Get A 6 Month Trial Of CLEAR Membership For Free!

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Get A 6 Month Trial Of CLEAR Membership For Free!

Kids under 18 can go with their parents for free without a membership or biometrics required.

You can set your CLEAR membership not to auto-renew.

PreCheck is great, but CLEAR is amazing.

PreCheck costs $85 for 5 years (it’s included for free with the excellent Global Entry, which costs $100 for 5 years) and allows you to keep your shoes, belt, and jacket on, and your laptop in your bag. You get to go through metal detectors rather than assuming the position for the nude-o-scope. Adults that have PreCheck can also bring their kids with them, even if their kids don’t have PreCheck.

PreCheck and Global Entry are free with cards like the Chase Sapphire ReserveChase United Explorer, Chase United Club Infinite CardCapital One Spark Miles Business, Capital One Venture, AMEX Business Platinum Card, AMEX Platinum CardCiti PrestigeCiti Executive AAdvantage, Chase IHG Premier, Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant, Delta Platinum Business AMEX, Delta Reserve Business AMEX, Delta Platinum AMEX, Delta Reserve AMEX, and more.

Once upon a time, PreCheck lines were always short, but that’s no longer a guarantee. With PreCheck you may be able to walk right up to security or you may need to wait 20 minutes.

CLEAR allows you to skip to the front of the line. If you have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the PreCheck line and if you don’t have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the regular line.

You don’t need to take out your ID either, your fingerprint or eye act as your ID.

The dependability that skipping the line gives you is simply amazing. It means I can leave my house 55 minutes before a flight and know that I won’t miss my flight out of CLE. When I’m with my family I’ll leave plenty of time and enjoy the airport lounge, but if I’m solo, the less wasted time in the airport is always a win.

CLEAR also works for sports stadiums. I’ve used it to skip the line at Progressive Field, which is a nice bonus on top of skipping the lines at the airport.

A full list of CLEAR locations can be found here.

In NYC you can use CLEAR at LaGuardia, JFK, Newark, Westchester County, Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, and Madison Square Garden.

Normal pricing for CLEAR is $179/year, but if you link your Delta or United mileage number you will pay $119/year.

If you have a Chase United Explorer card, Chase United Explorer Business Card, Delta Business GoldDelta Business PlatinumDelta Business ReserveDelta Consumer GoldDelta Consumer Platinumor Delta Consumer Reserve you can pay $109/year.

Delta and United Silver/Gold/Platinum elites also pay $109/year.

Delta Diamond/360 and United 1K/Global Services elites get CLEAR for free!

If you have an AMEX Green card you can get a $100 annual refund for CLEAR spending!

CLEAR isn’t cheap, but if it helps you make a flight that you would otherwise miss due to a long line then it will be worth its weight in gold.

Do you have CLEAR and how has your experience been with it?

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62 Comments On "Get A 6 Month Trial Of CLEAR Membership For Free!"

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Existing members??


open another account?


Can you?


If the whole thing is based on a unique biometrics, how would that be possible?


any solution to this? Ty


Do you need to add CC?




When I try to add family members, it charges me $50 per member.


when i add a family member it charges me $50? but the promotion says includes family..


I tried to add family members and it charges me $50 at checkout?


They are charging $50 per additional family member – it’s not free?


also, theres a button to turn of auto renew just in case you forget cmiiw


With Global entry i can take all my kids for free whenever I use the benefit ??


Seems that adding adults costs $50 each even on the promo


Thanks Dan.
When adding an adult family member it’s showing a $50 charge!


I signed up. I dont see that i have a login to be able to cancel the auto renew. Where do i cancel?


You should get an email to create a password. Then you can log in and manage membership expiration


It’s charging me for adding an adult


I just signed up
For that two month free. Anyway to get this one ?


Is there a way to start enrollment in a few months while keeping this promo ? I have a flight in August


In the small print it says that only a plus paid membership is good for airports. Is this link for that?


I created the account and disabled auto renew. When I tried to add a family member it told me I can only do so if I re-enable auto renew. I clicked re-enable and it suddenly changed to say my account is inactive and I need to activate it and and the cost is “shows no amount” but then it shows the last 4 of my CC below it. Not sure what happened. Was this a glitch deal and they caught on?


Is it really worth it?
What about identity theft? They use your Social, ID, and a few questions. I think it’s not too hard to hack it. That’s my opinion. What do you think?


How do you know? Did you try?


