Ends Today! Sit Through A Hilton Timeshare Presentation And Get 4 Nights In Orlando Or Las Vegas and 20K Points For $199

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Update: These offers ends today!

Originally posted on 5/21:

Hilton: Sit Through A Timeshare Presentation And Get 4 Nights In Orlando Or Las Vegas and 20K Points For $199

Offers like this are usually targeted, so it’s noteworthy when they are open to the public.

Timeshares are not worth “investing” in as the upfront costs and ongoing fees make it a terrible deal. The proof is that people often have a hard time even giving away their timeshare for free. Of course some people will disagree with that assessment, but you can do better by just finding deals for vacations rather than be locked into something for life.

That being said, as long as you have the willpower to sit through a 2 hour sales pitch and keep saying no, this can be a good deal. If you don’t have that kind of willpower you should sit this deal out.

You’ll get 20K Hilton and 4 nights for up to 4 people in a Hilton Orlando or Las Vegas hotel for just $199.

You need to pay the $199 by 5/31 and then you’ll have 12 months to travel to the destination of your choice.

You can book your travel dates at any time, but once you lock in dates it will cost $20 to change dates more than 30 days in advance. You’ll have to pay the rack room rate for 1 night if you want to change dates within 14 days.

Will you take advantage of this offer?

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I did this a few months ago in Vegas. I got the $200 back in the form of Hilton GC


Did you cancel in the end?


How did you get it back?

Yossi Trump

I don’t have the zitzfleish for this shtuss. Utter waste of time, IMO.


Maybe, Yossi, because you have the money to afford traveling without it.
Not everyone does.


Any idea what size room or suite?


its the basic of basic room’ but if avail you can upgrade like to a one bedrooom suite etc and try to make a deal with them like upgrade for half off/ (50$ extra per night) just take note your reserv is thru MARKETING not direct thru the hilton so to upgrade you need to call MARKETING(not opened 24 hrs, so if you check in late and then decide to upgrade you may not be able to upgrade till the next morning), get approved then talk to front desk


Thanks Dan! I read through the detains and didn’t see anything about bringing kids on the trip and to the timeshare presentation. I see that married spouses both need to attend; I wonder if kids are allowed to attend or if you have to find childcare during the presentation?


How does childcare work for the presentation? Will they let my restless toddler run around the room for 2 hours?


They will provide a babysitter


yes. just officaily you cant do presentation the day you arrive /check in or the day you leave


Hi Dan, do you know what kind of Hilton they would put you up at in Orlando?


Hilton grand vacation


Can you go for a shorter amount of time provided that you do the presentation before leaving? 5 days is way too long for me in Orlando.


yes. just officaily you cant do presentation the day you arrive /check in or the day you leave


I did one of these with Hyatt Residence Club in Maui (targeted offer). Was the best hotel experience ever…beautiful 3 bedroom 2,100SF unit. Hyatt presentation was less then an hour and not at all pushy.

This seems like it doesn’t give you the exact hotel choices? Does anyone have experience doing this with Hilton brand?

reb yid

How do they know that you’re married? Spouse can watch kids.


I’ve done the timeshare for IHG, its a long process, but bringing the kids helped. They were distracting a little so he couldn’t get a full sales pitch in 🙂

They try to hide stuff like how much the annual maintenance fee is (its often close to how much you would pay for the room anyway)

Many people report different tactics they use, from claiming that if you don’t buy it, they will be broke to being rude and pushy. Just have to stick it out and say no thank you at the end.


I recently got a targeted offer from Westin Mission Hills Resorts (Marriot Bonvoy hotel) 5 Days + 4 Nights in Rancho Mirage for only $299. Under the conditions it says in bold, “An annual income of at least $100,000 or more is required.” Do I need to be able prove that??


just called them. for Orlando they said to upgrade to 1 bedroom its $50 per night an the 2 bedroom is $150 per night.

you choose the resort after


They told me to upgrade to a 1 bedroom was $75/night. Guess it depends on the salesperson you speak to.

Liam K. Nuj

Upgrade to 1 bedroom from what? Sleeping in the lobby?

sori weinbach

that’s a funny one, but i think they mean from a studio to a one bedroom


We did it in Orlando. The condos at Hilton gramd Vacation where really nice! It was off season so was empty. They gave us a $200 Visa gift card as well, once we sent in a form with a receipt that we stayed at a Hilton brand hotel within 6 months(we had to choose the hilton brand on the spot).
Would definitely do it again if we had the opportunity


how many kids do they allow in the room with you in orlando?


Or vegas


Where do the presentations take place?


Most of them take place in the hotel that u are staying by u can do 4 nights and only come for 2… and u still get the deal i stayed by the parc soliel in Orlando it was a very enjoyable experience went to the tour sat with the guy for 2 hours he and I knew there was nothing he was able to do to convince me so we just sat there and had a random conversation but i believe they have to keep u there for 2 hours even if they know ur not interested in the timeshare. Then after the tour they give u a $200 rebate (even if u dont sign up to join the timeshare…)that u can use to get a refund after u go to another hilton within 6 months u make a reservation through hilton stay there pay full price,then mail in the voucher and they give u a $200 refund. They give u 12 month to pick the date u want to join and officially it can be booked a day or 2 before but its best to book a month or 2 in advance because u have a bigger selection to choose from. And i spoke to hilton they said that it can also be a hilton brand in NYC as well as long as u say that u make over $80,000 a month


over here their not offerign the rebate just the points


Both expire on May 31


If a group of people all bought this, is it easy to guarantee the same travel dates?


