[Ends Tonight!] Signup For CLEAR (Free With AMEX Platinum Once Per Calendar Year) And Get $100 United TravelBank Cash!

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DansDeals will receive compensation if you are approved for a credit card via a link in this post. Terms apply to American Express benefits and offers, visit americanexpress.com to learn more.

Update, 2/9/22: This offer ends tonight!

Update, 1/16/22: This offer is alive again, though this time a free trial is not being offered. You can set your account not to auto-renew after enrolling and logging into your account. Offer limited to the first 50K signups or through 2/9/22, at which time the offer will no longer be viewable via the enrollment link.

While credits posted last time in just 2 days, this time the terms state that the credit will be deposited 8-10 weeks after the member enrolls in CLEAR and maintains the CLEAR account active at during that time. TravelBank credits will be valid for 9 months after the credit is deposited into member’s accounts. Note that this credit did not work for United 1K/GS elite accounts that get CLEAR for free.

You can get this bonus even without going to the airport to complete registration.

The full annual fee will be reimbursed once per calendar year if you use an AMEX Platinum Card or AMEX Business Platinum Card. You can also use your card to enroll a friend for free! 

The AMEX Green Consumer Card will cover $100 in CLEAR fees per calendar year.

You can read about Global Entry, PreCheck, NEXUS, and CLEAR here.

Update, 8/28/21: The credit is now posting, with no need to register at the airport!

If you signed up for this offer and don’t want to keep CLEAR you can contact CLEAR to cancel or get a refund on the auto renew membership fees!

You can email support: memberservices@clearme.com

Originally posted on 8/26/21:

HOT! HURRY! Signup For A Free Trial Of CLEAR And Get $100 United TravelBank Cash!

  • Be one of the first 10,000 United MileagePlus members to enroll in a 2 month free trial of CLEAR via the link above and you’ll get $100 in United TravelBank funds!
  • Offer ends on 11:59 CST September 9, 2021, or once all 10,000 offers have been claimed, whichever happens earlier.
  • TravelBank recipients will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours of enrolling in CLEAR.
  • TravelBank credits will be deposited on or before September 15, 2021.
  • TravelBank credits will be valid for 9 months after the credit is deposited into member’s accounts.

After signing up online you can finish your registration in any airport with CLEAR.

You can set your account not to auto-renew. If you renew you’ll pay just $119 per year or just $109 per year if you have a United credit card or United elite status. United top tier 1K/GS elites get CLEAR for free and will renew at $0.

The full annual fee will be reimbursed once per calendar year if you use an AMEX Platinum Card or AMEX Business Platinum Card.

The AMEX Green Consumer Card will cover $100 in CLEAR fees per calendar year.

You can also check your AMEX Offers on other cards to see if you’re targeted for a free year of CLEAR.

A CLEAR member can add up to 3 adults for just $60 each, which will also be covered in full by the AMEX Platinum card or AMEX Offer. Kids under 18 can go with their parents for free without a membership or biometrics required. That means that with an AMEX Platinum card you can get CLEAR for free for a family with kids under 18.

CLEAR allows you to skip to the front of the line. If you have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the PreCheck line and if you don’t have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the regular line.

You don’t need to take out your ID either, your fingerprint or eye act as your ID.

The dependability that skipping the line gives you is simply amazing. It means I can leave my house 55 minutes before a flight and know that I won’t miss my flight out of CLE. When I’m with my family I’ll leave plenty of time and enjoy the airport lounge, but if I’m solo, the less wasted time in the airport is always a win.

Do you enjoy having CLEAR?

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Any way to get if I already have clear?

Texas Totty

I tried with a different email. We’ll see if it works.


It likely won’t since your iris is already in the system. Might be a good way of defecting if it actually works

Texas Totty

I’m hoping the TravelBank credit part works. As for the trial, either I’ll they’re (usually very good) CS to apply it to my current account or I’ll forfeit it.


Worked for me

Texas Totty

Me too! Funny that the clear membership still shows free plan but the credit posted.


Tried it and it worked


not working previous member… email already registered?


any way to know if you are from the first 10,000?


If I place this now, when it renews in 2 months (October 26th) ahead of the October 30th Amex offer expiration – think will trigger the offer and I’ll get free clear membership + the $100 travel bank credit?


Do we need to enroll at a physical center too?


yes. and they will scan your iris


To get the credit you don’t need to visit a location, but to be the service you do need


Yeah, does a regular upgrade work? I’m already a free level member. If I upgrade an add my United number will this work?


