Barcelona Tower Suites In Cancun For $7 Per Night

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Bookable on Orbitz.

Earn 2.14 points per dollar by paying with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Probably won’t be honored, but if you want to give it a shot anyway:

Search for Cancun and use promo code: PACKUP
Then sort by lowest price to find the Barcelona Tower Suites.

Bookable on select dates over the next few months.
For example: 02/24, 03/09, 03/18, etc.









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Just booked it for a few nights in may. Do you know anything about this place? Is cancun a safe place?


Booked for Pesach!


booked, thanks dan


cant seem to figure it out…is it dead?


Just booked three nights for this coming weekend. $12 per night for a 3 bedroom apartment.


its 8 bucks without the code.
got it in july for the same 8 bucks


cant get it to work


Booked it. Hope they honorary it?? Got a confirmation code


Just booked 3 nights in August for 8$!


Just booked for 2 separate weeks!
Any idea if this is a nice hotel and a decent area?


booked a 2br apartment for $12/night in august


Booked. Thanks Dan.
The hotel didnt originally pop up when i searched for lowest price. Then i searched the hotel and it came up.


Just booked a room for $8 a night from Sunday the 9th through Thursday the 13. It was $42 inc tax.

Now time to find a flight and a passport for my 3 year old lol


DAN now get us cheap flights to cancun


What dates are working


Booked! Thanks!


I booked it for 4 nights 50$


does anyone know if this hotel is near chabad?

Dan's the man

@Anonymous: Leave the 3 yr old at home with the parents/in-laws and get away with your spouse.


Booked for August. Southwest will start flying there, from select cities, starting July 1, 2014, I believe.
Thank you, Dan!!!


Lol! Thank you Dan! Just booked 2 three bedroom apartments for a week oin July. Now just need to find another family to join us, amd find some cheap tix to Cancun!


I cant book this hotel or see an overview or pics of this hotel, when i click check rates the rates dont show.


Booked it! Thanks! But might cancel flights are way too expensive!

Dan's the man

Thanks Dan. Booked for pre day weekend. Unless I get glitch airfare I’ll prob cancel it.


Why can’t I find hotel. I even put hotel name in search.


What dates are working I’m having trouble


Is it dead?


Deal is DEAD. Every single date I use is not working.

Dan's the man

@Adam: Cancun is safe.


Dead they took it down


I can’t get rates to come up for hotel, with or without promo code, looks like Orbitz has spiked this. I tried seven different weekend or different lengths.


Saw the price at $8 then went to check out and said rooms not available for the dates I entered in June. 🙁


Deal is NOT dead. Just put in 2 random dates in May and July and it still is $8/night


4 separate reservations!


Just booked 2 Rooms for 4 nights Thanks Dan.


Deal not dead. Just booked for May and July


@Dan- When will we know if the deal is going to be honored? I booked the hotel, but do not want to book airfare unless I know the booking is valid.

Dan's the man

@Anonymous: correct it wasn’t dead. I just booked 1 more reservation for a diff date in case I can use miles to get free airfare on that date. I tried booking a 3rd date and now it appears dead. It doesn’t show anyprice for this hotel so I think orbitz yanked it.


Are there dates available for peasach?


What dates are you using because I tried a bunch.

Marc Goldhammer

Booked for four nights in may. My friends are saying they prob won’t honor it, any leads?


was anyone in Cancun yet?


i just booked for june 29


Just booked for August 24 – September 1 with the $8 or $12 option. Seems to still be available.


I booked and went back to orbitz and it doesn’t show my reservation anymore? Did they cancel it?


I checked my cc and it shows a temp charge from orbitz but there is nothing in my orbitz account now. How can I fix?


Still can’t seem to get the right search. Can anyone post the steps bec I can’t get to even see the hotel


@Shayt: pls post a tr in DDF


Dates in February are working


Yes we need cheap flights now thanks


@mark click on the orbitz link, then plug in “cancun, mexico” under where and plug in the “PACKUP” promo code in the promo section. hit search. then on the top of the page, click lowest rates. and on the left hand side type in the hotel name. click search again. (this is how it worked for me) thee hotel should pop up.


