Finally! Israel Will Drop In-Flight Masking, Pre-Flight, And Arrival COVID Testing And Quarantine!

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Update, 5/16: Starting on 5/23, Israel will remove the in-flight mask mandate on flights to and from Israel. The only remaining Israeli COVID rule is that a pre-flight health form will still be required. The US still requires a PCR or antigen test for all passengers 2 and older within 1 day before their flight to the US.

Update, 5/15: Starting on 5/21, Israel will not require any pre-flight or post-flight COVID testing! A pre-flight health form will still be required. Masks on flights to/from Israel are still required, though US airlines have mostly not been enforcing that requirement.

Originally posted on 5/8:

Israel was mostly closed to foreign nationals from March 2020 until March 2022. Since the reopening in March, there has been a PCR test required upon arrival to Israel, and officially you are supposed to quarantine until you receive negative test results. Foreigners also have to take a pre-flight PCR test.

Chaim V’Chessed reports that starting May 20th, Israel will cease requiring a COVID test and quarantine upon arrival.

A pre-flight COVID test will be required for all foreign nationals of all ages, though starting May 10th, that will be expanded to allow for a laboratory antigen test within 24 hours or a PCR within 72 hours. A NAAT test counts as a PCR according to the resource that airlines use to determine valid tests. Walgreens offers ID NOW NAAT tests with results back in just 2 hours. Back when Israel previously accepted antigen tests for vaccinated passengers, people were also able to use eMed video proctored antigen tests, so I’d expect that should work again.

The US still requires a PCR or antigen test for all passengers 2 and older within 1 day before their flight to the US. eMed tests are a great option for that as well!

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Is this the end of the DD polls re Israel reopening?

Dan\'s the man

Yes unless they close again


@Dan, do you have any info, re children w us passport, and one Israeli parent, that signed a form during covid to register child as Israeli in order to travel to IL, if it’s being enforced and how?

The requirement for an Israeli citizen (read: the child, which is by definition an Israeli citizen) to only enter/leave Israel using only their Israeli passport has been paused until the end of August. Contact the Israeli Consulate and get the child’s registration as a child of Israeli parent ASAP and get them a passport for any rrip to Israel beyond August.


What about the definition of full vaccination? Does Israel still require 2 doses plus 1 booster dose for Pfizer/Moderna?


Do children under 2 years old need any sort of test to enter Israel before May 20th comes around?


Great news!

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the gander

Why is this great news? Don’t you know how dangerous Covid is?

Liam K. Nuj



If 1 parent is a citizen but the children are not , and traveling together , do the kids still need a test?


Unclear- we were in the exact same situation when we went for Pesach. Technically the kids are citizens because we (the parents) are citizens, but it would be hard to rely on that because it is the airline that verifies- so since we don’t have Israeli passports for the kids, they could demand a test. Chaim V’Chessed told us this as well, and we should just do the test for the kids to avoid any issues with the airline. So that is what we did- the truth is that here in the US tests are quick and free so there was really no reason not to do it.


They are not citizens if the parents are… hence they don’t have an Israeli passport …


A child of an Israeli parent is an Israeli citizen by Israeli law and needs an Israeli passport to enter and leave Israel. This requirement has been waived until the end August 2022 due to long wait times for new passport.


That’s not true. And they never enforced it.


It may depend on where the kids were born. If they were born in Israel, you can be sure that they automatically are counted as citizens.
Anecdotally I’ve heard of similar problems if one if the parents was born in Israel even if the kids are not.


Only became an issue for my children when they went to seminary and needed a visa. When applying for a visa you have to input parents name and info. Then Israel made the connection to me (I was born in Israel)


Even if you don’t need one , some airlines aren’t aware of the ever changing rules. We were asked by United for tests even though we have visas & aren’t required to test.


If you fly to Israel with a long connection through a European city like Frankfort or Zürich, do you take a test ahead of both flights or just the first leg?


Also, does it make a difference if you exit the airport?


