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Update: Tomorrow is the last day to lock in current category rates before they go up.  As long as they are booked by tomorrow you can make date changes through March 15th under the old chart.  If you have category 1-4 anniversary nights from the Chase Hyatt Visa and are thinking of using them in Manhattan at the 48LEX now is your last chance!


Originally posted on 12/18/12:

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Most hotels chains reorganize their categories yearly to keep them current with the average rates that they charge.  The beauty of hotel points is that there are no blackout dates or capacity controls, if there is a room you can use points for it.  So even if a major event is in town and rates are quadruple what they normally are you can still use the regular amount of points as long as the hotel is not sold out of standard rooms.  When Starwood announces their 2013 changes I’ll post them as well (Don’t expect the Dead Sea to stay at a category 1 forever folks!)

Hyatt normally charges the following amount of points for a free room:
Category 1 = 5,000 (Standard room). 8,000 (suite).
Category 2 = 8,000 (Standard room). 12,000 (suite).
Category 3 = 12,000 (Standard room) 18,000 (suite).
Category 4 = 15,000 (Standard room) 23,000 (suite).
Category 5 = 18,000 (Standard room) 27,000 (suite).
Category 6 = 22,000 (Standard room) 33,000 (suite).

For 2013, 10 hotels go down in category.  7 hotels go up in category.

The somewhat underwhelming Park Hyatts in Toronto and Carlsbad, CA (Aviara) both drop from a category 5 to a category 4.  The good news here is that they’re a good value to use the with free anniversary night that you get for free every year with the Chase Hyatt Visa.

On the other hand the Hyatt 48LEX in Manhattan goes up from a category 4 to 5, making it ineligible for the annual free night.

Of course when you actually get the Hyatt Visa you get 2 nights that can be used at any category Hyatt, only the free annual night is restricted to category 4 and below.

But what I’m really happy about is that the Andaz West Hollywood in LA remains a category 4. I had pegged that as very likely to go up to 5 along with the 48LEX. I’m also thrilled to see that the awesome Park Hyatt Melbourne remains a category 4.

Through 02/06/13 you can continue to book nights at the hotels at their current rates, so if you have an anniversary night and want to use it in Manhattan anytime in 2013, book that now before it’s too late!

Any award nights booked before February 7, for dates after February 7, can be modified through March 15 following the terms of the old chart. Any modifications made to these reservations after March 15 will follow the terms of the new chart.

While the Hyatt Visa is awesome for the signup bonus, the Platinum elite status you get just for having it, and for the annual free anniversary night, it’s a terrible card for spending because you can also transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt.

-It offers 1 point per dollar on general spending.  This is beat by every Ultimate Rewards card as Ultimate Rewards points are more flexible as they can go to Hyatt or to many other partners.  Plus cards like Sapphire Preferred and Freedom Exclusives earn a bonus, even on top of base spending.  While the Ink cards offer 5 points per dollar so you can buy a $500 prepaid card from Office Depot for $4.95 (a cost of less than 1%) and earn 5 points per dollar (worth about 9.5%) on all your base spending. Ultimate Rewards consumer cards include Freedom Visa, Freedom Mastercard, Sapphire Preferred Visa, Sapphire Non-Preferred Visa.  Ultimate Rewards business cards include Ink Bold, Ink Plus, Ink Classic, or Ink Cash.

-It offers 2 points per dollar on dining, airline tickets, and car rentals.  This is beat by the 2.14 offered by Sapphire Preferred on those and other categories.

-It offers 3 points per dollar at Hyatt hotels.  This is beat by none other than the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN.  The Starwood business card gives 5% cash back via Open Savings at Hyatt hotels in the US and 1 Starpoint per dollar.  I’d value 3 Hyatt points at about 5.1% back, and 1 Starpoint+5% cash back at 7.2% back.

-The only exception to this would be at Hyatt hotels outside of the US as American Express business cards only give Hyatt open savings in the US and the Starwood card charges foreign transaction fees while the Hyatt card does not.  So dust off your Hyatt card when you travel abroad and stay at a Hyatt hotel!

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“While the Hyatt Visa is great for the signup bonus, the Platinum elite status you get just for having it, and for the annual free night”

Can you explain the status tiers .. the application says “Elite Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum membership for as long as you are a cardmember”
Is that what you mean when you say “Platinum elite status” ?


Do you get an anniversary night in the first year, or is it only upon renewal of the card after 1 year?



Many people have reported receiving the anniversary night right away along with the 2 free nights, but YMMV.


Using a new Hyatt account number would be advisable.


Can the free nights be extended past the expiration date?


Yes, by calling or emailing Hyatt.

Deal Guy

Where do you get the info that LM Dead Sea is going up in catagory? Its been a cat 1, twice already.


Do SPG also allow bookings after the announcement of their changes?


@Deal Guy:
I have no inside info.




How can I get the free anniversary night in the first year? Should I call Hyatt or Chase?


Either it shows up in your account or it doesn’t.

Yes, you can always merge mileage accounts in the same name.


@Dan…If the free anniversary night doesnt show up in Hyatt account…any way to SM them and ask for it? Any successful reports on that?



Any chance calling would help, or if it’s not in your account you lost out?


Hi Dan,

Is there an annual limit you can earn as cash back for 5% AMEX OPEN Savings at Hyatt Hotels??


Just a note that I found the Hyatt card helpful in some places in Europe where they only take chip-and-PIN cards (like machines at Amsterdam train stations)


I had the card and got the platnuim status and they sent me the platnium card. I have since closed the Hyatt card, do you think I can still get the platnium benefits by showing my card?


I have 6 certificates for $100 off a 2 night stay at any Hyatt. Expires 12/31/12- looking to sell them cheap. Let me know if interested please.




Opening and closing the same card to earn the bonus again.

You can use household income on the app.

Don’t worry about getting denied, a call to Recon can get that approved, especially if you have credit from another card that you can shift.


looking to go to israel next january for my son bar mitzvah and would love to stay in the waldorf jerusalem (hopefully open by then). i don’t have a hyatt card as of now. any advise for me as to how i can earn lots of points really quickly to try and make that happen? thanks so much!




what would be the best deal for hotel in Jerusalem and in Tiberias Israel for Feb 17-18?


Dan any success getting annual fee waived and do they assess fee right away or after the first year


If I book now, can I cancel or only change dates?


my fee was waived but I got a targeted offer, I would suggest sending a sm and saying you know people who got the fee waived that usually works. If not contact the executive office listed elsewhere on this site and they WILL waive it for you


@kachnik: Thanks but how do you know they WILL waive it for you. Dan has never really emphasized this point about calling Executive office. Rather, he states you can call and cancel within 30-60 days or that the $75 fee is well worth all the benefits. From my experience with another Chase card BA they refused to waive annual fee! is this card different??


I am not sure what is the value of 2 free nites. But if I need to pay $75 now for annual fee, not sure at all.

Is it 75 fee for first year too?


Dan I need a screen shot of the 100k platinum posted a while can u posted here or tell were u can send it PLEASE!