[Ends Today!] Get A $15 Amazon Gift Card When You Enroll In CLEAR

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Update: This offer ends today!

You can also contact CLEAR after enrollment with your Delta or United mileage number to get a refund of the price difference ($119 for non-elites, $109 for elites or cardholders, free for top-tier elites)!

Originally posted on 8/12:

CLEAR Membership Signup

Use the following promo code to get a $15 Amazon gift card when you enroll in a year of CLEAR for $129 (Exp: 8/31): AUG129GIFT

The page doesn’t mention the gift card, but does drop the price to $129. Gift card will emailed within 15 days. Limit one per household.


The full $129 will be reimbursed once per calendar year if you use an AMEX Platinum Card or AMEX Business Platinum Card. With this promo you’ll also get a $15 Amazon gift card. If you have multiple Platinum cards then you can purchase CLEAR memberships for other people and get a bonus $15 gift card as well!

You can also check your AMEX Offers on other cards to see if you’re targeted for a free year of CLEAR.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the cheapest price for CLEAR. CLEAR normally costs $179/year, but United and Delta non-elite members can enroll in CLEAR for $119/year. United and Delta cardholders and mid-tier elite members can enroll in CLEAR for $109/year. Top tier elites get CLEAR for free.

Update: You can contact CLEAR afterward to get the price adjusted!

A CLEAR member can add up to 3 adults for just $60 each. Kids under 18 can go with their parents for free without a membership or biometrics required.

CLEAR allows you to skip to the front of the line. If you have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the PreCheck line and if you don’t have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the regular line.

You don’t need to take out your ID either, your fingerprint or eye act as your ID.

The dependability that skipping the line gives you is simply amazing. It means I can leave my house 55 minutes before a flight and know that I won’t miss my flight out of CLE. When I’m with my family I’ll leave plenty of time and enjoy the airport lounge, but if I’m solo, the less wasted time in the airport is always a win.

Do you enjoy having CLEAR?

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it says the promotion is limit one per household. Can my wife also sign up and receive the bonus too?


If I’m targeted for the Clear offer on the gold card for $179, can I use this promo too as well as get the discounted price with my delta status? (And essentially add an additional member for $60).
Seems like you have to link over from the Amex offer page and not combine with any other offers or promos.
I know on the platinum there is no issue.

Rachel A

What if we already have clear? My husband just got it a few weeks ago through Amex. Can he claim the 15$ Amazon gift card now retroactively?


would really like to hear update on that.


Dependability is great, but I find that showing up in various airports only to find out that CLEAR (or tsa pre) is closed makes it virtually impossible for me to show up 55 mins before a flight time and know that I’ll get through. @Dan, is that not a problem for you?


Just want to say I used it several times the past few weeks. The service is amazing. Flew 6 times this month and never waited more then 10 minutes. I have pre check also.


Just trying to figure out the point of this offer. You’re getting a $15 Amazon gift card but you’re paying $10 extra for it (since anyone can get the $119 price through United or Delta). So it just saves you $5. Or are other ramifications in signing up this way? Or if I have 2 Platinums I can enroll my $60 family member using the second one, and then I get the full $15 value of the gift card? Is it even possible to use a different credit card for the $60 family member?


If I’m processing membership for someone else, will the Amazon GC (assuming it’s emailed eventually) be delivered to the Clear member’s email address?


$15 Amazon gift card received