you were…..


And I live in Israel but most of my family is in NY/NJ. Nearly everyone where I live had been wearing masks for 6 months now and is careful with hygiene. There is also the dreadful bidud that everyone tried to avoid.

In NY/NJ they forgot about corona ages ago

reb yid

same in the USA…


Everyone that comes in on a flight quarantines for 2 weeks and the government follows up on it chases them down and punishes anyone that doesn’t follow Etc. It’s extremely unlikely that it’s coming in from outside on flights. It’s spreading because our communities are very physically Interactive

Soon to be Israeli

Agreed, the new olim and foreigners are probably lowering the positivity rate. The 800 person weddings, beach parties, and ridiculous protests on Balfour street are to blame. Not the people being moser nefesh to make Aliyah.


Channel 13 reports that Ben Gurion Airport will most likely be excluded from the lockdown.


is this happening what about Israeli citizens that are “stuck” in uman


@chaimvchessed confirmed that the airport will NOT be affected by the lockdown


I doubt they will fully shutdown air travel, but Chaim vChessed may be a bit premature. The government has indicated it is unlikely, but they themselves haven’t decided yet…


How can you have a strict lockdown and aviation open? Wouldn’t everyone just run for the exits?


Leaving or entering Israel requirers special permission at this point. Those that already have permission are allowed to leave / enter, but they aren’t really giving permission for anyone at this point. A friend’s husband (non- citizen) who had to leave the country is now being denied permission to return, even though his Israeli wife and kids are still here.

Anyone with a valid ticket and the required isshurim has up to 4 hours before/after flight time for travel betwwen the airport and his official home address.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

Everyone here wears masks.
I try not to, but it is literally a social pressure to wear one.
If you don’t feel awkward on your own, people will approach you and ask you to wear one.



@dan, what are the chances of students with student visas, returning to yeshiva after sukkos?


btw great grandparents are not permitted to go to Israel only grandparents. Crazy