HURRY! Book A Grand Executive Suite At The Grand Hyatt NYC For 12.5K Points+$150!

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Update, 2:15PM: DEAD!

Book A Grand Executive Suite At The Grand Hyatt NYC For 12.5K Points+$150!

Hyatt Cash and Points normally allows you to book base rooms for a set amount of points based on the hotel’s assigned category.

The Grand Hyatt NYC is a category 6 hotel.

Hotel CategoryStandard Room AwardSuite Night AwardPoints+Cash Standard Room AwardCost of points saved with P+C Award
15K8K2.5K+$502 cents/point
28K13K4K+$551.38 cents/point
312K20K6K+$751.25 cents/point
415K24K7.5K+$1001.33 cents/point
520K32K10K+$1251.25 cents/point
625K40K12.5K+$1501.2 cents/point
730K48K15K+$3002 cents/point

To access cash and points rates you can search for a date, click on “show World of Hyatt awards” and then click on the cash and points tab. Or when searching for a rate you can click on “Special rates” and then “Corporaste of group code and enter: 51440

Currently the Grand Hyatt NYC is offering an executive suite at the cash and points rate on most dates from now through 2018.

On most dates that I searched the rate rules allowed for free cancellations until 2 days prior to the stay.

For example on 6/5/18 you can redeem 12.5K points+$150 cash+$25 tax or you can book the room for $1,029+tax=$1,184. That’s a value of more than 8 cents per point ($1,184-$175/12,500)!

The Grand Executive suite has a King Hyatt Grand bed and a sofa with a Queen pullout bed.

Suites at the Grand Hyatt NYC also include complimentary Grand Club access which includes an indoor and outdoor space with free food and drinks. The hotel also has a 24 hour fitness center and free WiFi.

You can transfer Chase points instantly to Hyatt.

You can also buy Hyatt points here.

Will you book a suite at the Grand Hyatt NYC?


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We’re going to be in Manhattan over Memorial Day 2018 and I was shocked to see the Grand Hyatt suite option was still available for our dates. I’m sorely tempted but we need to use of some expiring IHG free nights and free trumps $150.

Nathan S

I booked it for my anniversary in March Thank you!!

Any tips on how to spend Shabbos in Manhattan?


Any other properties having this deal?


Any other miles or points besides chase can be transferred


A. What floor (s) is this on?
B. Besides being a suite, anything spectacular in this room for people who have no interest in a club access?


i was able to get for nov 2017 but cancellation is 14days before!


Booked for the wifes bday! Thanks Dan!


Stinks this deal isnt in another popular city, since I live in manhattan theres no point for me to book wouldve made a nice getaway for london/paris


Any way to take advantage of this if I dont have Hyatt points by buying or transferring points?


Hey Dan, it doesn’t say there’s a king bed. Only a queen sofa bed. Are you sure there are 2 beds?? I checked feb 7-8.


Having just discovered you about 1 year ago, I’ve taken advantage of many great deals like this one. I literally hang on your every tweet. Thanks for all you do!


Booked for Motzei Shabbos in January. Kids are gonna have a blast.


Does anyone know if this is the kind of suite that you can stay in with two kids – ages 2 and 5? I’m not sure about he practicality of it and also if maximum room occupancy allows for it. If anyone knows, I’d surely appreciate it. Thanks!


I found on cash rates no price increase for up to 3 adults, or 2 adults/1 child. When I went above that to 3 adults and 1 child, the executive suite option disappeared. So I’m thinking 3’is max occupancy.


Won’t let me progress to the confirmation step (no error, just refreshes the page)


Personally, I would rather spend a little more and use 30k points to book a regular room at the PH (where the service is fantastic and you are a few minutes from Central Park and Columbus Circle), than spend 12.5k points and $150.00 for a suite at this property. Sure, it’s a suite and offers Club access, but at the end of the day, this isn’t a spectacular property and it’s not in a great location.


