HURRY! Crowne Plaza Jerusalem Is On The New Priority Club PointBreaks List!


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The current list is valid for stays from now through 09/30/11.

I stayed using PointBreaks in Toronto And Tiberias, Israel and got great rooms at both hotels even though the hotel is only reimbursed $30/night on PointBreaks stays.

You can stay in any PointBreaks hotel for 5,000 Priority Club points. If you already have 5,000 Priority Club points in your account then you can buy increments of 10,000 points for $60 as described below.

If you don’t have points yet Priority Club sells 5,000 points for $67.50 or you can instantly transfer 5,000 AMEX MR points into 5,000 Priority Club points or instantly transfer 5,000 Chase Sapphire Preferred Ultimate Rewards points into 5,000 Priority Club points.

After you have 5,000 points in your account you can book any cancellable 15,000 point hotel using cash and points for $60+5,000 points. Just search for reward points stays in any metro area and you should find a hotel for 5,000 points+$60.  When you cancel the hotel you will get 15,000 points in your account. In other words the cost per each 5,000 point stay is just $30 after you already have 5,000 points in your account.

Sample hotels: (Hotels have a limited amount of PointBreaks rooms and will be taken off the list once they sell out.)
Crowne Plaza Jerusalem
Intercontinental Suites Cleveland
Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh Airport
Holiday Inn London Heathrow
Staybridge Suites Toronto-Markham
Holiday Inn Montreal-Midtown
Crowne Plaza Paramus, NJ
Holiday Inn Cleveland Airport
Holiday Inn Seattle Airport

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I just opened a Priority club CC recently and have never used them before.. How does booking a point break work? Can you cancel a reservation?


Also…How long do transfers from Chase Rewards to Priority Club take?

na nach

nothing availible dead


any hotels in Auckland, New Zealand?


Not following. After we have 5K in account, you book this C&P 15K stay, cancel, and they let us keep 15K points as if we stayed there?

Also, what do you mean when you say the cost per each 5,000 point stay is just $30 after you already have 5,000 points in your account. Where is $30 coming in? Thanks….

na nach

did any manage to book?


I booked rooms for every night for 2.5 months! 73 nights for under $2,200!


@Sam: I think people like you are a shame, unless you are planning to use them yourself?1

flying ace

Why? Should other people not have a chance because you want to use this to make some money?



Thanks for letting others get in on the deal


Please disregard my comment before. I got it now.


@Sam: better than paying rent

Shmuel Boruch

you cancel and they give you 15k points back instead of 5k and $60 because they do not refund the reservation. You then can reserve a pricebreak deal for only 5k/night which costed you $30. Great deal. How can I check availability? Anyone have a signup code for the Priority Club?


@Shmuel Boruch: Which costed you? Tell me you don’t really think that’s proper English


Thanks Sam, we all appreciate your consideration


I think half the time people make comments like Sam’s it’s not true. Other times, sadly it is.


@Sam: Im Honestly excited and Jealous! All the haters here are just jealous they didnt think of it first! forget them, PS. Hook me up with some of the points lolllllllll


@Avi: Stop being such a HATER today! If thats the way you act when you fast then go eat before you comment more!!!!!!!!!!!!


how do i find availability ?


@question: you cant get availability…clowns like sam mess it up for everyone

Shmuel Boruch

@Avi: Hi Avi, I am sorry if you did not understand my English. I can comment more fluently in my native Russian or Ukrainian, or if you prefer we can chat in Amharic, Tigrit, Ashanti or maybe it is easier for you to comprehend my Spanish, French or Italian. I am sorry, my Flemish is atrocious 😉

Shmuel Boruch

@Avi: Sorry, I did not understand you, Avi. I do not see the punctuation in your sentence, “Tell me you don’t really think that’s proper English”. Did you mean “Tell me, you don’t really think that’s proper English?” or “Tell me you don’t really think that is proper English.”?

I guess I confused a restrictive clause for a non-restrictive and I beg your pardon. Best regards!


@ Sam – did you really book all those nights? I’ll take a week of them.


Question: can I reserve nights in a crown plaza hotel with my points and let my in-laws (different family names) without me being and the premise at the time of check-in?


@Efrat: yea just add their name to the reservation then you dont hve to be there