Israel Won’t Open Borders To Foreign Nationals In June

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Globes is reporting that Israel will not open their borders to foreign nationals in June. Previously the ban was extended to June 15 and now it will be extended until at least June 30.

There are exceptions, including students and people attending the wedding of a sibling, child, or grandchild.

Israelis and foreigners who qualify for an exception to enter Israel must go into home quarantine for 14 days through at least June 30. Exceptions to the 14 day quarantine are available with a positive COVID-19, negative COVID-19, and antibody test if you otherwise qualify for entry.

Israel plans to reopen in phases, with citizens from countries with low morbidity to be allowed in first. But the date when the reopening will happen has been pushed back several times and seems likely to be pushed off as Israel is experiencing an increase of new coronavirus cases as the country reopens.

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Would it be possible to enter and leave the country for a siblings wedding if the entry and exit are within 14 days?


what is the rule for ppl accompanying a “mase” for burial?


as far as i know, there are no exceptions. the burials from america took place without anyone accompaniment.


Watch. They’ll open for succos – they cannot afford to lose the massive tourist revenue..


I truly hope we are all open long before Succos, BSD.


While we think that is big business it is and isn’t. Many of these families now use apartments and bypass the Hotels. There are major conventions all throughout the year and these bring more revenue in terms of money spent.


umm they afforded it for pesach they’ll do whatever they need to for sukkos.


Another outbreak would cost the country a lot more than they stand to lose for succos.


They are correct
We can’t lose life for any tourism !!


If I purchase a ticket for the end of July, and they extend it further, what should I look at when making the purchase (miles or cash) so I can get a refund?


Bibi lost his mind. There should be balance.
Covid-19 is not going away any time soon. As you can see in Israel today “with closed borders”.
When you weigh the economic impact (mental health, substance abuse, suicide, domestic violence, and yes, you need a strong tax revenue to have a good health care system.) and the low mortality rate from covid. It is clear to everyone that knows math that the state of Israel is making the wrong choice. (and yes, NY/NJ are also making wrong choices).

Liam K. Nuj

You sound like that “Uneducated” guy on VIN.
Israel has a low mortality rate BECAUSE of the RIGHT choices it made.


They have a low mortality rate “so far” , (probably because the weather is more favorable in that part of the world.) And “so far” being the key here.
And if you think Israel can survive with closed borders for another year. Good luck picking up the peices what is left of the country.
I never heard of anyone not going on vacation because they can die in an accident driving over there. We all accept a certain amount of risk in order to live.
We will all be lucky to die from hunger. But not from covid. And I don’t mean hunger in the literel sense, but you get the point.


i completely disagree
The whole point is to have their country open and not have cases brought in from outside.
this is in stark contrast to nj where they are not letting you do anything


Especially cuz Roiv Tourists are Chinese!!!


It is time to stop being an artificial foreigner. It is time to come home!

Moish Hockstein

“You have to know”


I believe there is a typo I think it a negative Covid-19 test and a positive antibody test to be exempt.
In the actual information sheet it says you need 3 tests a)to have one positive Covid test, b)one negative test and c)a antibody test.


This is correct. That want you to prove you actually had Covid19 first AND got over it. Not just that you have the presumed antibodies.


Hey Dan, if you had to guess when would you say Americans will be able to fly into the holy land?


Are borders closed to people foreign nationals making Aliyah? I’ve heard conflicting information from different sources.


I need info about a El Al flight in March 30 2020, for the purpose of fighting a credit card. I know it didn’t fly, but I need it documented. Where can I get it? Can anyone help me?


Anyone can tell me, where I can get documented info about a El Al flight LY8 in Mar. 30 2020 that did not fly? I need it to fight a cc charge.

Sholom Kaufman

And yet my 6/22 flight from LAX to Tel Aviv is still showing as “on schedule” on


are they allowing people in for a grandchilds birth or its only weddings


now through July