Hyatt Miraval Resorts: Stack BOGO Award Nights+25% Points Rebate+2,500 Bonus Points+$350 Resort Credit!

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Hyatt Miraval resorts are highly rated all inclusive destination resorts and spas.

They offer all meals, snacks, smoothies, coffee, and non-alcoholic drinks included. Wellness and exercise classes are also included and transfers from local airports are free. There is no tipping at any Miraval resort.

You must be at least 18 to stay at a Miraval resort.

There are currently 3 Miraval resorts:

The Berkshires resort just opened this week. Guests can get free transfers from Hartford/Bradley airport.

You can call Miraval at 800-232-3969 and ask for the Hyatt points BOGO promotion. You can’t book this deal online. You can get BOGO nights on paid and award stays from now through 12/31/20.

For example, if you want to spend September 6-8 at the Miraval Berkshires the regular cost would be $2,097 for one adult or $3,644 for 2 adults after tax. You can get a BOGO rate for the paid rate, but the points rate will be a better deal in this case.

The normal points rate for a standard room is 45K Hyatt points per night for 1 person or 65K Hyatt points per night for 2 people.

With the BOGO promotion you’ll pay 45K points for 2 nights for 1 person or 65K points for 2 nights for 2 people.

If you stay by 10/8 you can also get a 15% points rebate or a 25% points rebate if you have a World of Hyatt credit card.

With a 15% rebate means you’ll effectively pay 38,250 points for 2 nights for 1 person or 55,250 points for 2 nights for 2 people.

With a 25% rebate means you’ll effectively pay 33,750 points for 2 nights for 1 person or 48,750 points for 2 nights for 2 people.

If this is your first Hyatt stay from 6/15-9/30 and have a World of Hyatt credit card or Hyatt elite status you’ll also get a 2,500 point bonus. That means you’ll effectively pay 31,250 points for 2 nights for 1 person or 46,250 points for 2 nights for 2 people.

Additionally, when redeeming points you’ll get a $175 resort credit per person per night, though not for the bonus BOGO free night.

In total, you can potentially stay 2 nights with 2 people for just 46,250 Hyatt points (instead of the normal 130K points) and get a $350 resort credit to use on activities, premium classes, the spa, alcoholic drinks, etc.

You can also normally redeem 75K points/night for a junior suite (95K with 2 adults) or 105K/night points for a full suite (125K with 2 adults). Those also come with the BOGO promotion and will qualify for the points rebate as well.

The World of Hyatt credit card is an excellent card and comes with 50,000 points in addition to annual free nights, elite status, and promotions. You can read more about the World of Hyatt card here. You can apply now and still take advantage of the 25% back and 2,500 point promotions!

You can transfer points instantly from Chase to Hyatt if you have a card like the Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve.

Will you take advantage of this deal?

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Do globalist benifits apply at miraval?


Kosher food?


They require to wear masks and some spa services aren’t available due to covid-19


Which location are you talking about?




The Austin location is not doing facials, and guests are required to wear masks.


Wish they had one of those resorts in California. There’s no way I’m going to Arizona or Texas now… lol. I realize the irony of not wanting to travel to a hotspot state while living IN a hotspot state…


Not that there is any availability anyway…


My guess (not based on science), seeing how NY and NJ fared with covid a few weeks after they were hotspots, there is a good chance that in 2-3 weeks AZ and TX may be done with covid. If the reservations are cancel-able, might be a good idea to book now for mid Aug


Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and stop you right there with that thought process. As a resident of both during the pandemic, I can attest the attitudes of locals has been disheartening. These states are not going to follow a similar curve profile to NY/NJ because people’s behaviors are opposite of what we say in those states in March/April.

Ten Bucks a Week

Are you able to do a 4 person reservation?


It’s adults only.


The offer states the bonus resort credit is $75 per person. I don’t see anywhere that states there is a $175/person credit although the terms and conditions states there will be an “extra” resort credit of $75.


“Package rates are exclusive of a 23% resort charge and applicable taxes of approximately 15%.” I know Hyatt doesnt usually tack these on, but will Miraval charge this on an award stay?


The post says “If this is your first Hyatt stay from 6/15-9/30 and have a World of Hyatt credit card OR Hyatt elite status you’ll also get a 2,500 point bonus. ” World of Hyatt is telling me that the only way to get the 25% instead of 15% and the extra 2500 point is only with the Hyatt CC, and NOT with elite status. How can I prove to them that this is not true?


does that mean I cant bring an infant?


