Netanyahu: Israel Will Be Able To Vaccinate Everyone Before Pesach!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Prime Minister Netanyahu announced a deal with Pfizer that will allow Israel to vaccinate the majority of Israelis 16 and older within a matter of weeks.

Israel also received its first doses of the Moderna vaccine today, which doesn’t have the  extreme cooling requirements that the Pfizer vaccine requires. They will use those doses to vaccinate people that are stuck at home.

Over 17% of the country is currently vaccinated, while no other country on the planet has anywhere near that number. If only Israel was managing the US COVID vaccination program…

Pesach starts on March 27th and Netanyahu says Israel will have the supplies to inoculate the entire county before then, so that people can spend the Seder with their grandparents.

Will Israel also open for tourism in time for the lucrative Pesach season?

One potential problem is that the vaccine is not yet approved for those under 16, and Israel has a large young population. But then again, the infection fatality rate for those under 20 is only about .003% or 1 in 33,333, which is much less deadly than other viruses like the flu are for children.

Israel is poised to be the first country in the world to emerge from COVID-19 with herd immunity. I’d expect a robust economic recovery once that happens!

Will Israel get enough of the country to voluntarily signup for a vaccine in order to achieve herd immunity? Will they enact punitive measure on those that refuse to vaccinate? Do you think that Israel will require foreigners to be vaccinated in order to visit? Hit the comments!

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What about non-citizens (i.e., American yeshiva students) living in Israel?


presumably included in vaccine numbers, as long as they are part of one of the HMO’s, many, if not most are

ben ish chai

yeshiva students mostly aren’t members in one of HMO’s. but the majority married couples (even the wealthy) are members; since any doctor’s appointment including Pediatrician is via HMO


in all of the yeshivas i know of mir brisk etc. 99 percent are members of meuhedet and the remaining have aim

Clinical Trial

Pfizer and Moderna are probably cutting Israel a great deal for turning its population into the largest and fastest clinical trial ever. May G-d help us if the adverse reactions are, lo aleinu, worse than the machala.


Umm no not a clinical trial this is the most scrutinized vaccine ever with so many doctors and biologists etc it is extremely unlikely that side effects wouldn’t be known.
They are not god but every Jew has a responsibility “venishmartem MEOD “ listen to the rabbis !!


Bibi has great electoral motivation to make this happen….


Why would Israel care if foreigners die because they visited their country?


Another potential problem is not vaccinating women who are pregnant, nursing , or trying to conceive. This knocks out another significant group who are at a somewhat higher risk


As of today they ARE vaccinating pregnant women etc. In Israel. I know this as a fact from many DPs


or hospitals getting filled with foreigners….


I believe Israel is trying to get herd immunity, and it will be a struggle to get 70% of Israelis to be vaccinated as it’s. It’s unlikely they will open to unvaccinated people. That would increases the percentage of unvaccinated and lower the chances of eliminating the virus..


Why do you say it will be a struggle? As an Israeli who just got the first round of the vaccination, I can say that from what I’ve seen most citizens here are clamoring to receive it, as opposed to the amounts of anti-vaxxers in the States and other countries. The center where I received the shot had scores of young people waiting in line, hoping to get vaccinated if some vaccines were left over from the people who had priority (medical staff, the elderly, those with chronic diseases, etc.).


Correction: Netanyahu: Israel Will Be Able To Vaccinate Everyone Before Election Day!


What will be done by Pesach? First dose, second dose, or 2nd dose + required 3 weeks for immunity?


Can you get vaccinated during your 10-14 day quarantine period?






Let’s just not forget that hashem send the virus as well as the vaccine.

Hope everyone took whatever lesson they needed.