United Selectively Extends Elite Status Through January 2023, Reduced Elite Status Thresholds Continue For 2023 Status

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United has selectively extended the elite status of some members from 1/31/22 to 1/31/23. It’s unclear what criteria they used to decide which members would be extended, but clearly they don’t want members to get complacent about elite status renewals.

The airline had been a notable holdout, with American announcing easy paths to elite status in June and Delta extending status for everyone in July.

United extended Global Services status, but has only offered flying challenges to other members until now.

United has also extended PlusPoints, which are valid for systemwide upgrades, through 7/31/22. If you earned elite status then your PlusPoints should be valid through 1/31/23.

United will also continue the same elite status requirements for 2023 status as they did this year to earn 2022 status.

Was your United status extended?

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How can you tell if your status got extended?


Open the United app, click on your digital mileage plus card, and check the expiration date. Mine reads January ’23.


Yes, mine got extended. I was virtually there from a qualification perspective using the standard rules due to a lot of recent travel, and would have qualified due to the fly to the finish promotion anyway.


Thanks! My 1k status was extended until 2023.


Mine was

Jason Penn

Valid thru 01/2023


1k extended through 1/2023. I haven’t flown since December 2019 for reference


Was not 🙁 close to renew 1K with PQP though. Strange


Excellent! Silver extended to 1/2023. Yesterday said 1/2022 I think, so that’s great.

Jaicky Tammam

Extended to 01/2023 but my mileage plus points were only extended to 07/2022


eMail received today:

It’s been another extraordinary year, and we recognize that with so many countries restricting travelers, you couldn’t be in the skies as much as usual. But your loyalty still means the world to us, and we want to say thanks for being a Premier® Silver member.

PlusPoints+ Your status has been extended through January 31, 2023. Visit mystatus.united.com to get reacquainted with your benefits and how they can enhance your travels.

We hope you’re able to take full advantage of your status next year. As the world continues to open up, we look forward to seeing you soon on board.

Thank you,

Luc Bondar
Vice President, Loyalty and Marketing
President, MileagePlus
United Airlines


I reached 1k with the fly to the finish promotion. All of my plus points were extended through 1/23.


where on the website not the app can i see my membership expiration date?


Anyone have success speaking to united after not getting the extension? I’m almost there I’ll be less than 200 pqp short of reaching gold again but they won’t extend they said the qualifications were if you live internationally and weren’t able to fly due to COVID or if you work for a company that restricted travel this year. I know many people got extended without those qualifications but they wouldn’t budge for me


I am platinum and didn’t get a status extention when this was posted. I tried calling and no luck. But more recently (early January 2022) they did finally extend my status automatically without me doing anything