Does not work for me, does it still work for anyone?
7.32 PM EST


Did anyone tried calling the hotel directly,If yes what is the #


ADAM yes cancun is safe was just there after Chanukah lots of security in the hotels and all around
Anonymous google kosher cancun and email the rabbi drucker chabad is on the lagoon mile????. we ate with them on Shabbos and gave them a donation. check if he thinks he will have a minyan.


Thank you! I need a cheap flight 2/17-2/24…..


@Rachel: The hotel pops up but it doesn’t show any price there. I checked many dates and thats how it popped up. Am I suppose to click on hotel to try to get that price?


Is the deal dead? Can’t find any available dates after trying tons.


@mark try clicking the hotel and putting in dates even though you don’t see an initial price. Price should come up once you do that. Sorry, hope it works for you, i do not know if this deal is dead now 🙁


If the person calls the hotel – obviously then they will put back the regular price.

That’s really not recommended — it seems that everyone would rather get the $12/nt rate…


Deal is not dead- rather most dates are booked up. Just tried for dates in Aug-Dec and it is still working


All would need to call at one point before arriving,this hotel doesn’t have a website and not too many reviews.
We do need a # to call


I just booked in Oct for $12/night. Code was only good select dates Jan-June; Happy to pay the whopping $5/night more to be there when it’s cold here!


not until the deal dies, please don’t ruin it


@phillyjew: good point. it is kind of strange that there isn’t an official site


@Mocha – what is a “tr”?


Why isn’t it coming up in search? Any ideas? I can’t even see the hotel…


Deal is now dead. Booked three reservations earlier but now when you search by hotel name it says no match and when you search by price it also does not come up.


I need Btwn march 3-9


I booked the last 3 bedroom on Feb 24 for $12. The dates available are getting thin.


I booked a 2-bedroom a few hours ago for June 5 to June 9 for a 10-year Anniversary long weekend with my Wife for $7/night. -Thanks now just gotta find cheap direct flights.


Could someone post a review after they go.


@Shayt: trip report


anyone still finding availability?

alex gelleri

tried to find hotel in Orbitz, doesnt appear, where can I find it?


I booked a 3 bedroom condo for $12 for this upcoming Sunday night (2/16), and another for the following Sunday night (2/23).
I wont be able to make either one. Anyone want it who will be there anyway? I believe i can call the hotel and add your name to my reservation to allow you to check in. Offering it for free for anyone who wants- as its worth it to me to see that it works and the hotel is normal, since i have a few other reservations i made for the summer.


@Ben: @Ben:
is the room on 2/23 for only one night?







Ben how many days are your reservations for?

Nikki Cantu

Let me know if anyone got one for Feb 26-Mar4 that they dont want. We will already be there and would like to stay one night in Cancun as we are staying south of there (about an hour away). I cant even get the hotel to come up on Orbitz.


so it looks like the hotel is a condo with rental units. From pics the room looks nice. it is in town, and not on the water/beach. I think the regular rates for the 2BRs are around $90-110. It would probably be a cab ride into the “hotel zone” of cancun for any activities- which isnt far. Youd probably be stranded on Shabbos (not that thats the worst thing). It doesnt seem like its’full service’ Does anyone else have any insight here?


I got from feb 16-20th just booked flight tickets


its not coming up in orbitz does anyone see it now


how do u get cheap flights for cancun in the summer??


***MINYAN** HI ALL! 2 of us are traveling to cancun and booked @ the barcelona towers from Thursday afternoon on the 20 – Tuesday early am . I am assuming there will be plenty of ppl who are looking for a minyan. We would like to make a minyan from thursday afternoon mincha thru monday night maariv (once we establish the minyan, im sure others can extend it). I already arranged for sefer torah for shabbos and monday. I am looking for anyone else who can participate to complete the minyan. We are also looking for Bal korei. Please contact at . Sorry Dan if you need the email address i’ll hand it over after were done 🙂 I would appreciate if you can somehow blast this out so we can maintain our connection while were away 🙂


Zev David

Way to Go Mr. MinaYan,
Good lookin’ out, cause prayin’ don’t stop when on Vacation!
Let me be the first to say thanks for making an effort and taking the time to put a minyan together. I don’t think that there is any synagogue or Chabad house in the area. You can count me in for the most part.
So that’s two of us, Eight more, Anyone?1?


