Israel Lockdown: Purchase A Ticket By Today Or Stay Home; Will There Be Mass Flight Cancellations?

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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In the midst of a massive second wave of COVID-19 cases, Israel is now expanding its 2nd lockdown.

You can only leave your home to take an outbound flight from Tel Aviv if tickets are purchased on or before today, or if there is a medical need.

During the initial lockdown, United Airlines was the only airline in the world that maintained daily service to Tel Aviv. It remains to be seen which airlines will be able to maintain service with a ban on Israelis buying new tickets and with foreign nationals still banned from entry except for limited circumstances.

Given these new rules, I’d guess that the relaunch of El Al flights will be further delayed.

It doesn’t seem likely that foreign nationals will be flying to Israel anytime soon…

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Jason Graf

Will Israel extend the foreign national ban or will they quietly lift it?


Unless the foreign nationals are citizens of an Arab Gulf state in which they will breeze through with no restrictions and fly in on airline that has no passenger service to the US.


What about for israeli’s currently in the US – will they be able to take a flight back to Israel?


are foreign nationals also banned from leaving if they dont purchase by today ?


clowns from the best in the world to lock down!!! It seems like swedens model is the only one that worked at least they have an economy


Will people that already have a student visa be allowed to enter as of now?


No. You need a special permit to enter besides for the student visa, and they aren’t issuing any permits now




Will a foreign student be able to fly out of Israel if a ticket is bought after today?


If someone has USA passport and israeli pp can they use the USA pp to leave and Israeli to go back in


Israel now has higher rates of community spread than the USA and many other countries. So why not lift the travel ban?


Old q


Dan r there any websites that allow for that Monday night free cancellation of a ticket if u book that ticket anytime on the weekend ?


I’m not worried about travel to Israel. I’m worried about travel to New York.

As the Times reports, “Facing a worrying spike in coronavirus cases in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, New York City health officials began carrying out emergency inspections at private religious schools on Friday and threatened to impose an extraordinary lockdown in those communities that would be the first major retreat by the city on reopening since the pandemic began. Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered the Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office to enforce public health guidelines in several Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn, where residents often do not wear masks or engage in social distancing. But community leaders said residents have been resisting the guidelines because of hostility toward Mr. de Blasio and the growing influence of President Trump, whose views on masks and the pandemic have been widely embraced.”


this has notting to do with Covid in my opinion its a pure power grab and unfortunatelywe are the easy fish to catch (I dont wanna use the word antisamit as then there will be a lot of replys that the word is used to much but check out the city website and judge for yourself )
look up this link its from the NYC website on cases per zip code
yes there is a jump in positbe cases among the frum zip codes but so is in a lot other parts of the city and somehow we are the problam


Do you think students they will let in after sukkos?


No chance

Maier A

Still don’t understand the saichel of not letting pppl leave. How does that help Israel’s uptick?


Exactly my thoughts