[Update: Permits Resuming 10/18] Israel Halts Issuing Student Permits During Lockdown

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Update: Schools will be able to apply for student permits again for entry starting on 10/18.

As previously reported, most foreign nationals are still banned from entering the country through at least November 1st.

Israeli citizens have not been allowed to buy airline tickets since 9/25. Foreign nationals are allowed to purchase tickets to leave the country.

Originally posted on 9/17:

Chaim V’Chessed reports that as of today, Israel is pausing the issuance of new student permits until after the lockdown.

The lockdown will last until at least October 10th.

Students that were already issued permits can still enter the country and go directly into full quarantine if they have recently been to “red” countries and into lockdown if they have only been to “green” countries.

Israel currently has some of world’s highest per-capita COVID-19 infection rates and hopes that a 2nd lockdown will bring the numbers down to a more manageable rate that won’t overwhelm the medical infrastructure.

Do you think the US will also go back into lockdown this fall?

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The US will not go back into lockdown

And if it does, there will be massive civil disobedience


If The Donald is president no way he’s going back into lockdown.


If Biden wins election then yes it would happen after January. Trump would never do it again under his watch. The cure can’t be worse then the virus itself!


The thing is Trump never locked down anyone in the first place, so it wouldn’t be “again”.


Yes he did. He recommended the governors for “15 day to slow the spread” and then extended it another 15 days.


Does anyone know if this includes current visa holders or only new students. Meaning, if someone lives here and wants to go in will they have a hard time coming back?



Seems pretty clear that no new permits will be issued to any student even if they live in Israel. Students who have already received a permit can still use it though.


@Dan lockdowns don’t work. Protect the sick+vulnerable and let healthy people return to work. Where does it say that Israel has the second highest per capita rate?

Secondly, maybe Israelis need to be healthier (and Americans too).

If you read carefully, the health minister did NOT indicate the rise of hospitalizations was exclusively due to COVID.

Thirdly, and always- LOCKDOWNS DON’T WORK


יש אישור או אין?!

I think there is a misunderstanding here, if someone can please clarify. There are 2 things needed to get into Israel. An Entry permit [אזרת כניסה](within 2 weeks of the flight) and a Permit to go onto the flight [אישור עלייה למטוס] (has to be filled out 24 hours before). I have my entry permit. From the letter they sent out, it seems that if you do not have the permit to get onto the flight, you will not be let in, even if you have the Entry permit. They say there, they will not be giving out any Permits to get onto the flights even if you have an Entry permit. Is this correct what I am understanding? Thanks for your help!


if you have an entry permit you can get in the other permit is not really necessary


I know from people who have tried to fly without the other permit that you do need it. [ אישור עלייה למטוס] However even Israeli citezens need the second ishur it is a health reltaed ishur that you get based on a questionnaire 24 hrs (max) before your flight. I can’t imagine it is effected by this at all as it is not an actual entry permit that is issued, and you actually need one to leave Israel as well. Also if you have it but you don’t have a permit t enter it doesn’t help. It is just a requirement to get on a plane to or from Israel.

3 things

No. There are three things you need: A visa, a special entry permit, and the document to be filled out within the 24 hours before. The first two you have to get at the embassy. The special entry permit is just a piece of paper signed by a member of the consulate.


I have a delta ticket for succos will it get cancelled?


If you have already got Ishur from Israeli government then no. Just Delta might cancel the flight if there is lack of demand


If one’s sukka is outside their apt building, can they leave their quarantine apt to go into their sukka?




If you don’t ask it’s allow’d


these comments are dated September – for an article in October. How can that be?


A clarification: Chayim V’Chesed reports that “Schools will be able to apply for these permits immediately after the conclusion of Sukkos…for entry into Israel beginning October 18.”

danny bears

i just received a student entry permit today oct 7!


Hopefully you enjoy your stay please masks up


How? What was the process like?