@Kessler: Each reservation is for one night. Anyone want them- please email me-


@David: See above


seems dead!


where did you get your tickets?


@dan I think it would be a good idea if once they are back ppl let us know how was their stay and if they honored the price etc etc… so whoever is planing on going in the summer time know what to expect


I booked on Kayak. tix were expensive because I am going next week for prez week. I am going from feb 16-20th then to Miami on the 20th. will any other jews be there when I am going?


Has anyone been able to confirm if these reservations will be honored?


I was able to book April 29-May 4 on Sunday. Just need to find one more night from May 4 – May 5 as I was able to get a flight on miles for May 5th. Thanks Dan. This was a great find.


i see some people still booked today on orbitz. i can’t find the hotel on the website. how did you find it? thanks so much.


DEAD DEAD DEAD I called the hotel they will
NOT honor the price!!!!

Marc Goldhammer

I have a friend who was supposed to leave this weekend, he said the hotel isn’t honoring the deal, he called them up today.


Everyone hold on. As of now the hotel has been telling me no they will not honor it. But orbits is telling me that they will honor it.
I have an email for the hotel but I’ll give it out once i get an answer.


Official: the hotel will forsure not honor it. Orbitz at the end will not honor it but what they did for me was they gave me an option to stay at another hotel for the same price so the deal is basically still good but it’s in another hotel.


@Nathan: Which hotel did orbitz give you?


@Nathan , so what is the hotels email


Well I did not accept the hotels they were offering me. But they were giving me hotels around 70$


email this guy.
There really is not any point because he will tell you that they will not honor it.
this guy also gave me another email to the oribtz rep which I don’t really think he is but here is the other email.
just to give you guys a sample of what I have been through this is what they have told me
“We really sorry!!! But I never said that I will honor this price!

Sir… please understand it is a mistake, so I cannot deal with this issue… can you understand?? Can you help me please!!!

The best thing to do is call orbitz and they will give you another option as another hotel from their web site at the same price.


Considering this hotel’s regular booking price was ~$70/night, and you were given the option to pick from more than 1 replacement hotel at a similar value, AND the original hotel will not honor the booking, I’m curious as to what you were looking for in this booking? You seem to have killed this booking for everyone else, without having anything to show for it, so congratulations….

For future reference, DO NOT CALL if you have not been contacted about possible cancellation by your booking site and/or the property beforehand.

nathan's an idiot is an idiot

did you even call orbitz?


Im getting the feeling, these rooms will not be honored. Has anyone heard from the hotel? Or Orbitz, except for Nathan who reached out to them?

@NathansAnidiot, Hes going next week, Wouldn’t you want to find out if you have a place to stay a week before you go?


the best thing to do now is call orbitz tell them what happened and they should offer you another hotel at the same rate that you got the first hotel.


did anyone end up going this week?? did it work out? did you end up staying at this original hotel?


anybody hear anything else on this? I talked to orbitz today and they said booking is valid and the hotel has confirmed the reservations. I have two one in Aug and one in Nov


swknutson – your bookings are not in high season and prob were honored due to low demand. I got denied for this week 20-24. Good luck to eo else but it seems that the hotel is denying bookings in high demand(season).


not to worry, orbitz is forcing the hotel to accept the reservation…. see you there 🙂


Undenied- Thanks for the update. Can you give a review of the property when you return, and or tips. Safe traveling


Travelers beware. Orbitz called the property mgmt and reconfirmed our reservation 2 days before travel. We arrived and were told once again that all orbitz reservations are cancelled! It took hours on the phone with orbitz and we still haven’t resolved the issue. We arrived around 5pm and didn’t settle in to a hotel until 3am! A real mess to say the least. Orbitz claims the hotel broke contract. Please post your experience or any notice you receive from orbitz or the hotel.


@NathansAnidiot can you tell us if your reservation was honorred and more details?


I told you guys. I just went last week. My story is as follows like 2 days before I actually went I called and emailed the hotel they told me they would not honor is so in the mean time I just booked another hotel which was the Weston. After I booked with the westin I called orbitz to see since they made a mistake and basically made me book with another hotel I’m trying to get orbitz pay fort stay at the Weston so that’s where im at and they actually jut emailed me asking for my receipt at the Weston so now I’ll cross my fingers for now.


