Florida Will Require Everyone From New York, New Jersey, And Connecticut, Including Past Travelers, To Self-Isolate For 14 Days

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Yesterday, Florida announced that they would require passengers from New York and New Jersey airports to self-isolate and quarantine themselves for 14 days.

That executive order can be found here and it also includes passengers from Connecticut. Florida has been enforcing that order with the National Guard at their airports. That order includes up to 60 days in prison and up to $500 in fines for violations and it calls for all of Florida’s law enforcement to see that the order is carried out.

Today, Governor DeSantis said that he will sign another executive order that anyone who came from New York, New Jersey, And Connecticut in the past 3 weeks or anyone that comes from those states going forward will need to self-isolate for 14 days. You will also need to report who you had close contact with in the past 3 weeks.

The new order will include those who drive or fly to Florida.

It’s unclear how exactly Florida will enforce the new order, but people need to realize that Florida has an extremely high at-risk population and the best way for society to make it through COVID-19 with the lowest mortality rate is by staying at home. 


Will this order change your travel plans?

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Unless they are young and going to the beach, then they’re probably OK to just hang out.


What about driving down?


It specifically mentions driving down in the article


The question then becomes, what is to be done with people who decide to drive down to Florida instead of fly? I know of a younger person who may be driving down. Will the National Guard be at the highway/turnpike entrances?


Not likely. I don’t see how this can/will be enforceable.

Chilul Hashem, Rodef and Safek Rotzeach

One way or another, the LAW in this world or the next will get you if you violate these rules


AA credit policy is only until 12/31 this year. Curious if this is enough of a reason for them to refund instead?


Why would it be? If the flight is still scheduled and taking off why would they give your your money back?

D. Santis

5 night reservation with Bonvoy. 14 day quarantine. Hmmmm… doesn’t compute.

Doesnt make sense

Why past three weeks? That will make it a 5 week incubation period which is 3 weeks more then necessary.
They should have a an incubation period that’s ends 14 days after arriving in Florida.


So those arrived in FL in the past 3 weeks and want to return to NY in the next few days can’t do so?


This going retroactive 3 weeks makes no sense whatsoever, I’ll just wait for the clarification.


Dear NY friends……please stay at home and stop trying to outsmart every system ever invented. You are all so frum and amazing yet, when Drs and Rabbis say stay at home, you are like ‘whatever’. If all the people who want to go to FL don’t and a single person in Florida is saved as a result……that is what Judaism is. Such a chillul Hashem seeing ‘frum’ Jews think they know everything better than literally every professional on planet earth. Stay home and stick your miles where the belong. Be a damn mentsch for a change. Now I see why Pogroms started in Europe. I would probably join them if I wasnt guilty by association.


Broken tape recorder, please stop once at for all with these monotonous comments. No one is heading to Florida so go relax on your bed and sing these silly frum frum frum songs there.


When these bitter guys start with a rant, they won’t finish that Megillah before making sure even to justify Hitler.


He does have a point though. Let’s try to be respectful please

Eliyahu nachum

I’m in Florida come from New York few days ago and I keep myself inside. And keep 3 feet from the other..

Don’t be smart.. That are test if we are really have some אהבת ישראל.. Or fake..

Hatzlach and healthy for all am Israel!


Are these travel restrictions still in place? My sister has a ticket this weekend to care for our mother in Miami.