Deluxe Suite At The Signature At MGM Grand Las Vegas For Just $27.86 On August 28th

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Update, 8:15pm: DEAD!


Deluxe Suite At The Signature At MGM Grand For $27.86 On August 28th

Seemingly the only valid night for this deal is Thursday, August 28th.

The rate for a deluxe suite on for 08/28 is $250. The hotel is ranked #10 of 271 hotels in Vegas.

A $25 resort fee will be owed at checkin.







HT: HP58, via EHD


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can you cancel at any time,or once you book its final?


Refundable until when…?


It’s not refundable as there is a $15 processing fee…


Why are people too lazy to go look at the booking conditions themselves?

Avi Stern

I just returned the other week from a business trip to LV. I stayed at the Signature and I must say that it was a very pleasant stay. The 3 towers have a private entrance way which is very nice because you don’t have to wait 10-15 minutes for your car to come up from valet. There is no casino in the tower but it’s attached to the MGM via hallways which is just about a 3 minute walk. The pools are separate as well and are very quiet. There is access to the main pools at the MGM as well. There is a separate starbucks for the towers so no loooooong lines in the morning (very convenient). Rooms are very large and are furnished with a kitchenette, living room area and desk.

Many rooms are sold as condos and their owners do come in from time to time. As it was on my stay they were coming I the day I left so I was not able to get a late checkout but the 11am checkout worked out just fine.

Overall a great place to stay.


we need flights u know there is no point of hotels with no cheap flights.
thank you


shlomo, some people live close enough they don’t need a flight (e.g. Me). not every deal dan posts is a good fit for me; that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t post it. Same goes for you.

Thanks Dan!


Seems dead already. Price coming up at 127 now.


Booked! Thanks 😉



Final Price (for 1 night) USD 27.86
Hotel tax and service fees USD 2.86 included, Resort Fee Amount 1 night(s) USD 25.00 not included (collected by hotel)


Is this deal dead?


I tried booking. It says someone else booked the room.



keeps saying already booked


Why do people have to grab deals from here, and run to post them to SDs 800,000,000 daily readership?


I can’t seem to find the refund policy – does anyone know what it is for sure?


just click on “booking conditions” on agoda screen before you click “book it”

“Please note if you cancel this before the hotel policy period as below, a US $15 processing fee will be charged.

Any cancellation received within 2 days prior to arrival date will incur the first nights charge”


@Emma: emma got it. shucks!


shows up for 25 so guys check again


Still working for me.


Dan. Keep in mind that HTC displays different OTAs depending on area. Sometimes even within the USA they will vary. So if you aren’t funneling links/traffic geographically there can be problems. If people aren’t seeing it they should check which is the seller of the room.



You know that plenty of the deals here and on DDF originated on other sites, right?


I still keep getting this
Someone’s just booked that room and we can’t complete your booking.
You can:
•Return to the Hotel page to select a different room type, or
•Return to the Search Results page where you can select a different hotel.
Anyone have this still working?

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Moshe, try clearing your cookies and doing private browsing if you haven’t already.

Dan's the man

They give you this deal. Will prob be the hottest day of the year. I’m guessing 125 degrees 🙂



what’s SD?? I agree with Yitzchak! No need to post for millions of other people to snatch up.

The link seems dead, it’s showing $147 for that room.

How can you get on an email list to find out about these deals in the first place??

SoCal Dude

I got a room! Perfect for end of summer fun in the pool for the 3 kids! Awesome!


Warning the entire hotel will be full of Jews for that night!


The real deal was the one bedroom balcony room at the bottom for 113K

John Thomlonson

Dan — Would you consider a subscriber type service where those willing, like me, would pay a fee and get access to some deals that you don’t post? $15/$20 a month? Thoughts?


@John Thomlonson:
DDF is free. Most deals originate there and only come to the main site later on (from a few minutes to a few hours).
If you’re an active member, you’ll notice deals as soon as they are posted for the first time instead of waiting for Dan to pick it up and put it here.


You can often find cheap hotels in Vegas. Here is the Riviera for $17

The Luxor for $37

SoCal Dude

Anyone staying The Signature @ MGM Grand tonight? We had to change plans (kids back to school…) so please tell me what I’m missing!