Holla orbitz paid for my hotel at the Weston 100% so I didn’t even pay 8 bucks a night for a bad hotel I got a total free booking with a nice hotel. thanks dan!


Did you book the Westin on Orbitz? I have a few reservations for the summer but I’ve called orbitz twice now and they “confirmed” my reservation with “hotel managers”. I am totally okay with staying there but certainly would prefer being on the water. However, I certainly don’t want to show up like Redenied and then be told these reservations are all cancelled and begin an 8 hour battle to to get checked-in to another hotel. I explained to each of these two supervisor’s Redenied’s scenario and all they could reply with is, “We’re sorry we have spoken with the hotel and your reservations are confirmed”. I said so were his and then they were cancelled. Same response. Any ideas how I could move forward other than just waiting? Has anyone actually used one of these bookings to successfully stay at the hotel yet?


I have a reservation for the end of March. What would be the best thing to do? I’m hoping to have Orbitz post for my stay somewhere else!


I booked with the westin just on their web site not even with orbitz, and orbitz still paid for my whole stay at the westin, I know it sounds too good to be true but its true, they paid for my whole hotel 🙂


ANYONE HAVE an email or number to contact the hotel directly?


thats not the correct email addresses.. thats a third party travel agent


Did they answer you?


Does anyone have new info to share on this topic?
any advice?


When I showed up to the BTS (which, btw, is quite a challenge to find), and showed them my Orbitz reservation, the man behind the desk just said “No” and refused to honor the reservation. I had to call orbitz and stay on the line for over an hour before Orbitz finally booked me a room at a different hotel.
My advice: call orbtiz within 24 hours of the reservation and have them try to confirm the reservation. When they can’t, have them book a different hotel for you. If they can’t get through to the hotel, tell them to keep trying. Again, BTS WILL NOT honor the reservation.


Where did they book you?


the hotel said they wont honor at barcelona but they would put me up at a sister location..i spoke with orbtiz who said they have to honor it..after the orbtiz rep. speaking with the manager for over 30 min he agreed to honor it if I change my reservation into a non refundable trip. I was hoping orbitz would book me w a different hotel but it didnt happen. I have 24 hours to let them know if i want to make a non refundable trip or have it canceled..that was the only way the mgr said he would accept it


oh, and the “sister hotel” looked NASTY!


@Dan: They ended up putting us up at the Fiesta Inn which was just down the street.


I have a reservation for this deal in May, and based on the reports here, it doesn’t look like I will be going. Not much of a loss, I couldn’t care.
However, I figured that before I cancel, I try my luck with Orbitz and tell them that a “few friends of mine” went there on different trips and all were denied at the hotel upon arrival.
So, I did this and spoke to Orbitz,and they were actually considering giving me a different hotel, but they want to review the cases of “my friends” in order to make sure that this happened and they really all shared the same experience.

Therefore, is anyone here that returned from Cancun after being denied at the hotel, willing to share their reservation # ? no names needed. Just the #, and then the Rep. can reed the report on their system.

Who knows, maybe they will prefer to give me a different hotel in order to prevent another headache for both parties.



Received a call from orbitz last night wanting to confirm 2 reservations I have here. Said the hotel has verified they will be allowing the reservations to go through but that no name or date changes are allowed at all


anyone who has stayed here and had their reservation honored please report back. i have a reservation in june and orbitz has confirmed it will be honored with no changes, but i am apprehensive about it… thanks!


This place is gorgeous! we had a 3 bedroom- it was very clean and comfortable. The location is great- it’s steps away from an upscale mall and about a 5 minute drive to the hotel zone. I was also apprehensive about the reservation after reading all the comments before we left, but the deal was honored. We called Orbitz about a week before we left and confirmed the reservation, at which time they offered to send me a confirmation email. When I got to the hotel, they told me that it was an old price, but I said I just confirmed with Orbitz and showed them the most recent confirmation email. Luckily, it worked out!


My reservation was honored after I showed them the confirmation. Go up the parking ramp at Plaza Las Americas Mall. After you pass the security guard post, go up ramp, make left turn and the entrance is on the left. As for a key card for mall access in addition to your room key.

It was very hard to find – see my little blog – for photos and my review.


When are those dates available?