Do I have to complete the registration at the airport in order to get the travel bank credit?


Do you need to be enrolled into clear? I mean do you need to go to the airport for fingerprints in order to get the benefit?

Diane Dubey

How do I set account not to auto-renew?


Got same question; didn’t see that option


Once you get the email that you are approved you can opt-out of auto renewal…


I signed up but will I still get the $100 if I don’t go to the airport to get my fingerprints scanned?


It seems just making an online account with clear using the united link/mileage number will trigger the credit.


DO you need do go to the airport to complete the sign up?


I just used Clear for my 2nd time going through EWR this morning. Huge line for precheck and arrived at the airport 20 min away from departure. I made the flight thanks to Clear!



This is just for the security lines and the airline check in, right?


Do you know if I have to complete my fingerprinting ASAP or would just signing up (and completing my enrollment, lets say, in a week or two) qualify me for the offer?


Can i cancel afer the trial ends?


Am I doing something wrong? This is what it says at checkout in the fine print

Your card will be charged $179 on August 26, 2021. You may cancel your trial membership anytime at no cost.


I’m seeing the same thing. Holding off signing up as I feel like they will charge me.


huh? they expire?
TravelBank credits will be valid for 9 months after the credit is deposited into member’s accounts.


Seems like to get the offer, you’ll need to go to an airport and get fingerprint and facial scan. After I entered payment info, the last page says:

“To complete your enrollment, find us at the nearest CLEAR airport to scan your ID and fingerprints. It only takes a few minutes — no appointment needed.”

It wasn’t clear in the terms, but I’m assuming we’ll need to visit an airport. Not exactly the free $100 TravelBank cash as I hoped, so this may be useful if you already have a trip planned. I don’t have plans to fly in the near future so I’d just be going to the airport for this and I don’t know if I can even take advantage of the $100 TravelBank cash before it expires in 9 months.


it says error has occured. does that mean its dead?


When going to the airport to complete enrollment, do I need to fly that day or can I go when I have some free time?


When I click through the link on the page, and put in my United number, it gives a price as $179 (which will be charged in 2 months). How do I get the $119 price for United members, and still get this offer?


It should automatically offer you the lower price… perhaps you mistyped your United number?


I called them and they reduced it to $119


Did anyone get a pending charge after signing up?


I have not as of about 30 minutes after signing up


I didn’t


Does anyone know if I can I use a foreign passport with CLEAR, with a “Green Card Stamp (I-551)” placed in it?
My Green Card expired, and this stamp serves as my temporary green card until I get a new one (or become a citizen). Just don’t know how CLEAR will react to this.


Do we have to go to airport to complete sign up??


Can I do the enrollment, and then use it immediately to board a flight? Anyone know how much time to leave- meaning, is the enrollment quick and then I can right away skip the line like anyone else who has CLEAR?


Yes you can
it takes between 5-10 minutes to complete enrollment


Do we need to remove face mask during the enrollment process?


you will have to lower it just for second when they take a p icture of you


Ok, thanks. Interesting that they require a photo, seems a bit pointless since they’re going to have our biometric data on file


How do you set your account not to auto-renew?


I got a pending charge of 0


What are Travelbank credits?


1) I have the Chase United Quest Card – What is TravelBank? Do I have to sign-up for it, or do I already have it on my United account? I couldn’t tell from the United website. If I have to sign-up for it, how much does it cost?

2) I signed up for Clear just for myself (at $109 after two months for free); can I still add my spouse for an additional $60, or would it be better to have her sign up for her own account, then have her cancel it before two months, and add her at that point? If we each get an automatic TravelBank deposit of $100 without having to pay for TravelBank, that would be the better option, no? The Clear website stated that if I refer someone (I assume that would include my spouse) for an account, then we’d each get two months for free… would that be in addition to the two free months we’re already getting with this promotion?

TYVM for the info and advice, Dan.

Leah Baum

Can I cancel after signing up and still get the 100$ voucher?


Offer ends on September 9, if I sign up now, can I complete the actual in person enrollment after the 9th?


Can I cancel after 2 months trial?


Just update your account and turn off autorenew.




A PSA scheduled post for just under 2 months from today to cancel clear could he helpful for the oilom.


The standard Clear 2 month trial seems to include family, does this one also?


Please post if you get the credit in 72 hours. Curious if a/o will get it b4 actually fingerprinting


To answer my own question, yes. My credit has posted w/o fingerprinting…. Awesome!


Checked after shabbos and saw that I got my email Friday 8:14 PM! I applied on Thursday rig after Dan posted this and I didn’t go to an airport for fingerprinting.