I’ve stayed at both. The PH is a great location. I did love the full breakfast there and the amenities, but the service was simply standard, not exceptional. The Grand Hyatt is a little further out, but offers some cool stuff, like a rooftop tour, and since it’s connected to Grand Centeral, I would consider it actually a better location. The club was great and the room was nice. It had a very nice full table in it, original art work and a fancy lighting system. Plus, if you travel with company, the value of the Club far outweighes breakfast.
Side note: the kids love the waterfalls and water features in the lobby of the Grand. The Grand also has a reputation for small toilet spaces in the rooms. Big bathroom, small toilet space. It’s kind of odd.

Heather @ bizewife

Dead? I am only seeing standard rooms in C+P now?


seems dead.


Awesome Deal! In for 3 nights, even during peak summer days! Dan is THE MAN!!


I booked for oct 8th thanks dan


I booked but i havent received an email conf. I see the reservation in my account, but the points havent been deducted. When i click on the reservation to modify, it shows me no details, doesnt even show the hotel name or room type…any idea how long it takes for the points to be deducted and reservation to be confirmed?


Same here. Made two bookings. One for Jan 2018 and one for Oct 2018


Just got the confirmation email – I guess this it was “TICKETED” LOL


Booked 1 night in Oct. (only night available for our 4 night stay in NYC), and immediately got an email saying points have been deducted. 20 minutes later, confirmation email game through. Points in Hyatt account also show immediate deduction.


Can’t seem to find availability, although for cash I see that the grand executive suite is available. Is this an official promo?

Grand Hyatt NYC DO

when are you coming over Dan?


As per the hotel in order to get club access for the grand executive suite you must pay 100 dollars. Can this be accurate?

buenas naches

I went back and forth on this one…Had already booked the not-yet-open Embassy Suites Midtown 4th night free with Citi Prestige for wife and kid trip in June. $250/night after tax w/discount. Keeping that as a backup. (Families should take a look at that property, I’m sure rates will rise later).

First – I HATE buying back my own points (even at 1.4 cents after tax) I’ve just monetized them. And I had to transfer UR points, which may be more valuable to me used elsewhere. My family would probably be fine with a 300 Sq Ft. room with 2 beds – available in June for around $300/night + tax (have breakfast at Hilton via CC). I’d pay that much for a room, so it’s worth that much to me. I value Hyatt points at 1.4 cents each, so I’m actually paying .014×12,500 + $175.50/night, or $350.50 after tax.

But will the wife and kid appreciate it a lot more? You Betcha!


@Dan – Not to hi-jack this thread, but want to know what your take is regarding the Manchester Hyatt price mistake (from last February)… No charge as of yet on my credit card. I don’t know if any dd members have stayed there yet… just curious to find out if you have any idea whether that hotel stay will work out! Thanks!!


Ok so i just stayed there last time.
Room was ok , not that spectacular at all…
It was basically 2 rooms one with a bed and one with a couch and a dining room table.
It the rooms are definitely nice and modern, but i dont know if i would have bounced $362 (if i account 1.5 cents / point) for it.
The big drawback are the bathrooms, which are really nothing crazy at all, they don’t even have a tub, it was showers (not rain showers) really plain !
Photos can be emailed if anyone wants
just reply with your email


Thanks netlevy. Just to confirm, you stayed in the grand executive suite? Was club access included? Thanks!


Yes , they said it was the Grand Executive suite, i questioned them on it…
I did not need or wanted to use the club , so i am not sure about the club access


I meant last night , not last “time”


Dan –

Got in on this for 4 nights next June. Rec’d confirmation email. Points were initially deducted, then returned to my account (shows deduct. for reservation, then returned under “Points Purchase” at when logged in). Can’t find the credit card charge, which means it may have been reversed?

Have a backup reservation on points for a reg. room at the Marriott Marquis, but I’m gonna fight like heck to keep this one, since I do have a confirmation. Any advice? Kind of afraid to call about it, but a month has passed, so…


…and yes, the reservation still shows in my account!