The current rules for the PCR are within 72 hours from boarding the first leg, UNLESS your connection is more than 24 hours, in which case its 72 hours from boarding the flight to Israel. No difference between transit and leaving the airport. I assume (though you never know 100%) that it’ll be the same for antigen. 24 hours before your first leg unless your layover is 24 hours or longer.


I will continue testing every time I land so that I feel I am doing my part


I have an additional idea for you. You can take a booster vaccine every 6 months too to help you FEEL that you are doing your part!
May everyone stay safe, be responsible, but not fanatical!


it’s unlikely you’ll have anywhere to test at the airport. When the requirement is lifted i’m pretty sure the operation will shut down. Home antigen tests are cheap (less than 10 shekel) here and widely available, so just pop into any pharmacy and test yourself if you want to be sure.

Also VERY worried

I am with you.
I will continue only leaving my home between 1am and 5am with 2 masks and a face shield so that I feel I am doing my part.
Different strokes for different folks.

Unkle Runkle

I’m very concerned. Despite having my booster, then assuming a new identity to get a second booster, I still wear two masks. In Fauci’s name. Amen.


but you still have to test 24 hours before coming to America!
Why no changes on that?


you are aware that Israel and the United States are two different countries, right?






it is NOT 25 hours before- it ONE CALENDAR DAY


This is my 3rd attempt to get to the lovely apartment we rent in Jerusalem for the summer, but with out thinking things through booked a flight for 6/7, isru chag (El Al) so is there any Covid test that I can take in time? I would have a 2 hour window before leaving for Kennedy. When do you have to show the results, when you check in or later? I am assuming that I can get the results on my phone which would give me another hour or so.



What about for those recently recovered? How quickly after a positive test can I enter? And do I still need to test on arrival before the 20th??


i guess lag bomer is a good reason for it to not be stopped earlier. there will be people coming for it
if i leave US tues afternoon the 17th what is the best option for pre arrival test and i guess the contract with the airport arrival testing company ends on the 20TH


Amazing news! Here’s to hoping all other countries follow as well.


I’m flying to Israel after Shavuos. I know nothing about COVID tests (PCR? Antigen? Mah zeh?) so any information will be helpful. If anyone knows if the eMed option works, please share! Specifically from Cleveland, where’s the cheapest place to get tested? If eMed does work, how far in advance do I need to order them? Thank you!



If you get any response, please let me know. I posted nearly the same question yesterday and have not had any response yet. I am leaving NYC on isru chag for an afternoon flight. Thanks!


Hi Elaine, I didn’t get any response and this post is too buried to expect anything new. Hope we both figure this out cheaply and with a negative test!


This is my issue as well. I did order the eMed 6 pack and am waiting to learn if we can use them to ENTER Israel. They came via FedEx in two days. It seems clear we can use them to re-enter the US though.


Hi Marian! That’s good to know that they came so quickly. I still have close to a month to my trip, so I don’t need to order them yet. Hopefully more information will come out in the next week or two.


Anyone have clarity on how the 8 day positive test rule works? Is it 8 days from the test to arrival or 8 24 hour periods?
E.G. If one tested positive at 10 pm on Sunday may 8, would they be cleared on Sunday may 15th or only Monday the 16th at 10 pm


There is disagreement in the family whether we can use the e-Med proctored test for ENTRY into Israel. Has anyone had recent experience doing this?


I had covid in March, so based upon the current Israel rules,, I don’t have to do a covid test before I fly to Israel next week. (Unfortunately, before the do away with the PCR upon landing.)
I have a printout from my health care portal, proving I had covid, but the printout doesn’t show the name of the hospital. Would you rely on that document as proof, or would you do a telemed test, just in case the United agent doesn’t feel document is sufficient to enter Israel? And is a telemed antigen test OK?

Flying for Lag Baomer.

I’m going with ElAl before March 20th, does my Passport number need to be displayed on my test results?

Do they enforce insurance?

Josh zak

Everyone can and should do whatever is good for them, I am simply sharing some info.

