Israel News: All Students Can Enter, Ben Gurion Railway Station Reopens, El Al To Fly Nonstop To Phuket!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Chaim V’Chessed reports that Israel is finally reopening to all students. That includes single students and new students who have been locked out of the country.

Students who recovered from COVID in Israel or were vaccinated in Israel can bypass quarantine requirements. Otherwise you’ll need to quarantine, but you can exit quarantine with a positive antibody test performed in Israel.

Entry permits are still required, and you can apply for one through your learning institution.

Israel’s current ban on foreign nationals is set to expire on April 8th, but I assume that will be extended.

In other news, the Ben Gurion railway station has reopened after more than a year of being shut down. Only those with an Israeli vaccinated or recovered certificate can access the station.

And after Thailand announced that Phuket will reopen to vaccinated travelers without needing to quarantine starting in July, El Al announced that they will operate nonstop 787 service between Tel Aviv and Phuket!

The flight will take 10 hours, but El Al is applying for permission to overfly Saudi Arabia, which would cut the route length down to just 7.5 hours.

It’s great to see El Al reacting that nimbly to reopenings. Now let’s hope Israel will soon figure out how to safely reopen!

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What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

The funny thing here is that in Jerusalem it’s almost back to normal, but the more American the neighborhood, the more people are still walking around with masks.
So Har Nof is 50% still masking, Bayit Vegan less than that, and RBS 98% masked believers

Duck, Duck

Interesting. In a lot of Haredi cities in the USA, people are walking around without masks. So it’s probably not a American thing….

It\'s because of the Haredi bashing

The level of compliance among Haredim is super high. Among everyone else, they got the hint that the mask mandate is effectively over.

American in Israel

Not necessaryily. Meah Shearim and Geulah have been basically maskless for a while. Remember before Purim the police were throwing stink bombs in Geulah – it was the only time I appreciated the mask….


I was in Tel Aviv recently and it’s basically maskless


The train website still lists the station as closed…

Dan\'s the Man

Give them time. They haven’t read Dansdeals yet today. When they do they will update the schedule 🙂


DP: On Thursday I took the train from JLM to TLV and Ben Gurion Station was still closed


I wish they would allow a non Israeli spouse to travel with their Israeli spouse to visit the kids who live in Israel.

Don\'t we all...

Same situation here


Do they except the CDC vacation card as proof ?


How long does it take for the institution to receive the permit?


Dan. Do u by any chance know if the MIA to TLV flight is operating?


How do you pronounce that city’s name?


I’m looking at Flights From JFK or EWR to TLV Direct in Mid May & Return in June.
Which Airline(s) would you Recommend based on The Best chance they’ll actually be Flying & if they don’t , I won’t have major issues getting a Full Refund or at worst an Airline Credit etc.
(Going for a Family Wedding & I’m Not Israeli)
This is on the Basis that I get an Ishur, I’m not Vaccinated.



delta is by far the best.


Thanks! Who’s 2nd to best , 3rd etc.

Israel is open

We just don’t have a government. And noone in control has the confidence to make a decision. Other than if it gains them political influence for the 5th election.


Can I make a student pass and go to Israel only for a few days for לג בעומר?

American in Israel

Sure. But this might not be the best place for your discussion…..


Thx. Where can I make a student Visa?


What is the rule related to vaccinations? If someone is moving to Israel from the US do they need to be vaccinated?


No, but if they’re not they will be required to quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival.


Israel now permitting 1st degree relatives into country (with some requirements.)