Sudan And Israel Will Normalize Relations!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Not long ago, Sudan was an international sponsor of terror and harbored Osama bin Laden.

Now the country will be removed from the US list of state sponsors of terror and will normalize their relationship with Israel after Sudan paid $335 million in compensation to victims of American embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Sudan will now also be eligible for state aid and a return to the global financial system.


In the past, Israel has accused Sudan of working with Iran to smuggle weapons to Hamas, so this deal marks a truly incredible turnaround.

Today’s official confirmation of the news follows the normalization of relations between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE. A kosher restaurant has already opened in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and direct flights between the countries are expected next year.

In fact in 2021 there may be more direct flights between the UAE and Israel then the US and Israel. Talk about a complete makeover in the Middle East!

I’d assume that we’ll see nonstop flights between Israel and Sudan next year as well.

It’s amazing to see the dominoes fall in the region. Perhaps Morocco or Oman will be next? The real question will be if countries like Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia will also normalize their relations with Israel. That would completely remake the map of Middle East relations.

Will you visit Sudan?

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God bless President Trump

reb yid

Certainly more to see from a nature and history point of view in Sudan than in UAE or Bahrain.


Very true, also I was told that the Sudanese capital of Khartoum pronounced חרטום was actually the “teaching” city of ancient Egypt for wizardry


All this is great for the rich people who stand to get even richer from the new business opportunities. But what about the rest of the Jews in Israel? Their politicians have signed away their claims to 40% of the territory of Eretz Yisroel. Thank you Bibi and Donald, for nothing.


Giorgies, you’ve got to keep digging harder for your fake news.


Normalization with more countries, especially its neighbors, is always nice. But Pres Trump is a bit disingenuous when he says it didnt cost the US anything. And, as usual, Trump’s conduct at this announcement, even when doing something positive, was inappropriate.

Re costs (from Times of Israel):
“Together with a massive financial aid package for the struggling country — the US has reportedly offered $800 million in aid and investments, but Sudan demands some $3-4 billion — the removal of the terrorism designation is largely seen as a precursor to a normalization deal with Israel.”

or Israel

“The deal with Sudan will include aid and investment from Israel, particularly in technology and agriculture, along with further debt relief. It comes as Sudan and its transitional government teeter on the edge. Thousands have protested in the country’s capital Khartoum and other regions in recent days over dire economic conditions.”

And Israel has apparently had to remove its opposition to selling F-35’s to the UAE. B”H this wont come back to haunt Israel.

mountain man

if this creates more peace (lasting peace) in the world I think that even 3-4 billion is a small price to pay. And it’s not gifts per se but investments.

I don’t see how UAE having F35s in anyway directly impacts israel. UAE’s concern is Iran across the gulf.


Maybe you’re too young to remember when Iran was an ally. Maybe you trust the Saudi’s, and maybe you’re confident in the stability of the various authoritarian regimes.

But in answer to Dan’s question, yes (in theory anyway) I’d visit Sudan…if I thought it was safe.


Your right we should remain enemies with everyone because friendship may come back to bite us in the future!?!?


Sponsor of terrorism cost’s even more than aid and Investments, also Investments bring back money to the country who invested


The US has not agreed to any additional aid to Sudan the US through USAID already gives aid to Sudan. By removing Sudan from the state sponsor of terror list they can now get help from the heavily indebted poor countries initiative (HIPC). This is not the US or israeli governments. And they can receive their own loans from other banks, in short join the international financial market. Secondly “technological investments” means allowing US and
Israeli companies that is private companies to do business in Sudan.


Mashiach seems to be coming closer!


I certainly agree.


No. What’s there?


If he could pull off Saudi Arabia before the election…


He will.


Sudan is a real historic move unlike the others that weren’t really hostile to Israel and peace has been rumored many times, I’d still not feel safe to visit it’s not a stable country


Maybe Israel can now send those Sudanese in Tel Aviv who are major problems back to Sudan!!!!


There is a special place for people like you…


Not a racist comment at all. South Tel Aviv which is mainly inhabited by close to 50,000 Sudanese is one of the most dangerous places in Israel. Murders, rapes, etc.


Racist, go back to where you came from.


Actually, that is one of the first things part of the new agreement. And although it sounds racist – Its actually vital for telaviv security and israel as a whole.


It is what it is. The Sudanese who came into Israel, came illegally. Many were criminals from Sudan!


Every step forward is welcome…but

from NY Times
But it appeared to stop short of establishing full diplomatic relations, as Israel has planned with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in similar agreements that Mr. Trump helped negotiate, as he seeks to claim foreign policy achievements ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

The deal will allow economic and trade relations between Israel and Sudan — an impoverished East African country that only last year emerged from decades of dictatorship — focusing at first on agricultural products and financial assistance.

There was no mention in a joint statement by the three countries describing the new deal for Sudan and Israel to open embassies in each others’ capitals, and a senior American administration official confirmed that was not yet a part of the discussions.Looking for political credit before the Nov. 3 elections, Mr. Trump has promoted his efforts to expand Arab states’ normalization with Israel as a game-changing feat of diplomacy. He did not respond when asked if the accord amounted to full diplomatic normalization between Sudan and Israel.

mountain man

Bitter much. That comes with old age or so I’m told…


“In fact in 2021 there may be more direct flights between the UAE and Israel then the US and Israel. Talk about a complete makeover in the Middle East!”

@dan, where’s my HT?


Amen. Trump 2020!!!


Did a short 4d tour in Sudan a few years ago. The pyramids were beautiful and worth the trip alone, but things in Khartoum were still a bit restricted at the time. Hopefully things only continue to improve.


When will Israel and chareidim normalize relations?


+1 billion


“ Reconsider travel to Sudan due to COVID-19, natural disaster, crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, and armed conflict. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.Oct 7, 2020”

Sounds lovely! As long as you can pay for a life-risking nightmare with points, sign us up!


Dan, can you explain Bibi is saying it will shorten flight times to Brazil and South America? Doesn’t the direct GRU-TLV flight (when there was one) already fly over Libya and Egypt which seems to be direct? Thanks