Rumor Confirmed: Another “Faster Free Nights” Promo From Hyatt Is Coming On March 26th!

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Update 2: Registration is now open (Select free nights!)
Don’t forget:
-To get Platinum status for free via the link below.
-To register for this promo for 2,500 United miles per stay if you want miles.
-To check for Gx point bonuses if you want Hyatt points.
-You can get Platinum Extras/Diamond Amenity Hyatt points regardless of if you choose points or miles.
-I’m booked for today at the Hyatt Regency Cleveland with the current 30% off promo. The total is $91 with tax (although it’s less due to the Costco certificates) For that I should get 650 Hyatt points for the stay, 1,000 Hyatt points for my Diamond amenity, and 2,000 Hyatt points for the G2 bonus for a total of 3,650 points and half of a free night credit.

Update: The promo is now official! Registration will begin on 03/26. For every 2 stays between 03/26 and 06/30 you will get a free night at any Hyatt.  There is no limit to the number of free nights and they can be redeemed between 04/01-08/31. Free nights will not be extended past 08/31.

Originally posted on 03/17:

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Purchase $100 Of Hyatt Check Certificates For Just $79.99 From Costco!

One of the hotel industry’s most generous promos is Hyatt’s “Faster Free Nights”.

They have offered it once (and rarely twice) per year since 2002.  In 2009 they changed the name to “The Next Big Thing” but the concept was the same.  Stay twice at any Hyatt and get 1 free night at any Hyatt.

With some Hyatt Place’s going for as little as $50 per night and Park Hyatt’s in cities like Sydney and Paris going for $1,500 per night the arbitrage possibilities are endless.  Plus Hyatt has no capacity controls on standard rooms for awards and they don’t charge resort fees on award stays.

I used some 2009 free nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, one of my favorite hotels in the world, which I wrote about and posted pictures about in my Kauai Trip Notes.

In 2009 during the Next Big Thing promotion I was able to combine promotions like never before.  For 2 stays made in October that cost $125 I got the Faster Free Night credit, 13,500 United miles, and 6,000 Hyatt points! Now that was a fluke of too many great promotions coinciding at the same time that I never expect again, but I’ll be on the lookout for other combo promos and will be posting them here.

At any rate another Faster Free Nights promotion should be starting on 03/26.  It will be called “The Big Welcome Back.” There’s no official information out yet, so stay tuned for further details!

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Dan, in a previous Hyatt posting you mentioned that the free nights (due to expire march 31) “Hyatt has been generous in extending the deadline”. I called and they refused. Any suggestions?


Did you call before 02/28? That was officially the deadline to get them extended.
They extended Gold member nights through 04/30, Platinum’s through 05/31, and Diamond’s through 06/30.

With Hyatt (and most companies for that matter) the trick is to keep calling until you find a sympathetic rep. Eventually you will find one to extend them for you.

ray lewis

hi wanted to know if you get a hyatt stay via priceline does it count


@ray lewis:
No, only stays booked at or by calling Hyatt will count.


If this happpens we need to help eachother out in finding cheap hotels near NYC.

Richard Yee

How were you able to get both United miles and Hyatt Gold Points. I thought you could only get one or the other, not both? I tried this once at checkout but was told it could be only one or the other.


@Richard Yee:
It is one or the other. If you choose miles you don’t get the 500 base hyatt points, elite bonus points, or any bonus G1/G2/G3 point bonuses.

However even if you choose miles you can still get the 500/1,000 point amenity if you are Diamond (or Platinum extras after 3 stays for Plats)

I was also targeted for another promo for 2,500 points for Hyatt Place stays that posted automatically even though I chose miles.

Plus there were 2,500 and 5,000 United mileage promos going on than as well.

Richard Yee

Thank uou for the quick reply. For the United miles, did you have to register with Hyatt or United?
Is my e-mail address being posted with my comment, I see it on “Leave a Reply”?


@Richard Yee:
Registration for mileage promotions is required on

And your email address is not published, only you can see that.

Richard Yee

Thanks, I check your website on a daily basis.


@ray lewis: YMMV. Both of my Priceline stays to date did post a stay credit. Neither of those were during a FFN or NBT period, so I can’t comment on that.
To increase the odds of the stay posting, it may be useful to charge something to your room while staying at the hotel, even just a cheap drink.


“Plus Hyatt has no capacity controls on standard rooms for awards and they don’t charge resort fees on award stays.” When we redeemed the free night for the last promotion we were charged a resort fee of $15 in a Florida resort.


They cheated you, sorry!
I often have to correct issues like being charged for internet, etc. which elites aren’t charged for.