I have flown, my parents have flown, my in laws have flown and my brother has flown to israel in the past 2 months all on different airlines

No one has asked to see a covid test in the us or in israel, not before boarding the plane and not when landing.

The only thing that has been required is testing upon landing in israel.

In general in israel no one seems to care about testing or masks or corona in general anymore.

5 days from no will come and the requirements will officially disappear and most likely will any memory of corona virus.

Safe travels everyone!


Flew with El Al
mask was only enforced upon boarding and arrival


Now all we need is for the US government to come to their senses and drop the test requirement as well!


If I am flying Delta in July, would I still need a covid tested before getting on the flight? The article is a little misleading.


Additionally, the Health Minister and the Chairman of the Constitution Committee, MK Gilad Kariv, concluded that starting this Tuesday, foreign nationals arriving in Israel will be allowed to take an antigen test before boarding the flight (as an alternative to the PCR test). Non-Israelis who will choose the antigen alternative will be required to take the test within 24 hours before the flight to Israel.

seems to say you still need test before departure ?


if the flight leaves NY 5/19 but arrives 5/20, do you need to take a pre flight covid test?


“As of Friday, May 20, at midnight (on the night between Friday and Saturday, May 21), the following guidance will take effect”
Jr, This is on the Israeli health department Covid website so it looks like you still need the tests


So after May 20th Americans flying to Israel do not need a pre flight test but Americans returning to the US from Israel DO?


I’m flying to Israel in June with a stopover in Canada (not leaving the airport). Do I need the PCR for that first flight to Canada? I tried reading the Canadian rules but couldn’t figure it out.


Same Question here (flying in Aug) Please let m know if you get some clarity


You’ll need to wait and see what the rules are then
In any case, no pre-test needed to enter canada now if you are vaccinated


And in any case, you need to be vaccinated (if 12+) in order to board a plane in Canada, and no test needed if vaccinated.
and a link there about entering Canada
But of course this can and likely will change before June or August


Thank you!

#Never Fly Lufthansa

This is amazing! Thanks for the update!


Does anyone know regarding the form if for every child you need a separate form from America to isreal?


You can add them to the first form. There’s an “add traveller” option when finished all the questions for your own form.


Do you need to fill out a form before entering Israel?
How does the eMed test work coming into Israel
I am flying the day after Shavoat. No time for overnight test (3day holiday)


I believe its beginning 5/21


Do you need any other paperwork to fly out of the US (with United)? Or just a negative pcr test? Thanks


Entry form also needed for every person travelling
Lots of details here:
Check back to the website as things change


When? The rules are changing twice in the next week for testing. You also still have to fill out an Israeli health declaration online listing your contact information. It can be done no more than 48 hours in advance. United lets you enter it in the travel ready section of check in online or you can show at the airport. They will ask for it.


Thank you all so much! On the way to airport now and hectic finding things out last second. Bh


does anyone know if the 72 hour PCR test is measured by departure or arrival?.. IE: if flight leaves Tuesday NY on Turkish and connects to Israel arriving on Wednesday… am I safe getting a PCR test on the Sat night before?


Per the gov website, COVID insurance is still required. Unclear if it’s enforced…


Dan do you think the US will soon lift its entry covid test requirement?


This is very confusing. on the site, it says that non-Israeli citizens no longer need a test starting May 21, but right under where it says “Lates Updates” it says they do need a test. Is there a way to get a definitive answer?


I last flew to and from Israel in March 2020, about a week before the shuls were closed in our community. There were just a few ‘overprotective’ people wearing masks on the flight, and a few talking about something called Covid.
Looking back, what a crazy journey it has been with anyone trying to go/come to Israel, with all its twists and turns and changes x100. [As someone famous once said], you can’t make this stuff up.


the contract with the testing company prob was set to expire 🙂


I’ve seen a couple reports of people saying they needed to prove they had Covid-19 insurance to enter Israel. I’ve also seen many reports that nobody ever checks for insurance coverage. My health insurance policy does cover me abroad. I have an insurance card. Is there any real possibility anyone would ever ask for more?