Targeted: Register To Receive ANA Platinum/Star Alliance Gold Status!

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Targeted: Register To Receive ANA Platinum/Star Alliance Gold Status!

You will need an ANA account and an IHG account to register via the link above. Both are free to open.

This is officially a targeted offer, but I was able to register for it despite not being targeted.

After registering it says, “Congratulations! ANA Mileage Club Upgrade Request Complete.” “You’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of Platinum ANA Mileage Club status. Please allow four to six weeks for the upgrade to be applied to your ANA Mileage Club account. Offer is valid for recipient only. Invitation and offer is non-transferable and status matches cannot be bought or sold.”

As I’m not targeted I highly doubt that I’ll actually get the Platinum status, but it’s worth a shot.

ANA is one of my favorite airlines and Platinum members get upgrades to Premium Economy and many other benefits when flying ANA. More valuable for non-ANA flyers is that it comes with Star Alliance Gold status.

-With Star Alliance Gold you get an extra free bag on all Star Alliance airlines and United extends the extra bag to all of your companions as well.

-When you have Star Alliance Gold status from United you can’t access any of their lounges when traveling domestically, but when you have Star Alliance Gold status from a foreign carrier like ANA you can access United lounges even when flying domestically! You can access over 1,000 lounges worldwide.

-Star Alliance Gold status also gets you priority baggage handling, priority checkin, priority security, priority boarding, priority waitlisting, etc.

-When flying on United having Star Alliance Gold status will allow you to make the free same-day confirmed changes to your flight when done in the online check-in process.

Be sure to report back if you see Platinum status show up on your ANA account!

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Does this expire?


Yes march 20119


Worked for me! Thanks Dan!


you already see it on your ana account?


How do you check if your account has the status?


No, I meant the matching part.


nice looks like i was targeted!


Outside of this tentative offer, is there any benefit to having an ANA account to fly domestically? In other words, can you sometimes find better United availability using their FF miles over United’s?


nerve-racking about worrying getting shut down or banned from ihg is there cause for concern? if I already signed up?


Registered. Let’s see f it will work


from doctor if credit
Keep in mind the terms state: “IHG and ANA reserve the right to cancel a member’s account if fraudulent use of the offer is detected”. I highly doubt IHG/ANA will actually cancel accounts, I’d be shocked if they do. Worst case scenario would just be not honoring the promotion in my opinion, but something to keep in mind.


Got the same message. Looks like it worked. Will have to wait and see.
Thanks Dan.

L Cohen

In order to get an ANA account (used the link above), it asks for a web password and an AMC password. Does it matter what you use for these? I’ve never heard of an AMC password….




AMC stands for ANA Mileage Club, so basically they have a password and a PIN


amc is a 4 digit passcode, they sometimes use this passcode to access your account over the phone, whereas your password is for online access


Thanks all who responded.


Someone on another blog commented that this is targeted to those who stayed at a Japanese IHG hotel with ANA affiliation in the past 2 years. Those here who were targeted, did you stay at one of those hotels recently?

J Keith

I should qualify in this case and I did not receive an offer.


what about the Polaris lounge you used in Chicago on your Rome trip is that accessible with star alliance gold?

David S

It worked! Thanks Dan!
but how do I get my Star Alliance Gold status?


Worked for me! As I just joined IHG to try this and have never actually flown or booked with ANA, we’ll see if it goes through. The SA Gold status would be great.

Justin Trudeau

This is never going to work. I just put through a mock submission on behalf of the prime minister of Canada — with fake account numbers. It produced the same “congrats” your application is processed.


you went through all the effort to make fake ihg and ana accounts and then sign up for the promo? and if you did why should it not work? theres more then one Justin Trudeau out there , and why is that a proof that it will never work


He said he used fake numbers, i.e. he didn’t sign up for either program.


Canadians are just bored with their lives. What did you expect?

Justin Trudeau

You guys better watch it … we’ll take Alaska back if you’re not careful…. wait… maybe we’ll take Hawaii instead….


even on points same day changes work for gold members? and only after you check in correct which you only have that option 24 hrs before as opposed to JetBlue mosaics who can switch for free anytime? is that accurate?


ANA is a great airline. Their mileage program offers family pooling.

Stunned and angered upon learning that United Gold members can’t use lounges, but SA Gold members can. Just another evidence to show how lousy United is.


Was able to sign up. Will wait to see if it shows on my newly opened ANA account. Thanks again Dan!

United flyer

Does gold star alliance get free upgrades to extra legroom seats on united?


Just did it seems to have worked!


got it. thank you Dan


Just tried this. Here’s hoping


If you have ANA platinum how do you apply to get Star Alliance Gold?


No need to apply
Next time you got star alliance, add you ANA FFN to the reservation and you’ll get *G


If I’m flying united on award flight can i still get lounge access if I signed up for ana ? Or do need to make reservation through star alliance?

Jeremy fort

I want to join


How do you verify on the ANA website that you have Star Alliance Gold Status?


Just got a email welcoming me to ana but no word about my platinum status

J katz

Hey Dan thanks!!!!! How can I check on Ana what status have?


does anyone knew if this is honerd


How do I know if I was upgradad?


can anyone other than Dov confirm that they got this? I’m still waiting.


I downloaded the ANA app to check if my ANA account logo changed to Platinum and sure it did. I’m thinking it took 3 weeks… I applied for this on the first day I was targeted.


Who’s dov? was he targeted?


did anyone else get confirmation? how can you tell if you were upgraded?


Any update Dan?


Has anyone gotten Platinum Status?


I dont think it worked. i got the membership cards but no gold status?!?!


any updates?

dans deals reader

dan, any update on this???