Based On A DansDeals Reader Request, United Changes Time Of Post-Yom Kippur Flight To Tel Aviv

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DansDeals reader Miriam W. wanted to fly to Tel Aviv after Yom Kippur ended on 9/28. In Newark, the day of atonement runs from about 6:43pm on Sunday, 9/27 through 7:23pm on Monday, 9/28.

Flights can’t operate in or out of Israel on Yom Kippur, so United’s flights on 9/26 from Newark to Tel Aviv operate earlier than normal, there are no flights on 9/27 from Newark to Tel Aviv, and there is just one flight on 9/28 from Newark to Tel Aviv. United’s flights on 9/27 from Tel Aviv to Newark operate earlier than normal, there are no flights on 9/28 from Tel Aviv to Newark, and there is no morning flight from Tel Aviv to Newark on 9/29.

United’s evening flight from Newark to Tel Aviv used to depart at 10:50pm, but that was changed to 8:05pm due to COVID-19 scheduling changes that are in effect through 10/23.

Miriam wrote to United’s Oscar Munoz and Scott Kirby asking if they could restore the 10:50pm flight time from Newark to Tel Aviv in order to allow passengers observing Yom Kippur to have time to make the flight, which wouldn’t be possible with an 8:05pm flight time. It’s a flight that she had taken in the past when it departed at 10:50pm.

To her surprise, she got a call back from Wendy in United’s executive offices last week thanking her for the email. Wendy told her that United looked into her request and they would indeed be changing the schedule during their weekly Saturday schedule updates.

And sure enough, this past Saturday United changed the flight time from 8:05pm to 10:50pm!

I’m surprised United didn’t realize this when they made their COVID-19 schedule changes, but kudos to United for changing the flight time a week before the flight in order to accommodate religious passengers!

It’s a flight that would be packed in normal years, but with nearly all foreign nationals banned from entering Israel and the country in a 2nd lockdown, is mostly empty.

It’s also a good reminder that, as United told me regarding kosher meals, airlines do listen to feedback.

Will you take United’s newly rescheduled 10:50pm flight from Newark to Tel Aviv after Yom Kippur?

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No I will not take the flight Corona Rules!!

Judy Lustig

Is there any way to get into israel if you are not an israeli citizen.
Is there an organization that helps process the papers you need to get into the country for a wedding or birth of a direct relative.


Wow, impressive that the airlines really have a listening ear to what the passengers have to say!

United, job well done!

Doom and gloom

Looks like United is working hard to be the next Delta of sorts.


i have changed the flight times on United a few times for after Yom Kippur. But this year due to Covid we weren’t planning on going so i didn’t bother!



Is there anyway to get a visa for non isreali to enter Israel


It’s customer service like this that really separates United from the rest of the pack. United is far from perfect, but I can’t imagine AA even responding to the request. Domestically, Jetblue is on it’s race to the bottom; and have had their share of anti-Semitism. And the other 3 domestic budget airlines wouldn’t move the flight up a single minute if it didn’t mean more revenue for them.


United customer service is really not that great. Comparing it to AA is like comparing it to the juice at the bottom of a garbage can.




nice story!

Mark n

Uniteds customer service is generally horrible. For all the mocking of delta skypesos their product and customer service outclasses United by alot. I say this as a former top tier continental delta member when they were in same alliance and since then a founding delta diamond and 2 million miler as well as a United 1k since they split.


we had reservations for the original 1050 pm flight, but when it got changed we were able to change our flight for the next day. Unfortunately due to Covid we are not able to go to Israel for succot. just canceled our flights….


@Dan “I’m surprised United didn’t realize this when they made their COVID-19 schedule changes, but kudos to United for changing the flight time a week before the flight in order to accommodate religious passengers!”

Even non-religious passengers may observes some semblance of Yom Kippur (although less this year with Zoom services). Even Reform and Conservative synagogues and temples will have Neilah Services at the end of Yom Kippur aiming for a few minutes after sunset. They may not be as packed as the daytime services but they are generally still held and attended well enough. In this context, I think it is accommodating Jewish passengers as a whole no matter the level of religiosity.


Absolutely. Yom Kippur is in a different category ESPECIALLY for Israelis (even secular ones). Given that Americans aren’t really on these flights, seems like the proper accommodation.

The Cargo (the real reason these flights are still operating), probably is a little less concerned 🙂

Eric from Dallas

I have tremendous goodwill for United Airlines these days.

They have continued to fly to Israel when others (El Al!) gave up and went home.

United brought my daughter home for the summer and returned her safely to Israel for school – and changed the tickets for me multiple times with no problems and no fees!

A company that delivers deserves my business going forward. I was Ex Plat on AA at one point, and Dallas is AA’s hub – but I don’t feel any special loyalty to them today – they did not step up like United.


off topic
what is united cancelation policy for award tickets 2021
I wanna book now a ticket for 2021

Points Saver

I think the full/real story is alluded to in the article.

The readers request most likely woke United up to the fact that a usually packed flight that is mostly empty can possibly sell more seats if the departure time is changed.




Look how many people she helped not do melacha on Yom Kippur.
What a zechus!
Halevai we can all find such ingenious ways to help others be closer to Hashem.


Now She Should ask to change the friday flight from tlv to an earlier time


How do you contact united?


Great post!
Wondering about the title, “complains” can have a negative connotation. I think the positive outcome of her communication, was very likely because she respectfully brought it to their attention.
Thanks Miriam W.!

Mark davidson

How many United airlines people she helped not do melacha? Lol what a riot. And thinking that people who were going to fly at 8 will suddenly go to shul instead is laughable …

Mark davidson

Also if you ever been to tel Aviv on Yom kippur it’s no longer different there…..

WSJ reader

WSJ reads Dans Deals and just published a small article based on this post. Nice job Dan!


I had reservations to leave to Israel for Yom Kippur leaving today the 23rd and returning to EWR with United on the 29th 9 am, I booked it in February but flight was canceled in the beginning of Covid , flight had lot of award space in business..


Have a flight in the winter from EWR to TLV on a motzai Shabbos. Was scheduled to leave at 10:50pm, but United changed the time to 8:25pm.
Is there any chance we can request the M”S flight to be rescheduled back to 10:45? Is there a reason that it was changed?