Get Paid To Stay In A Vancouver Hotel!

View from our suite in the Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver
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Disclaimer: The health of DansDeals readers is this website’s paramount concern. For your sake and the sake of those around you, consider staying at home while COVID-19 is still spreading or try booking for after you think COVID-19 will no longer be a threat. Remember to travel responsibly and take precautions as suggested by your local authorities to avoid spreading the virus.

If you book a hotel via StayVancouverHotels you can get a Visa gift card potentially worth more than your stay.

Select the Visa promo from the drop down menu and you’ll be taken to a page that will show how much you will get back in gift cards for booking a stay.

All prices listed are in Canadian dollars and the gift card is in Canadian dollars.

Depending on the hotel, you can get a gift card worth $75, $100, or $125 back for a 1 night stay or double that for a 2 night stay. Subsequent nights earn an additional $50, up to 5 total night, though you can also just book another stay…

• Three bookings maximum per person.
• Stay must be between now and September 15, 2020.
• Bookings are cancellable up to 48 hours before check-in date.
• Visa Reward card(s) will be delivered at check-in.
• Bookings can be made using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.
• This offer is limited and may end at any time.
• Please note that hotel amenities & services may be limited. Please check with the hotel directly.


Vancouver is a stunning city and there are some great kosher restaurants and fun activities. Read more in my trip notes or on the DDF Vancouver Master Thread.

I’d expect to see more heavily subsidized travel deals as cities try to drum up tourism. Will you take advantage of this deal?

HT: Gary

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Thinking Jew

If I find subsidized flights as well, I’m in


Do you have to show up


Can I as an American get to Vancouver? I thought the borders are all closed?


What’s the best way to fly to Vancouver with miles?


The correct answer used to be Cathay Pacific.

Alas, no more.


Can the gift cards be utilized yo pay for that same hotel stay or are they just giving you the cards in hopes you spend it on other things there, making you spend extra money in total and being a bait and switch type of deal


The gift card is a Visa gift card, it can be used anywhere- almost as good as cash.


Since it’s a CAD Visa gift card, you have to spend it in Canada.


The $125 and $50 are CAD.


Can u do 2 nights in one hotel and 2 nights in another, and get $125 for each night or will it be counted as nights 1-4 as opposed two 2 night stays?


every time i click on room rates the price jumps

Dan\'s the Man

Maybe stop clicking?


anyone see any that you can get paid for? because everytime i actually click to book the price jumps


I was born in Canada but never updated my passport since I was a baby. You think they’ll let my wife and I in?


Is the passport expired?


If you can prove you’re a Canadian citizen, they will let you in. So an original birth certificate will do the trick, no need for a Canadian passport. Your wife should qualify under the new rule they just made on Monday. But you will still need to quarantine upon arrival, and it seems there is another 15-day stay requirement for spouses who enter under the new rule, unclear what they can do if you change your mind and leave early.


There is a mandatory 14 day quarantine for everyone entering Canada (even Canadian citizens returning) so essentially this deal is only for those currently in Canada.


Dan is this basically only for those In canada as it seems even by air there is a 14 day quaratine?

also can you clarify is visa gift card can only be spend in Canada?


Check the 1st rule under the “quick facts”. Indeed everyone entering Canada must quarantine.
So if you want to leave your hotel room, then this deal isn’t for you.
They will lift this at some point, but Canadians aren’t in any rush to lift anything (I’m one myself!)