Legacy Hyatt Cards Will Be Converted Into World Of Hyatt Cards

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Cardholders that have a legacy $75/year Chase Hyatt credit card will automatically have their cards converted into a $95/year Chase World of Hyatt card on 1/11/21.

If your next annual fee is before 8/1/21 then it will be for $75, but renewals as of 8/1/21 will be for $95.

Aside from the increased annual fee, the World of Hyatt card is far superior to the legacy card and is one of my favorite credit cards.

If you currently have a legacy Hyatt you can register for a free night after spending $4,000. That stacks on top of bonus points for spending at Amazon and grocery stores for both legacy and World of Hyatt cards.

If you don’t want your card converted you can close it before 1/11/21. You would then be eligible for a Chase World of Hyatt card signup bonus after waiting a few days.

Will you convert or close your legacy Hyatt card?

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Just closed it now. Will open other in a few months.


I personally prefer the old card so this is unfortunate. My main reason for the card is the free night at the $75 AF. I have many other cards that get better value for spending than either Hyatt card, and I dont care for Hyatt status



eitan cooper

+1. This basically just means my free night is $95 (which is the only reason I have the card)


That really sucks honestly




There’s no annual free category 1-4 free night with the new card??


Can I sign up now today to the World of Hyatt card to receive the signup bonus, and then cancel my legacy Hyatt card before 1/11/21? ie, can I have both cards?


If I’m not actively using the legacy card these days, is there any downside to closing it and re-applying for the new world of hyatt card? I figure either way I have to switch, but at least by closing and getting a new card, instead of just letting them switch me, I’ll get the sign up bonus. Does that make sense?

Credit Score

Closing the card will impact the average age of your credit.
If you have other older cards then you should be fine.


Can I only get the signup bonus on the new card if I close it before the legacy converts or can I wait and do it whenever


I currently have a free annual night in my account that I don’t foresee I will use until the pandemic is over. Will Hyatt retract it if I cancel my legacy card?


I could’ve converted it a while ago and gotten a couple thousand points but didn’t. Now they’re forcing conversion and I get 0 points. That’s nice to know.


The bonus for $15K spend is for a second reward night, or you don’t automatically get an anniversary night as you do with the legacy card?


If I closed the legacy Hyatt card today, theoretically how long should I wait to re-apply for the World of Hyatt card but still get approved before 12/31?


Can I qualify for the bonus by calling in without canceling my card?


“If your next annual fee is before 8/1/21 then it will be for $75, but renewals as of 8/1/21 will be for $95.”
Dan, my legacy was converted to World of Hyatt and i see today a refund of 31.25 in annual fee. My Hyatt Legacy annual fee used to be in July. 31.25/75 dollars annual fee is about 5 months credit. I take it they may charge the new fee 95.00 in March?
What do you think?
When will they grant the annual free night?