Hyatt Slashes 2021 Elite Status Requirements In Half, Extends Award Rebates And Promotions!

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Hyatt announced that they will be slashing the number of nights required to earn elite status in 2021.

  • Discoverist – 5 nights instead of 10 nights.
  • Explorist –15 nights instead of 30 nights.
  • Globalist –30 nights instead of 60 nights.

If you apply for the Chase World of Hyatt card by 12/31/20, you will receive 10 elite qualifying night credits for 2020 and 10 elite qualifying night credits for 2021, so you can earn Globalist with just 20 stays!

Plus all stays at Hyatt hotels from 10/1/20-12/31/21 count for both 2020 and 2021 status.

Cardholders also receive 5 elite qualifying nights annually, so those thresholds will be even easier to reach. You can also earn 2 elite qualifying nights with every $5,000 spending on the Chase World of Hyatt card and you can earn bonus anniversary nights with spending as well.

If you spend $50,000 on a new Chase World of Hyatt card in 2021 you would earn Globalist status through 2/28/23 via 20 elite qualifying nights from spending and 10 elite qualifying nights with a new card. Plus you would get an anniversary night, a bonus anniversary night for $15K spending, and a 3rd free night for the 30 night milestone tier!

Unfortunately, milestone rewards will not be changing, so you’ll still need to get 50 or 60 nights to get confirmed suite upgrades, a free systemwide night, and a personal concierge. But Globalists still get suites at checkin, free lounge access, free breakfast, waived resort fees on all stays, waived parking fees on award stays, 4pm late checkout, 30% bonus points, and Globalists can share their Globalist benefits on award stays with their friends and family. I even have American Executive Platinum status thanks to being Globalist!

Hyatt is also extending several promotions:

Incentives on paid stays:

Rebate on award stays:

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Is Hyatt extending an AN reward issued in May 2020 like they did with awards issued earlier?


so if I have a stay from 2/28 to 3/3 will only the first night get the rebate or would all of it?


For the extensions of paid / award stays. Do we have to re-register if we already did for the one through 01-04-21, or will it automatically update to be through end of feb?


So if I have a 15 night stay over year end that ends Jan1-4 does that get me Gobalist through 2022?


“and Globalists can share their Globalist benefits on award stays with their friends and family.”
How so guest of honor?


Hyatt has set the bar during the pandemic for a large travel corporation. They just keep impressing us. Incredible work!


If I had 5 nights total in 2020, does that mean Discoverist or this change is only “going forward?”


Only new card members get the 10 elite qualifying nights annually?
Does this mean that you could spend $50k plus the 10 nights to get globalist?


If I currently have 40 qualifying nights 2020, I will not be A globalist status in 2021 ? Even the current status carry’s thru the whole 2021


Will credit card spend nights earned in 2020 also be doubled and/or counted for 2021 status?


Wish they did this for 2020 and I would’ve been an hotel elite for the first time…


can i transfer points to a globalist (non household member) for them to book on my behalf?


Hyatt will still only be giving 5 EQN to existing cardholders for 2021, correct?


Meanwhile, IHG still hasn’t extended the free nights that expire at the end of December.


Dan… guessing Milestone chart stays the same?


I have a thirty night stay starting later this week and ending beginning of January. Would that get the the confirmed suite upgrades? Or should I be changing my reservation to 15 days?

Mo K

Dan, if as a new card member we get 10 nights, then if I have a 10 day stay running from 2020 into 2021, should that equal the 30 nights needed?
Essentially, use the 50k points earned for a 10 day stay at 5k hotel and earned globalist without any spend needed?


Would anyone know…
If I book a hotel stay and Its paid but I don’t arrive
Will Hyatt count it as Qualified night stay ?


Sorry for the ignorant question, when someone earns status in 2020 or 2021 , when does the status go into affect ? Immediately and expires in a year from the earning date? Or Does it work by calender year across the board ?


With my legacy Hyatt card changing over to WoH 1/11/21, how many elite nights would I receive in 2021 for the card? Would I receive 5 in 2022 also?