WOW! Stay In An Overwater Villa At The Le Meridien Maldives From Just 24K-30K Marriott Points Per Night!

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The Le Meridien Maldives is now accepting reservations starting in September, and it looks to be an award bargain in a location where those are hard to come by.

The category 5 property will set you back just 30K Marriott points off-peak, 35K normally, or 40K peak. A 5 night off-peak stay would cost just 24K points per night.

Plus that means you can use 35K credit card anniversary nights at the resort! Marriott will extend the expiration of those certificates expiring on 8/1 later this week. This is an incredible way to use those free nights!

Best of all, you can select a sunrise overwater villa as a standard redemption room!


For a stay on September 1st, the flexible paid rate would set you back some $622 after taxes, so that’s a value of more than 2 cents per Marriott point. I typically value Marriott points at about 0.65 cents each.

While there are no resort fees, you still have to travel 75 miles north from Male Airport to the hotel. That 35 minute scenic seaplane ride will set you back $420 round-trip, per person. That sounds pricey, but that rate is actually cheap compared to other resorts in the Maldives!

For September stays, you can book now and cancel up to a week before arrival with no penalties, but always read the cancellation terms before booking. If Marriott does decide to increase this hotel’s category, you would then be locked in at the lower rates.

Americans can fly to the Maldives with a vaccination card or they can provide negative COVID-19 test results.

You can currently take advantage of limited time offers on Marriott cards to help rack up the points and anniversary nights:

Will you stay at the Le Meridien Maldives?

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Dan, any idea if variations to shot timelines (27 days instead of 28) are causing issues with any countries? And, when would it potentially be an issue – by the gate?


Which U.S. cities have direct flights to MLE I don’t see any in NYC PHL or Washington airports?


Wow, now all we need is the best way to get to MLE using miles…


Can u chain multiple free night certificates for a longer stay?


Can’t complete the booking. Keeps on crashing…


Do free certificates count towards 5 night free ? Let’s say 3 certificates 1 night booked with points , would I get the fifth night free ?


Any kosher food to buy ? Or gota take top to bottom including shabbos meals along ?


The only downside is, under Marriott’s new system, you can’t use the certificate at all if it’s a peak date, since then it’s 40k points. And all the dates in the non-rainy season- which from my understanding is when you want to be in Maldives- are indeed 40k points. Too bad since I currently have 5 certificates and eventually Marriott will stop extending them…

But even so, 40k points a night at a place like this seems like a steal, even if all those certificates end up going unused and expired. You gotta expect they won’t keep it this rate forever- probably just to entice people to travel because of COVID.


You can’t use your certificate for a night and add 5k points manually to get it to 40k?


What are the kosher options on Maldives?


Great deal!

Keep in mind the 120K-130K dates are mostly in month of Tishrei. After Tishrei there is good amount of availability at 140K for 5 nights and goes up to 160K.


Booked for Thanksgiving. Great find. If more photos become available or you get there first, definitely share.


Why doesn’t Hilton have these rates


Sorry for my ignorant question, but what is that major of being in the maldives besides sitting over water the whole day ? Especially when there is no where to go explore like places just locked in into that hotel?


There’s decent snorkeling and it’s just cool that the country is just a step above being a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, but you are right. That’s why in my book it’s better as a destination tacked on to a more strenuous trip hiking or exploring elsewhere in SE asia or the Indian subcontinent…. But for some people heaven just is sitting on the water for days on end.
You may want to consider french polynesia of you are interested in more activities with over water villas.


It’s definitely not for everyone. Some people would find it boring but the experience of just sitting on your balcony in the middle of the ocean is truly a unique feeling.


What happens if I book with a certificate and then canceling after the certificate has expired?


you have to USE the certificate by the expiration, not book


When is Dan opening a Chabad House in the Maldives? They are about to get a lot of Jewish traffic there…


He already opened it. Now he just needs good Yidden like yourself to man it. Pro tip: bring Tefilin and a smile along 🙂

Travel love

If I stay in Maldives Monday to Thursday where would be a close by destination (relatively speaking) worth going to for shabes and exploring the friday before? Thx.


That’s open to visitors? Dubai prob


Sri Lanka, has 2 Chabad houses, or at least did pre corona.
Chabad in main city is meshichist but nice sincere people. Don’t know about other one.
Pre corona more chance of getting minyan on shabbos in Chabad by the water also nicer area to be in as one is city the other is by beach. Though again pre corona was a lot of “partying” Israeli backpackers by the beach one so got to be ok with that.
Sri Lanka very interesting country to visit. Better to do on way home cuz things are very cheap and if want to buy stuff there probably will be a problem if buy before going to Maldives as if u need to use seaplane to get to hotel in Maldives they have small weight limits for luggage.


Do you need status to get breakfast? Is gold enough?


$ 900 taxes and fees for a 5 night award stay. $ 420 air shuttle to hotel. I’ll pass.


FYI. Amex consumer platinum is offering 40% transfer bonuns to marriot currently.


Dan, thank you for posting. I just booked five nights! Any idea how good the snorkeling is in that region? Or is it possible to do day trips to any islands? I’m trying to decide if I should book ten nights. Also, how does one get a PCR test for my flight back? Do you have to spend a night in Male the night before you fly back?


PcR tests are garbage. Totally inaccurate. I was positive and it came back negative. When I was symptomatic. Kinda strange they havent figured out a better test by now


Any data points on 1) elite benefits such as breakfast and 2) cost for meals? I know Maldives can get expensive so good to know what to expect if we book!


Are the seaplane costs ($420 pp) charged at booking or on arrival? Thanks

Dan Fan

as per past stays, charged by departure of hotel


only showing availability to end of 2021. Nothing into 2022


I cannot find any availability using points. at all

Reb yid

Ya snooze ya lose

Travel love

Could be said in a nicer way