Hyatt Gold Passport Devaluation…


Update: The award chart changes and FAQ’s have now been posted on

Hyatt currently only has 5 reward categories, but they have just announced that they will be adding a new category 6. There will be 20 category 6 hotels and they will cost 22,000 points per night.

In all 65 hotels will be shifted to a lower category and 89 will go to a higher category.

I see this as a preemptive devaluation with the Hyatt credit card that is expected to launch very soon. With an influx of points expected in the system there has to be a devaluation at some point, although few expected it to come even before the launch of the credit card. Definitely an interesting strategy to devalue before trying to attract new customers with a credit card launch.  Definitely classier than devaluing the year after launching, but interesting nonetheless.

Reservations can be made though 06/03 under the current chart and those reservations can be modified through 09/02 under the current award chart.

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Hey Dan,

Any chance of getting us one of those 40% off the W Hotel Bed again?

I missed out last time and need new beds now….



Hyatt’s program has been exceptionally generous. They have been aggressively trying to lure new elite members with the promotions that they have been running, and they have been very effective at doing so. With their Faster Free Nights promos (which are now called Big Welcome or Big Welcome Back – or whatever – they will always be FFN to those who remember), the addition of another award category likely won’t mean much, as many members “burn” their FFNs at the high-end properties and use their points for other award redemptions. On top of that, Hyatt has been essentially “printing currency” with the Gx bonuses and other liberal point policies – so, yes, savvy members likely did see some effort to boost point spending in the works. In the end, this effects me very little – and if it causes some of the Johnny-come-lately folks to re-examine their commitment to Hyatt, I would challenge them to find some better value for their hotel spending.


There hasn’t been a 40% off code in quite a while. I’ll post if I see one though.

Hyatt does provide exceptional value for hotel spending.
I just see it as an interesting move before the credit card launch. Does this mean we’ll see another major devaluation in 2 years after people have made a boatload of points off the credit card?


can someone please help me. If i want to go to Israel end of July and have 60 000 miles on amex goldwhat do i do.
I see that ANA could work can someone walk me through it please


Please go to where there’s tons of information on this and plenty of active members can help you out there.


Hey Dan,

Found the answer to my own question.

W Hotels just posted a new code for 35% off today on their home page. Its valid through May 4.



Yes, they have 35’s a lot, it’s the 40 that’s been hard to come by of late.


Steve makes a good point: that @Steve: Hyatt has been very generous. In my case, I have used FFN resumptions for the higher tiered properties such as GH Kauai, HR Maui, and now PH Zurich and PH Paris.

18,000 really was an excellent value at some of these properties.

In some cases where I actually used points for the stay, the amount of bonuses I received nearly exceeded the cost in points of the room to begin with


Interesting that the GH New York is moving up from a 4 to a 6.



When you do stay on points you receive point bonuses? And not on FFN?