If you saw the lines at EWR Terminal C last night, you’ll discover it’s a big deal. They dont use your SSN

Texas Totty

If I already had it, can I get it again? (Clear, not COVID)


The problem with clear is that when the line is short it can take longer with clear because they always have to have someone who tends to you, you don’t just do it by yourself. Recently I flew out of MDW and I went in the clear lane and someone else at the same time went in the regular lane and I ended up behind them because an agent needed to mark my boarding pass at the clear lane, and then another agent needed to bring me to the TSA agent to clear me.
They need to make the system work without needing an agent, where you can just walk up and Scan your eyes and go right to security.

Texas Totty

Happened to me about 6/6 times since COVID that it would’ve been quicker to go the regular route. However, as travel picks up again that will probably change.


I’d think that there is no rule that you must use clear. If the regular ine is empty, and you dont mind digging for your license, then I dont think that’s against the law.


It’s automatic renewal so if you’re just doing it because it’s free, remember to set a reminder to cancel it.

Dr Moose

“Once upon a time, PreCheck lines were always short, but that’s no longer a guarantee. With PreCheck you may be able to walk right up to security or you may need to wait 20 minutes.”

If everyone gets clear, it’ll be the same issue. I fail to see the point of having Clear. Especially nowadays when airports aren’t nearly as busy as a typical year.

Pickle Rick

Doesn’t Clear go quicker?

reb yid

with all die respect dr moose, you need to realize that not everyone in klal yisroel and the umos haolam is gerribben enough to sign up for the 6 month membership or maybe they aren’t subscribed to dansdeals to begin with, so no these free 6 months even in a non pandemic year wont clog up the clear kiosks


At EWR my last few trips they had most of the regular screening stations closed so the lines was long as usual. But I often save 30 mins or more at terminal C. yMMV.


I’ve had clear for over a year now and it is AWESOME!! Skip the line in all major airports.. together with PreCheck… curb to gate at EWR in 3-5 minutes… airports are getting busier now.. works great at ATL, MCO, CLE, DTW, MSY, ORD, IAH. most of the smaller airports don’t have it yet.. JAN, GPT, MCI, GRR




Free Membership
Your membership provides CLEAR access at select sports stadiums and venues nationwide. Upgrade your plan to speed through airport security the next time you fly.’

It does not seem that airport access is included, despite being given the option to complete signin at BWI


Went back to the fine print, I agree with Aaron. Suggest this be added to the post since many have the impression there is no difference between airports and venues. I am emailing them to cancel my membership


Mine Clearly states full membership including travel.
“Full Membership
Your full membership subscription, including travel, sports and arenas, will end on 06/15/2021 and is scheduled to not renew. To turn auto-renewal status back on, click the link below.”


I signed up. Now what? I logged into my account and there isn’t much information there, only an option to cancel the auto renew.


@dan confirmed with Clear that while it shows a charge of 50 per family member it is actually free for 6 months like it shows.
I added a family member and it did not actually charge me.

Liam K. Nuj

I called CLEAR and they confirmed. They also said that if I do get charged, I should call them to get it refunded. To make sure I don’t get charged $150 and then need to go through the hassle of getting a refund, I signed up using a Visa giftcard that only had $100 value (it also ensures that I don’t get charged if I forget to cancel in 6 months).
Sign up went through, easy-peasy.


when does this sign up expire? i want to wait till travel is more fun again

Liam K. Nuj

I wonder: does the 6 months start at sign-up on the link or when finalizing enrollment at the airport? If at the airport, can one “sit” on that final step for however long they want?

Liam K. Nuj

Update: Called Clear. They clarified my query regarding the 6 month Clear trial. It starts at original sign-up.


thanks so no word when offer expires ?



Yitz Weiss

Looks like it’s dead. When I tried to sign up I got “Upon accepting CLEAR’s terms and conditions, your card will be charged.” There’s no indication that it’s 6 months for free.

mendel london

there’s no clear option at MIA and JFK terminal 7 now

A Different Dave

Dan, you should write an article indicating that 1. At several airports (particularly EWR) Clear is only available at Terminal C. That means that those that are flying Jetblue, Spirit, American, Delta will not have access to Clear. 2. United Basic Economy (regardless of the credit card used for purchase) will require checkin with a live agent. I waited 30 minutes at the FLL counter for the representative to print my boarding pass, as to ensure that I had no carry on baggage with me. This occurs regardless if checked baggage is purchased in advance, bought the ticket with a United CC, or status with United.: Clear obviously only works if that airport and particular terminal have it, you are flying within the specified hours that Clear is in operation (sometimes 7AM- 5PM), and you aren’t anticipating delays with United BA shenanigans with attaining a boarding pass.


I just got an email reminding me that my Clear will renew in a month and charge me for the membership. When I clicked ‘cancel’, it offered to pause my membership for 2 months. That works for me. It will pause may 15 -july 15 and be active for July 15 – aug 15 when I’ll iy”H be travelling. Perfect!