What about adults only is unclear to you?


booked, thank you!


is this deal still available?


did anyone fnd out about kosher food


They offer kosher food from a menu from Fresko. All the food has both the Star K and Tartikov hashgachos.
There is no extra charge for the kosher food and they allow you to order as much as you want.
The kosher food needs to be ordered at least 2 days in advance.


made reservation, 5 days later hyatt telling me i need more points as the 2nd person does not qualify under the BOGO, they want 33,000 more points for 2nd person 2nd night only?


I never post reviews. But for this hotel I am since it doesn’t look like there is much information out there. We booked over the phone. We tried calling numerous times to book activities prior to arrival, finally got someone on the phone and I would say about half the activities were ‘full’. I’ll get into this later.

We arrived at the property at 10:30 so we could eat the included lunch. The guy at check in said we may not be able to valet the car our self, but when we walked back outside another guy said we could just park it ourself. I do not like to valet my car and especially during Covid. So I was happy we could do that. We were told our room would be ready at 3pm. With check out we are a Hyatt member and I had to practically beg for an extended 1 hour checkout. The host said no twice but i pulled up the information online and we were able to get 1 hour additional, which I was thankful for.

We ate all meals on property, the food is delicious but extremely small portions. For instance for dinner I ordered 4 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 6 desserts for myself. But I do like to eat a lot of food. The dinner also takes an extremely long time. We were there for 3 hours and not because I’m a slow eater. It’s a bit frustrating because after sunset the mosquitos come out in full force. So I would recommend eating earlier. We constantly had a problem with the meals not going to the correct tables, and at this resort we filled our day with as many activities as possible so we were always on a time crunch, but then again you don’t expect breakfast to take 1.5 hours. One morning the drinks never came and it was quicker to just go to the little Roost snack place and get them ourself. One day I think they just gave up getting us the drinks.

Activities, we did as many complimentary activities as possible. Hiking, yoga, smoothie making, stretch, flying squirrel, quantum leap, cardio drumming. This is the highlight of the hotel. The instructors and guides were great! We were able to pre book about half these glasses. Many people do not show up so we were able to get into many of the classes just by showing up 5 mins before. The classes are all socially distant, big room and max of 8 people. Inside you must wear mask even when doing activity. Outside activity you can take off mask. The van ride over to hike was packed though so that was a little nerve wracking with the socially distant. But everything else the resort looked like it was empty.

Massage, I don’t have much experience here but we did the deep mountain massage and I felt like it could of used more pressure. But my girlfriend said she asked for ‘medium’ pressure and it was a ton of pressure. So maybe my expectations are different I don’t know.

All in all we did have a great time, but I would probably not go back. I would book early and schedule your activities early. You can change or cancel your schedule up to 4 hours beforehand with no charge. I have stayed at a St. Regis Bal Harbour before and I kinda expected the staff to have the same hospitality but it was more like a courtyard. At the St. Regis I was blown away but I was not here. For instance you show up at the front desk and there’s no one there for help. At st Regis the workers always great you and somehow even remember your name. Not here and not what you are expecting for $1500 a night. The activity staff though is amazing and very passionate about what they do and we had a great time doing that. The activity staff remember your name. It would be hard to pick out a favorite activity as they were all great and I would recommend doing all of them. But flying squirrel if you get motion sickness don’t do that one. The activity staff is what makes this hotel.

Any questions feel free to ask as I don’t think there’s much information about the resort.


Which Miraval did you stay at? Arizona, Austin or Berkshires?


Did you stay at the Berkshires location? Might be some growing pains if so since they just opened.


He mentioned “flying squirrel” so it must be the Berkshires location


Hi, I called to book now at the Berskhires location. They have a 3 night minimum stay until November. They also do not have a points only booking available until November 2021, only points + Cash (3 nights- 97,500 points + $766). Dan, What do you think of this deal?
It does include the $175 a night resort credit.

Alida Lupari

Just came back from Miraval Arizona thanks to this awesome deal I found @dansdeals and it was amazing. Worth every point and more! I booked 3 award nights and got 3 free and $525 in resort credits plus my “point rebate” back on my Hyatt account :). The staff in A+, the place is immaculate, taking post COVID very seriously and I would jump on this deal all over again!