[After 16 Months, Elite Card Received] Status Match Your Airline Elite Status To SkyTeam’s ITA Airways

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Update, 7/13/23: Some 16 months after I applied for a status match via this post, ITA sent me a Volare Executive card. Clearly they’re operating at an Italian pace. That status grants SkyTeam Elite Plus status through 1/31/24. That gives me top-tier status in all 3 airline alliances, not bad considering I only use miles for flights. 😀

Did you get your ITA elite status card?

Update, 4/15/22: This offer ends today!

Originally posted on 3/22/22:

ITA Airways is offering a status match program from dozens of airlines. Surprisingly, they’re even offering a match from fellow SkyTeam members like Delta, which is typically not allowed by members of the same alliance.

ITA was born last year after former Italian flag carrier Alitalia imploded. Star Alliance carrier Lufthansa is battling with Delta/Air France to purchase a controlling stake in ITA, which may mean that we’ll see a change of alliance.

You can enroll in ITA Volare here and you can apply for a status match here.

The form is riddled with typos, but is legitimate, even if American 1K status is not a thing.

The status match offer expires 4/15/22 and status will be valid for 1 year.  Status will be granted or denied no later than 5/15/22.

You’ll have to upload a copy of your ID and a copy of your digital or physical elite status card.

SkyTeam Elite members receive priority standby, checkin, boarding, seats, and extra baggage. SkyTeam Elite Plus members and a guest also receive lounge access on all international travel as well as priority baggage handling and priority security.

Will you apply for a status match?

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JetBlue Mosaic not on the list :o(

Harley Kesselman

If I am already delta diamond what would the advantage of getting ITA status?


If you don’t requalify for diamond in 2023 you’ll gain keeping Star Alliance Gold


So if for example I have AA gold what status what I get with them?


I’m getting an error “Invalid file” no matter what type of file I’m uploading.


I had that problem too. The max file size is like 3 MB, not 5 like they say. Try shrinking the file size.

Anyhow, I applied. This could be very helpful.


transfer pic into pdf



Delta Status Match

I’m trying to get Elite stays with Delta.
I did a status match to Delta about a year ago, and did not meet the challenge. Delta’s official policy is that one can only match after 3 years.

I’m considering to make a new Delta account, then submitting a new status match request. Is that a big risk?


The status match campaign can only be joined by Members belonging to premium tiers (tiers not accessible simply by signing up to the program, e.g. Ulisse, Freccia Alata, Freccia Alata Plus, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Frequent Traveller, Senator, HON Circle). Those who already participated to the previous version of the Status Match campaign and who were granted access to one of our exclusive clubs based on the requirements, will not be able to participate to this new Status Match campaign.


So if I’m not female I’m Bad?


Haha. I went to the site just to check this out. It’s correct in the other languages available on the page (Italian, French, and Spanish), so my assumption is that instead of “Male” they put “Mal,” which they then translated to “Bad.” Still funny.


Air Canada aeroplan not on the list?
Can we do it manually?


Any idea what they match krisflyer gold to?




Worth bothering if I only have AA Gold or El Al Silver to match? Assuming they won’t grant the higher status for those? Although I guess anything is possible… A shame Virgin Atlantic Gold isn’t matchable.


Can’t hurt. Especially if they switch over to *A next year.


where can find my united loyalty card online?


anyway to match air canada aeroplan?


Air Canada not on the list?


Got an email that status match was approved, and more info to follow in a few days.

Actual status not updated yet.


Less than 12 hours!

We are pleased to inform you that your request for a Status Match for the ITA Airways Volare loyalty program has been accepted.
In the next few days we will send you all the details regarding the services of your new club.
Thank you for having chosen to take part in our Volare program, we look forward to seeing you on board an ITA Airways flights soon!

Yours sincerely,
Volare Program
Status Match Team



I’m flying delta next week. i just got status matched united silver. Should i put in my delta number or ITA number to get the benefits of elite? if i put ita is it possible to still earn delta status and points?


If you’re still able to remove it before departure as you’re able to do by united via chat, then you should be able to earn delta status and points.


I got matched to club premium. Where can I find the benefits that I get for traveling on partner airlines?


I got matched, but no idea how to use it on a partner airline. Delta still has Alitalia airlines, and no way to select ITA air.


Seems like SkyTeam airlines are not on the list now… Was waiting for the Amex Delta Status Match to go through.


What is the Amex Delta Status Match?


That was a targeted offer for certain Amex Biz Plat holders a year and a half ago.


Is delta no longer on the list?


Any chance that this is still working?


I never got a physical card (or at least not yet) though I show a digital card in their app.

The problem is that Delta does not give a way for your ITA number to be added to your reservation, so you cannot use this for SkyTeam Elite Plus benefits on Delta travel. I spent significant time in advance via phone and chat support, and over a half hour at the ticket counter working with agents who were really trying to help, but there system doesn’t allow it. I wound up paying for a bag that should have been free, just so that I wouldn’t miss my flight. Will now take up with corporate to get a refund.

It’s pretty crazy that over a year has passed and they still don’t recognize ITA in their IT.


ITA didn’t come up on the of frequent flyer program list that you’re able to add on my Delta flight booked via delta.


To which airline can you match after not meeting the requirements by the end of the year?

Lord Dima

Got the card last year and new one a week or so ago. But a few times I tried to use it, it wasn’t working – neither delta nor Aeromexico would recognize the number *facepalm*


@Dan, Do you mind sharing how you have United Global Services, if you only use miles to fly?

Maier A

If one does a status match from DL Diamond to AA, will DL remove his Diamond status?

Gregg Stuart

Just got my card last week.


@dan have you been able to use your ITA staus on delta?

It seems they are not honoring the status (ITA is not on the drop down menu for frequent flyer programs to add on delta)