Mr. CC

Thank you


Yes, sign up form says $179 and the renewal. But after signup, Clear sends an email to complete your online account. When I set a password and click through, the cost is $109 (through United), 10/25 is the renewal date, and there’s a button to Change Renewal status (takes a second to slide to off). There’s also a Cancel membership button in case you really want to be sure.


Credit posted to my account this yesterday night!

Need To Know

Is the $100 still available?


there is no way to know if you’re one of the first 10,000 to apply, so is a gamble

Aryeh Sonnenberg

You wrote “A CLEAR member can add up to 3 adults for just $60 each, which will also be covered in full by the AMEX Platinum card or AMEX Offer.”

My Amex credit is limited to $179, which is the amount of my membership, and AMEX says there is no credit for additional cost family members.
Did I do something wrong?


@Dan Do you think I would still be now from the first 10,000?
The reason I am asking is, because I have 2 Amex Clear credits If I can still be from the first 10k I would utilize both of them & signup for myself & my wife separately, if I probably won’t be from the first 10,000 I would just utilize 1 credit and signup my wife as a family member.
Thanks in advance!


Got my travel credit on both accounts. THANKS


Got my travelbank credit!!! Thank you Dan and JJ

Eric G.

I got the credit today, and so did my friend. Did not go to the airport to finish the application. Thanks Dan!!


Done and done. I’m a new Clear client. I signed up for the free trial, removed the auto renew in my account and about 24 hours later had $100 travel credit in my United travel bank. Thanks Fan.

Danny G

Registered last night and finished my in person registration at SFO. (Don’t need to fly out at all). Got the confirmation email below and travel bank credits already available in my account, its a bummer it expires in less than a year. Overall, pretty good deal! Good luck!

“We’ve added a bonus to your TravelBank account

Congratulations! Your TravelBank bonus cash is now available in your MileagePlus® account. This bonus amount can be used until May 28, 2022, so start planning your next adventure today.

Transaction number: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Deposit date: August 27, 2021
Description: CLEAR TravelBank Promotion
Bonus amount: $100.00

Thank you for choosing MileagePlus. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at MileagePlus@united.com

rivky fischer

got the $100 travel bank credit around 24 hours after signup thanks.


I would like to know how Dan can make it to CLE in 55 minutes from where he lives in Beachwood when it takes me an hour to get to CLE from Cleveland Heights.

P y

Got the bonus!


Data point: Already received the $100 TravelBank credit and cancelled the auto-renew the day I signed up.


Thank you, Dan. I signed up on Thursday and an email from United yesterday (Friday) that the $100 Travelfunds have been added.


I got the $100


received my $100 travelbank


My travel credit posted without going to airport

Dan fan

Thanks got the 100


have 10k applicants been reached


How do you use the TravelBank $100?


Credit posted yesterday


I am already a clear member.
I signed up with a different email address and United credit posted today.
Thanks Dan!


Why does it say underneath where it asks you to input your credit card information that your card will be charged $169 on August 28, 2021, you may cancel your trial membership anytime at no cost. Isn’t it a free trial??


can i sign up for this offer > get United credit > cancel CLEAR, but not have my credit card charged at all?


I think the credit is triggered even if the CLEAR application is not completed. I got the credit and I don’t think I gave any credit card info.


Thanks Dan.
Got the $100 credit (x2 accounts)


Are both accounts same names?


i just signed up
after how long of signing up should i see the $100 credit post?


to cover from getting charged i used on of the gift card debit cards i got from staples a few weeks ago. Has about $4 so no worries there if being charged full amount 🙂


Got back the credit, it expired in may 2021

Voice of Reason

Be aware that you may be randomly selected to be required to produce ID.


I by mistake put in the wrong email address which I don’t have how do I cancel it I can’t change the auto renew help don’t want to be charged


Can you have 2 United travel bank credit go to one United account?


Pardon my ignorance but if I have the business platinum, if I Renew my clear ($119) and buy for 3 adults, will I get reimbursed the 119+ 180 (3*60)? And if that yearly?




Thanks as always Dan!!! It worked very smoothly I applied last night on line This morning I’m flying out of mdw to lga
Stopped off at Clear to complete my registration took 5 minutes was able to use it immediately Shana Tova to you, your entire family,and all of klal Yisroel


I got the the $100 credit!


can we use the 100 credit for someone else? anyway to use 2 on one reservation?


Any way to know whether this is still active?


