One Week Left To Lock In Stays At The SPG Niagara Falls Bargain!

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On Tuesday, March 6, the Four Points by Sheraton Niagara Falls Fallsview will skyrocket from a category 2 to a category 4 as part of this year’s SPG annual category changes.

Currently it costs just 3K points for weekend nights and 4K points for weekday nights there. If you book after 3/5 it will cost 10K points per night, a whopping 250-333% more points to stay in this hotel. 

However, you can use Starpoints until 3/5 to book future stays at the current rate.

How big of a bargain is this place?

Let’s say you wanted to spend a weekend at Niagara Falls from August 3-5. You can use 6,000 Starpoints or you can spend C$947, or about US$750. That’s a value of an incredible 12.5 cents per Starpoint. You won’t owe the 23% hotel tax on Starpoint stays.


Chabad of Niagara Falls is located right across the street from the hotel and offers Shabbos services as well as fully catered Shabbos meals from June 8-August 31. Meals aren’t cheap, but they are fully catered affairs and the price includes all 3 Shabbos meals. People that have gone have all said that the price is more than justified.

There is an eruv between the hotel and Chabad. The hotel also has Shabbos keys available for rooms on lower floors. You can put in a request for a room with a manual Shabbos key when making your reservation and at checkin.

Don’t know when exactly you’ll want to go? If you have enough Starpoints you can book rooms for multiple different dates and just cancel the stays you don’t want. Most dates allow for free cancellations until a few days before the stay, just read the terms for the exact cancellation policy.

Note that you won’t be able to change the dates on a reservation after the price goes up, your only options are to use the stay or cancel it and get your points back. You can make one night reservations if you’re not sure how many nights you want to stay.

Short on Starpoints?

Starwood is offering 35% off purchases and gifts of 5K-30K Starpoints through 3/16.

For example 20K Starpoints are on sale for $455 instead of $700 or 30K Starpoints are on sale for $682.50 instead of $1,050. That’s a cost of 2.275 cents per Starpoints instead of the regular 3.5 cents per Starpoint.

Of course you also earn miles for the purchase, which makes the real cost even less.

If you have a Starwood AMEX and buy 30K Starpoints for $682.50 you will earn 1,366 Starpoints for the purchase, so effectively you’ll pay $682.50 for 31,366 Starpoints, or 2.175 cents per Starpoint.

If you buy 3,000 Starpoints at a cost of 2.175 cents per Starpoint, you will wind up paying just $65.25 per night. That’s a steal!

Find more ideas for how to use Starpoints in this post.

Are you going to make reservations for a Niagara Falls trip this year before the Starpoint rates go up?

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Can I book for 3 night and Call them later to only keep 2 of the nights?



M l

Do they have meals for pesach?

noob questions

can I book for 4 nights and then if I only end up wanting to go for 3 nights change the reservation and still have the same price?

a good yeshiva bachur

Would I be able to switch the dates later on without paying the higher price?

Brian turner

Can i book for 4 nites and only stay 2?


if you are able to sell your spg points for 0.2, then its not worth booking with points, rather book revenue with spg card


sorry, 0.02


I stayed for labor day weekend last year and it was really great. the low floor rooms themselves are pretty basic (truly a 3 star, four points is below sheraton), but totally comfortable for a family shabbos weekend, esp when my points were used for like 10 cents per point :)). the chabad program was beyond excellent, heimish davening and really delicious and well served and designed catered food. really worthwhile.


Do I need a passport for kids?


if it’s not a newborn then yes, sometimes you can get away with the birth certificate.



Technically speaking.

If you are a us citizen coming from the USA you don’t need a passport to get there. However if you want to come back home you will have a very very hard time without the proper documentation (Read: Passport) to cross back, therefore they will check on the Canadian side that you have one to return.


Don’t think this is right — Website is showing 10,000 points per night


Does anyone have info about minyan, being able to buy yom tov meals etc?


You can always do multiple 1-night reservations if your not sure how many nights you’ll be there


why are starwood hotels categories more expensive on weekdays then weekends? shouldnt it be the opposite because people have more time to go away during weekends?


can I book 4 nights and get the fifth free? how does it work? if yes do I book 4 nights and then call to get the free 5th night?


can I book a falls view room with points or only the city view room? the spg site only has the points option by the cheap rooms.


good question, wondering myself


What a deal, thank you..I spent 14,000 points on 1 room, and purchased for $225 10,000 spg points and will add an extra 4,000 from my spg bank to get the kids their own room..So it cost me in total 18,000 Spg points + $225 for 4 nights, 2 rooms…this would normally cost about $1,400..i didnt need to purchase points as I have a bunch, and im not a fan of purchasing points usually, but this deal makes it very worth it!


I booked 3 nights with the old rate, Total was 10,000 starpoints. Now it’s showing as if 3 nights cost 30,000 Starpoints. If I cancel will they credit my account 30,000 Starpoints?