Dan – Can you stay 2 nights in a standard room and redeem the free room in a suite ?


If you are diamond, possibly.


@Shlomo: Dan- I read over the terms and conditions and it states under Redeeming Points for Hyatt Gold Passport Awards, paragraph #5, “Hyatt Gold Passport free night awards are valid for standard guest rooms … Hyatt Gold Passport awards may be applied only to the guest room and do not apply toward food, beverage (except Passport Escape Awards which include limited meals), incidental expenses, service charges, resort fees, and hotel specific charges or taxes.” Do you think I can call and get them to refund the charge?


Can’t hurt to try.


thank you for this wonderful site which i ck every day i took advantage of yeterdays amazon blue tooth deal @39.99 ea and ordered 2 one 4 my wife
you dont realize what a service you are providing for everyone as everyone appreciates a bargain but in our community in particular where we ea have kah large families and pay xtra for tuition/food/yomtov etc its really appreciated
may hashem bless you with gezunt shefa and nachas from your family
a chag kosher vsomeach a fan from lakewood nj


Aww, I’m blushing now…Thanks!
Have a great shabbos/pesach!


I second what Aron just posted!!!


Couldn’t you stay 2 nights to get the Hyatt free night + get 6K OnePass miles with this promo:


No, with the Hyatt “FFN” promo a 1 night, 2 night, or 10 night stay will count for 1 FFN credit, so 1 night stays are ideal.

The continental promo requires a 2 night stay.


“With some Hyatt Place’s going for as little as $50 per night”
which do you know that are under $60 a night?

Cheap guy

Does anyone know any corporate codes or coupons for the hyatt website?


I got rooms for $50 during the last round.
I see $59 rooms in some cities for this weekend.


@Cheap guy:
Special offer: LTO111
30% off Hyatt Daily Rate booked by 04/01 for stays through 06/30.
Not valid at Hyatt Place or Summerfield Suites.


where can i find a hyatt for $50?


Where can I get a 50.00 Hyatt near NYC?? (or long island)


Two questions,

1. Do the two nights need to be consecutive or any two nights work?

2. Do you have to use the free nights yourself or could I give (sell) them to a friend?


Hi Dan,

Do you actually have to sleep in the Hyatt for the two nights, or can you just book and pay without actually checking in?


You need to check-in.


do free nights count towards keeping platinum


What other promotions can be combined?
Is there any way to check in without being at the hotel?


What is the value of the hyatt points? How many are needed for a free night?


You need between 5,000 points for a category 1 and 18,000 points for a top-tier category 5 for a free night.
Figure a category 1 Hyatt would cost $50-$150/night and a category 5 Hyatt would cost $250-$1,500/night.


so dan, do you check in and then leave?

you dont actually sleep there do you?


Can someone please post the cheapest Hyatt deals in the New York City area.


The cheapest hotel I found was the Summerfield suites in Bridgwater,NJ for $79 on weekends.


Can you use corporate rate or travel agent rate in this promotion?


Now keep in mind that there are 2 UA promos. 1 promo requires that u stay a 2nite minimum & u get 2500+500 base miles & expires 4/30/10. The other is 4 the same amt of miles but requires 1 stay/nite. These r also stackable thus meaning that u could get 6k miles, a 1/2 nite credit & 1k Diamond amenity pts. If u have no status then u need 2 sign up 4 the promo fast track that Dan has posted. This promo is best done when dbl stays 4 1 nite r apart of it. DC is the best area 4 this. Some of the Regency’s run from as least as $60-75. The GH DC can be done 4 $89 & u can use 1 of ur suite upgrades.Do a wknd n DC & hop 1 hotel till the next.


I forgot 2 mention that the other promo (1 nite) expires 1/31/11.


@Shlomo: I called in my free night reservation, and they offered to take off the $15 fee, without me asking. You can try booking on the phone.


can i check in and check out an hour later? and does a stay in any hyatt affiliated brand qualify for this promotion?


No, but u can call the hotel the following morning & check-out/do it online.



You only need to check-in. You can leave right away if you want. I rarely check out of hotels.


i stayed at a hyatt for one night but did not register for the promotion first.. can i still use it????


Yes, just register now and it’s retroactive to the beginning of the promo period.


Hi Dan, can you please shed some lights on how to use the Diamond upgrade certs to get your Kauai GH FFN’s? Thanks.


The aaa discount is much better than the lto111 offer which is now expired, because it is refundable and still eligible for the free night award and gx point bonuses and costco hyatt cards can probably be used as well


Hyatt is having a 48 hour sale through wednesday 4/15. Hyatt Morristown is 59.50 for sat. nights.


is it more worth it to sign up for the bonus points or the free nights option?