My wife and I did one of these years ago in Newport, RI (Ramada, I think). The salesman acted pretty annoyed when we would not buy and called over the “sales manager”. When we kept saying no, he said, “So you know we have resorts in” and started writing: Miami, Orlando, Ontario, California, Hawaii. He underlined the first letter in each, to make sure I knew what he was spelling out. I laughed.


didnt they always have this offer for a few years akready why is it expiring may 21st?


I did the Orlando one a while ago tried cancelling a few months later so threw in more stuff credit for some parks, $200 Hilton credit, upgrade and they extended the time frame to two years


didnt they always offer this 199 dollar package for a while already? and iyo do you mind telling us what you think would be the best vegas and orlando hotel to pick from the choices


Just imagine the look on the timeshare salespeople’s faces if this is what they see at their next salespitch: https://i.dansdeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/DansDeals-9a.jpg



Are there blakout dates or can i book travel anytime within 12 months?


what’s the cancellation policy. will I get my $199 refunded if I opt out of doing it?


if i travel without my spouse, how will they know if im married or not? will i be able to take part in the timeshare by myself?


I rather have a ROOT CANAL!


Last time I brought my 4 years old and I told them my child will cry and be unhappy . They told me if I just want the $800 Hilton gift cards leave? I said yes and left after 5 mins


Different companies inflict different amounts of pain for the timeshare presentation. For example, with Disney Vacation Club there is zero pressure—but then again, they don’t give you anything but maybe FastPasses and ice cream. Wyndham is notorious for high pressure. I own both Disney and Wyndham. I’ve been to several Wyndham presentations, because they offer owners incentives to go, promising there will be no pressure. Wrong. But on the bright side, if you turn down their $18,000 points package at 18% interest, you can go on ebay and pick it up for $100.


I di this years ago. Its nothing short of harassment there. You have to have patience and Not only that. When I got to the resort they tried bait and switch. Room was much different I threatened to expose and fil suit and was treated like royalty, nice suite.


I did one of these one time with Hilton. I can’t believe the brand allows it. It was during the recession. Sooo I’m supposed to feel bad for the guy not making bank anymore in real estate sales…. Carlsbad, CA. They pitch a no pressure pitch at the beginning. I’m not the type to be pressured out of 50 grand so it didn’t work. The guy was a total a**hat or you folks may say SCHMUCK. Total waste of time. It was the only one I had ever done.

David R

This is the offer they made to me while I was on the phone booking a paid stay for someone else in 2013: Pay $149 plus tax, get the following:
4 day, 3 night at Hilton Grand Vacations
$200 Spend A Night On Us
15K HHonors points

I stayed at Parc Soliel in Orlando. If for some strange reason you want to buy a time share, you should still hold out for a while because they can make the deal better as they get more desperate to sign you up.

The $200 Spend A Night On Us was a rebate certificate that was given to me at the end of the sales pitch. I was to complete a stay at any Hilton Hotel in the US within 6 months after the sales pitch and then mail it with the Hilton receipt to get a rebate. I somehow understood this to mean I could stay at any hotel in the Hilton family, so I booked a night at Embassy Suites for just over $200 pre-tax. They invalidated my claim, saying it was only for Hilton, not other brands in the Hilton family. Fortunately, it just took a phone call for someone to understand my misconception and override the denial. Just a heads up to be careful if they offer you such a certificate.


I got two different mails on the same day, same address. One offers me 4 days for $199 and I get 15K Hilton points. The other offers me 4 days for $149 and a $200 hotel cert.


Was just targetted by Blue Green Getaways after speaking wich Choice Suites. $149 for 4 days 3 nights in one of 17 resorts. Get $150 MC gift card so the stay is free. 12 months to book but they said, at least, that they can make other arrangements if we can’t book within 12 months. Just have to find a place we can get to cheaply and hope it’s not too painful.


I was able to get the package in Orlando with a $250 “stay a night on us” certificate instead of the 20k HH points (which are worth approx $80 in my opinion), plus an upgrade to a 2-bedroom suite for $50/night.


What do 20k Hilton points give you? Do you sit on the presentation before the vacation or during?


20k points gets you nothing. On the phone they will tell you that it’s enough for x nights at their properties, but in reality, you’re lucky if you get one night in an Embassy Suites in the middle of nowhere on a Tuesday.

The presentation is during the stay, and not on the first or last day either.


is this better then the standard offer you can get over the phone after speaking to a hilton rep , i find they offer you the full 199 back at the end of your presentation ?


Be careful, people. And don’t be naive. Timeshare salespeople are ruthless and are often very deceptive and make it exceedingly difficult to claim your prize.

Check out this short video clip before investing 2+ hours of your life into this…


Joe S

Ehh, Hilton is fine, if you can say no for up to 2 hours, very easy. Timeshares with legit companies (Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, etc) are fine, and honestly pretty easy, the annoying part for us is wasting your time, not saying no.


I ordered this package, and got a email that they’re offering 100$ theme park credit if I book by 6/15 for stays through 8/31.
Should I be book now, or can I expect a better offer if I leave it open?


I’m doing one in NYC. It was $299 for 2 nights. For the 2 hour tour they are giving me 10k points, $100 stay of us certificate, and $250 in gift certificates to spend in NYC restaurants.

Jeff B

Thank you Dan! I went and bought the timeshare, I didn’t understand all of it but if Dan was saying it’s a good deal then that was all I needed.

Thank you!


Is this still available? The link is working, but shows may 31 date.


Yes. How do i sign up