Got it on my account and in my wife’s account thank you very much Dan


I’m getting the following error “MileagePlus number does not match the name entered above. Please try again” I tried multiple ways and I’m getting the same message. Who should I contact about this?


got 100 $ travel bank


hi everyone I received my100$ travel bank money


Tried cancelling account (after getting the $100) and says error. Scared that turning off auto renewal will only help for next year. Don’t wanna get charged in 2 months..


I signed up about 30 minutes after Dan posted and still have not received the $100 credit.

I am a 1k I wonder if that has any affect?


Hi Dan,

Would you be able to make a post on how & what is eligible to use the TravelBank Cash, FFC and ETC from United?



I signed up last night and still have not received the $100. Does anyone have an ETA of how long after you sign up they received the $100?


do i need to have a travelbank account?

A sad yid

Credit didn’t post!!


I signed up at 12:15PM on the 26th and my credit still has not posted. I’m reading on other blogs that people signed up in the evening on the 26th and received the credit already on the 27th. I am a 1k so the membership is $0, I wonder if that made a difference.

A happy yid

Posted!! Thanks Dan


Sounds like it’s they reached 10k already


Impossible, I have friends who signed up after me that received it


I applied Friday afternoon didn’t get credit


for some people clear account status shows free and not a full membership even though you signed up using united link. so call clear and sort it out. then credit will post


I signed up Sunday still no credit


And i checked its full membership


what does full membership mean?


“All 10,000 TravelBank offers have been fulfilled, but you can still get two free months of CLEAR.”

But not before I singed up me, my wife, and 4 kids,
Thanks Dan!


We’ve added a bonus to your TravelBank account

Congratulations! Your TravelBank bonus cash is now available in your MileagePlus® account. This bonus amount can be used until June 2, 2022, so start planning your next adventure today.

Transaction number:
Deposit date: September 1, 2021
Description: CLEAR TravelBank Promotion
Bonus amount: $100.00

Money for Nothin’!


FYI, I signed up Friday afternoon & I just got my credits earlier today.


Clear is now offering $60 off the next year if you renew.


Forgot to cancel, called and had them refund and cancel.


offered me 60 days additional time no charge


Do I need to cancel if I never registered in the airport?


I signed up, got the credit, and my account says inactive..
Not sure how to cancel..


Never mind.
It was under a different email address.
Cancel, got a message that they will issue a full refund in 2-3 buss days


I went to cancel and they gave me another 2 months for free.


I originally set it not to auto-renew. Do I still have to cancel?


Has anyone had success in using their Amex Offer for their clear membership? Offers usually apply instantly but this has been a few days and I have not been refunded.


Hi I have no idea how to use this travel bank credit


Have 2 amex platinum on my name, will this work if sign up twice on my name?


If I canceled my Clear account from last time, can I sign up again and get another $100?


You can also use your card to enroll a friend for free!

How do I do this, instructions.


Also, with the Amex Personal Green Card you would get reimbursed $100 per year. So if you are a united mileage plus member or a delta SkyMiles member you would end up paying only $19. Plus you would earn 3 x Amex Points on $119 = 357 MR Points, as its categorized as Travel & Transit.


If I already have a inactive clear account can I reactivate and pay for membership to get this promotion?


Any way to get the 100 dollars and not pay? sign up and then cancel? what does turning off auto renew do for me?


l I get the amex plat reimbursement if I sign up for Clear through this United travel bank bonus link?


If you signed up last time for the $100 travel bank, can you cancel and then sign up again?


Does it work if you have a inactive account?


I already signed up for myself last time, can I sign up for a friend now & get another $100 travel credit on my account?

Deal Guy

Since I have the plat credit, am I better off paying $109 for both me and the wife on seperate accounts, for a total of $218- 179, so we both get $100 travelbank, or better to just do me and add her for $60?


What do you mean platinum covers Clear once per calendar year. I just used my $179 credit in November. Does this mean I have another $179 in early 2022?


Thank you so much for alerting us about this promotion last time,
I signed up me, my wife, and our 4 boys (ages 9,7,5,3),
So we got $100.00 for each of us,

On wednesday Jan 5 we flew from EWR to DFW on our favorite airline United (they did not bother anyone about maskes, besides some jokes by the pilot)
We stayed overnight in the Hyatt Place DFW, they have A room that Sleeps 6 people (including up to 5 children)
In the morning we went to Fort Worth Zoo, In the afternoon we flew back DFW to EWR,

The round trip Ticket price was $97.00 each,
United gave us seats to sit together for free, and allowed us to Board First, they treated us like we paid bussines class, when in fact we only paid basic economy.

