HOT! Save $100 Off $100 On Select Hotels From Orbitz!

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Update: DEAD!

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Use the following promo code when searching for hotels for $100 off $100: MASTERPASS

-This is valid for travel from now until 10/02.
-The code is not valid at major chains.
-You need to use MasterPass checkout.

Then just look for hotels that say promo code eligible:




















Once you select the hotel the $100 discount will be shown:











1 night at the SLS Las Vegas doesn’t hit the $100 requirement, but 2 nights do:










A night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the Pointe Plaza with a kosher continental breakfast on the first night of Chol Hamoed is $44+tax:













A suite in Niagara Falls on the first night of Chol Hamoed is $1+tax:














Post what other deals you find!


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59 Comments On "HOT! Save $100 Off $100 On Select Hotels From Orbitz!"

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Looks like the code is now $50 off $100


Is this available on hotels in NY/NJ?


Did you try it?
Works for $100 off $100 for me.

It works worldwide.


Promo code not working on my mobile app


Thanks, Dan.
I couldn’t find anything worthwhile in the Boston area, plus the timing is tough with YK and Sukkot. Boston hotels right now are ridiculously expensive. G’mar chatima tovah and Shabbat Shalom.


Searching for hotel in Bangkok and says on too of page “We’re sorry the promo code you entered is not valid for this destination.”


Can u use more than once if u book 1 day at a time?


Can I book a room for October 1 using thr promo, then transfer the booking to November?


You should be able to.

You’d have to call the hotel and ask after booking.


“The promo code you entered is only available for certain travel dates between Sep 15, 2015 and Oct 2, 2015.”


Looks like
Red Roof Inn and Suites Guilford, CT, would be free for 9/25 if anyone could use it.


Is that not what I wrote in the post?


@Dan: Yea, missed it. Sorry.


Is it only available in certain destinations? Tried Bangkok for next week and says promo not available in this destination


plenty of decent options in israel


Booked a stopover at the inn at pocono manor for $30!


If anyone needs a day in Williamsburg the first day chol hamoed is only $44 at point Plaza hotel

Mountain Man

Niagra Falls with a hot tub suite for $18 after taxes


@zow: Nothing is free. Most hotels have $5-$15 in taxes which the promo code doesn’t help for


Can’t get my amex card to work with masterpass since it requires a 3 digit security code and won’t allow 4. Any ideas?


When i try to complete the order it doesnt go thru


I set up a masterpass account but I dont see the option to pay with it at booking?

Mountain man

Which hotel?


Wish this covered October. Have a one night hotel stay that his would be perfect for. Oh well.



Worked for.

Booked 4 night sep for $30 a night

Mountain Man

Sandman Mississauga Hotel in Toronto was ~$18 after taxes. I have chol hamoed planned out and I have a feeling that parking my car might cost more than the hotel stay.


Booked Sonesta Suites in Burlington, MA (near Boston) for $21 for tonight. Thanks!


Any choices in los angeles?


Where for $30/night?


You could get rooms for free on chol hamoad in the Pocono area


pointe plaza will give you cereal and milk. Their continental breakfast is not kosher


Anybody find anything for maryland?


Looks like if the hotel price doesn’t meet $100, you can try adding more guests to the reservation and it goes up in price. CMIW


@Barry: nearby minyan?


For some reason it’s not letting me sign into Masterpass.
Is anyone else experiencing this?
I am succeeding to sign in on the same computer directly on masterpass site


me too


Got hotel in jerusalem for 0, problem is can’t do MASTERPASS…only lets you pay with CC and then says you must pay with masterpass but it isn’t an option


Cant seem to sign up for masterpass! keeps giving me an error saying it cant complete process??


TB — yes either hotel RL or Lord Baltimore Hotel both in downtown Baltimore


Masterpss sign up working fine.. just go to the generic “Masterpass”, sign up, add your card and other info and it will automatically populate payment..

Leah lesserson

Any in southern California ? Trying


got 5 nights in cancun for 261!


Anything w/whirlpool in NY,NJ?


I just keep getting an error when I try to pay with MasterPass on Orbitz. Any suggestions?


Assuming I can use this as many times I would like?

Liam Knuj

When does the credit card get charged?
If charged now and one later wants to cancel (within the allowed time) do you get an immediate refund or do you have to jump through hoops?


thank you dan! just booked in the pointe plaza for wednesday night of chol hamoed for 68$ for a twin suite 🙂
i had to do masterpass checkout but i was able to use a visa

Leah in LA

THANKS YEY DAN chol hamoed night out treat for the kids


when is the offer valid until? Can I still use it Saturday night?


I signed up for masterpass//but I keep trying to finish and pay and it wont allow me to complete the transaction, it says on must pay with master pass…I spoke with the manager and she said you click on mastercard and put in the info..bc there is nothing that says masterpass to click on to pay….anybody can help??


what hotels are free in the poconos?


Sweet. I finally figured out how to sign up for Masterpass with US Bank. Orbitz would not work on my desktop but it worked on my ipad. Scored a room in SLC for $20!

Leah in LA

same happened w me I tried three times then I clicked on mastercard even tho it was visa and it worked


Deal is dead


We’re sorry but limited numbers of this promo code were available for redemption and the limit has been reached. Promo code rules

Leah of LA

ok so I am totally foolish I booked for the wrong week!! gotta cancel
ah well!

Liam Knuj

Very disappointed. Wanting to not spend most of Erev Shabbos looking for a good Chol HaMoed deal, I dpoke to an Orbitz rep on Friday and asked when the promo expires. I was told “September 30”. Never said anything about “or while supplies last”. Had I known, I would have booked a number of possibilities that I was considering and then cancel most of them later.


Deal expired! I just set up master pay and the deal is now off.. 🙁
Dammit to hell.


Please list deal as dead