My kids enjoyed every minute of the trip.

To Dan and the entire team: Thans again for all you do!

My opinion

I guess the birth dates in the United account don’t need to be the actual birthdate?


I did put the actual birthdate in the United accounts,
(Not for the clear signup, because they don’t take -18)


Just confirming, I can get the Amex clear credit again even though I got it already in 2021?


If I do not travel within 9 months, anything I can use the United credit for?


Dan, can united travel bank be used or booked for someone else? Thx


Will each family member also receive $100 United Bank in his/her own United MileagePlus account after been added to Primary CLEAR account?


how do u think it’ll be possible? only one MPX # can be added per sign-up, right?


I asked that question after reading Yossi’s comment (this morning, 1/17 @2:50am.


Only if you apply for them separately for $119.00 each.


Thanks for the info.


Can I sign up for some one else and use a united Acount with a different name to get the travel bank? Or the travel bang has to be in the account of the the person signing up for the clear Acount?


signed up 2 hrs ago but amex card still not shows any pending charge; also strange that after creating an online Clear acct, Clear shows the acct will be renewed on 1/17/22… should it be 2023?


strange that my amex card still shows no charge from Clear & also new acct still shows acct is renewed on 1/17/22… will wait til end of the wk to see if any changes; if not, i’d consider to cancel & start over


if I signed up for this and got 100 dollar travel bank credit in august when you last posted the deal can I sing up for it again now that I cancelled the free trial a few months back thank you


Do I need to sign up using this specific link or will I get the travel bank if I simply signed up using my mileage plus number?


From the Terms:
Members must enroll in CLEAR through offer landing page (URL) to qualify.


Dan, the Header of the signup page says:
Earn 5,000 miles when you enroll in CLEAR

Do you think we will also get 5K United miles?


So if I don’t have one of those Amex cards, I’m paying the $109 for the year, in order to get the $100 travel bank?
Is there a way to cancel the first year’s subscription? Or only the auto-renew for 2nd year?


if don’t have global entry, better to keep Clear for $9


Dan or anyone, about amex clear credit, will a credit be issued if i add another member later for $60? or a $179 cr is for 1-time trxn? thx


When I tried applying, it said “This email is already associated with a CLEAR account. Click here to login or reset your password.” because I got the two free months at the end of August. What should I do if I want to do it again now with my Platinum card?


It says below that you must be a new member to qualify, looks lie if you had the trial membership, might not work.

Offer valid for the first 50,000 MileagePlus members to purchase a subscription for CLEAR. Must be a new CLEAR member to qualify. Offer ends on February 9, 2022, or once all 50,000 offers have been claimed, whichever happens earlier. Members must enroll in CLEAR through offer landing page (URL) to qualify. The TravelBank credit will be deposited 8-10 weeks after the member enrolls in CLEAR and maintains the CLEAR account active at during this time. TravelBank credit recipients will receive a confirmation email when the credit is deposited. TravelBank credits will be valid for 9 months after the credit is deposited into member’s accounts. This purchase is also subject to the TravelBank Terms And Conditions and the MileagePlus Program Rules. United has the right to terminate this promotion or to change the promotion’s terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures, benefits, and/or conditions of participation, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice

Naf naf

Hi Dan. Signed up for clear on January 19th with United. How long will it take to get the $100 TB?


So i by mistake used a first name (english name) that doesn’t match my United account? Will i still get credit or needs to match..


It would be A good idea to remind your readers that this promo expires tomorrow.


any way to get it for free without amex platinum?


did I make the cut off time before 3 am in new york which is 12 on the westcoast?


if i enrolled just now did i make the cutoff time before 3 am easter it says on the top page promo added


If I signed up in November (2021 Amex credit and United Promos) can I prepay for the second year and still get both the travel bank and my 2022 Amex credit?


If I have an account already any way to get the travel bank credit?


Has anyone’s travel credit pasted to their United account yet?


It says 8 to 10 weeks


nothing yet for me.


data point: $100 credit rcv’d 3/25


What date did you signup?


around Mid January, you?


Did you receive any email or notification that the TB posted?


no email seen – just spotted it by regularly check on United.


United did not send any Emails this time,

I singed in to my account to check.


Just a reminder to all to cancel your CLEAR accounts so that you don’t get charged. For those that were charged initially, you can call CLEAr @ 855-253-2763 and request a full refund, since you are supposed to receive a free 2 month trial. Not sure if you all received the $100 credit vouchers, but hope this helps …